So I was looking at uh some updates for SVD bank and the Ripple effects of the collapse that they've just suffered now one of the things that's gonna come out of this is a large list of companies that are potentially affected in different. Ways to buy SUV Bank uh collapsing now I just heard an update that the director actually sold like a few million dollars worth of shares about 12 days before the actual collapse so yeah that's news the other thing that I just found. Out is the amount of cash for these companies some of the major name companies actually had for example this must be called Roku at about 25 of their financial activities going through SBS Silicon Valley Bank so you know that's some.

I Don'T Think Every !

I don't think every company was as exposed I was real cool because Roku was just like the big example in terms of exposure um from Big names there's also Roblox there's an example that was very like it's a lot of money but a company. Company size of Roblox it's not a lot 150 millionum still gonna hurt if it's gone but the exposure has quite limited compared to other companies there's also Circle Etsy Etsy may have had some of their proportional amount of their t. Going through umsvb but foreignwe don't actually know how much exposure every company's got so and there's also something like um other companies I heard about um that hadthings going on with svb werezip recruiter so like uh you kno.

Uh you know recruitment company uh something about bill. Com something about um what was the other oneit was another company that I forget that's his appropriate yeah you just go with those but anyway yeah that's the exposure that's. The types of companies that are going to be affected the thing is when investors Traders you know analysts find out about this and these amounts of money they're gonna immediately quantify those into stock price value right because. The end of the day lost revenue is a business fundamental right Revenue whether it be you know earned or asset based wellFinancial loss right whether it's Revenue based or it's asset based there's this hour I should say to explain i.

It properly right is a loss nonetheless right so that's going to need to be Quantified into stock price so these companies say for example 150 million roadblocks loss well if that equates to a two percent uh stock price drop then th. What potentially is going to have to happen if you know what I mean because obviously if someone is lost from the company then that's how it goes potentially more than that in fact because then there's the Fear Factor on top okay ho. How does it affect the company actuallyum so you've got the for each one of these uh companies you've got that look you know banking with fpv svbum you've got the actual loss that's that loss Financial loss which will have an effect.

On The Stock Price ?

On the stock price and you've also got the Fear Factor the operational impact you know loads of things if you know that will affect so in fact that two percent could easily turn into a five percent loss I'm just giving an example I. Don't know the exact what it will be and what I want I'm just giving you an example so there is gonna actually be I think maybe not straight away because everyone's focused on the bank bank right now but it might be straight away be. Some Traders are quick right and they've all got to look at all this information and view it like do a do a you know another re-analysis fundamentally on these uh companies based on what their positions are and assets are at the mom.

Moment and the financial losses that they've incurred which is what is going on constantly anyway in the market but that has to happen again re-evaluations have to happen again and you know we'll see some prices going up and down ne. Week it's just gonna be but these companies will be wants to watch like how much does it actually affect their actual stock price off the back of this very heated and very interesting news updates there for you on the uh with some B. Bank collapse so uhbio Works holding actually I just read the so yeah I'll catch you in the next video make sure you subscribe and click the Bell icon see you later.

2 Banks Collapse in US, What Next?

So basically the the latest update is that two Banks both silvergate and uh Silicon Valley Bank have collapsed in the U. S and this is obviously gonna have negative effects on the localized economy where the banks were because obviously. The servers that you use the branches live locally and they were trying to withdraw money and obviously that's gone a bit you know not good kind of thing so it obviously has caused a bit of not far away you know there might be processed. And you know things like that I don't know it gets pretty bad in these situations because we've seen them happen in other parts of the world where you know other Banks who've gone under and it's just drives people crazy right becaus.

That's Obviously All !

That's obviously all of their money now the thing is is thatSilicon Valley Bank and silver game havenot been able tostay afloat long enough because I was actually watching the market on Friday silverger actually came up as a volatil. Stock in my in my so dashboard andI didn't pay much attention to it then until afterwards like later in the day late in the evening where I found the use of of the bank collapsing and then the next day I think it was it was Saturday. So yesterday I actually found out yesterday morning I actually found out about Silicon Valley Bank collapsing and I was just looking into more details about what went on there and what is it's pretty much the same reasons and to be.

Be honest one of them was crypto geared and you know crypto enablement stuff going on which is just a a big fast to be honest is crypto was isjust a transactional modality similar to um PayPalbut I don't see is any differently it's. None is not a store of value so I don't know why economists and Banks and things that I saw are even thinking about crypto other than transactional enablement system that's it it's not a store of valueso yeah that's that story right. That's that so any of the banks that are doing the same thing and trying to enable crypto you know just be known that you know put it in the highest risk bracket if you want to go down that road put it in the highest put it in the h.

Risk bracket that you've got right higher than I don't knowderivatives higher than uh higher risk Investments higher than penny stocks that's a good example right it's penny stocks we everyone on the super high risk right higher tha. Than penny stocksthan that I don't know the call option all right something another penny stock I don't know I don't know how high risk it goes right but where is the highest rate right oh don't even do it at all is what I'd say but. Anyway umyou know that that's some of the stuff that I found out obviously and you know maybe isn't the cryptos that directly caused what's going on but obviously they've played a part even if it's a small part small parts hurt even.

On The Way Down As ?

On the way down as well not to ourselves but anyway um so yeah that's the end of Bitcoin again uhwhat I would say isnext week is going to be where we're gonna get to see possibly more images hopefully not like this because obviously. This was an extreme situation this actually really happened this image that you're seeing here this actually happened um in Lebanon where the banking system was completely collapsed all over like every banco's pretty much collapsed. Nobody could get access to that money anyway but um this is an image of an actual situation I'm not saying it's going to get like this but certainly there will be queues of depositors um outside svb they might even be protests I thi.

I don't know maybe there could be you know they could it depends how strongly feel about people feel about their money because I know that people some people have lost Millions literally overnight just gone through the bankso you kn. Know it's one of those things whereyou have to just keep a watch out I mean Silicon Valley Bank and silvergate are just the two that have gone down and again like I've said this in my other videos as well actually if it was just one. I may not have you know thought much about it I could have caused the cold and isolated incident because it was too Banks in pretty much I mean there was some news about them you know there's some concern but yeah that's you know co.

News is just like you know you don't know if something's actually gonna happen and I didn't it would that wouldn't prompt me to go look at the stock straight away either but now I think me and everyone else was interested in this ty. This type of stuff especially a lot of Traders and institutions will be looking very closely and they have been actually looking very closely at all the banks and obviously selling them they've been selling Banks like crazy to be hon. And I'm also looking at FRC Bank and the collapsible Zion Bank Corporation soumI think from the two like the more likely one again I don't know if if it will collapse or not but I think the more likely you want to collapse out from F.

FRC And ZION Banks !

FRC and silicon I mean from FRC and uh Zion Bank is probably Zion Bank because I've looked at some of this Investments I've looked at some of this you know fundamentals and done some technical answers on uh Zion Bank Corporation and. They look like they're ready they really negatively geared in this situation which is why they're showing up on these markers and obviously the investors know that the Traders and all that so yeah I'm going to be covering FRC and u. Zion as well to see if oh which one will collapse I think Zion Bank operation looks like the weaker one very negatively here in terms of his own personal Investments interest rates accrual revenues it's not looking healthy so it could.

Collapse Zion Bank ?

Collapse Zion Bank could collapse Zion the fall of Zion could happen out of the two so yeah bringing you these updates you know I'm gonna stay stay up to date quite a lot of videos with any developments that are happening um I've. Got to do a video about the UK as well svb UK and um because yeah gotta cover the content and bring you guys some latest updates with the uh stock prices um and what's happening yeah let me know if you were a part of these Banks or i. If you know anyone who was a part of these Banks or in any way either working for them or one of us working for one of the star hopes are working oh you know invested in the bank saving with the banks or anything like that let me know.

Sillicon Valley Bank Collapsed? SVB Silvergate gone, FRC ZION next?

So guys it is uhsvb has basically collapsed here you can see in the image there are loads of people stood outside the bank the bank is obviously telling them that they're closedum because it's basically just collapse right and you know. They have now to seek insurance and the FDIC looking into what to do about it and you know the um Bond Investments and things like that haven't paid off either as the investment money and new startups have been effective badly and t. This will mean well it has meant that this is basically the second bank now in the US to face a collapse and was actually ranked at number 16. 16th biggest bank in the UF and the other one was silvergate now I was actually watching.

Get On The Markets !

Get on the markets um because it just turned up in one of my screeners as as uh when I when I screen for volatile stocks they just showed up and I was like okay what's going on with this one and I didn't pay attention to it I was ju. Just looking at our stock as a stock and then afterwards I found out after I'd uh be looking at me I'd find out okay that's actually what happened and then when I read the news about it it's like okay that's why it probably turned u. Up in my volatility radar um but it um comes to like that obviously silvergate has crashed um collapsed pretty much and so it has Silicon Valley Bank and there are other Banks actually including the collapse of Zion andthe um FRC Ba.

So there is a pretty entire situation going on at the moment because Savers are unable to access their money and I actually was listening to an interview of one um but the servers said you know so you know we've got like seven figure. Or eight figures so the insurance given us you know $250 000 if we've got millions in the bank so some people have actually got more than Millions right I don't know how much but they've got millions and millions around served in the. These Banks and those people will not be gain access to their wealth they're just it's just lost it's gone so you know and you can see these people were told that the bank in the image you can see you know they were told that is is.

Where uh close her business now the effect of what I'm looking at a lot is the do you ricocheting effect ofthese two Banks because if it was just one bank that had collapsed um you would be a you know I would say okay it's an isolat. Incident That's that was my only when I first found out about silvergate I was like that's maybe it's isolated maybe it's just a small Bank maybe it's just just selegation but when then when Silicon Valley Bank went down I was like. Like okay this is a bit more serious why because obviously that's a lot of startups some of which you know small percentage of startups I don't know if the exact figures but a small Cent percentage of them actually come into you know.

They Actually Achieved ?

They the actually achieved Mass Market right you know that come out from from the back ends of all the Investments or the other banking system of these types of situations some of them do you know a very small amount but it's still yo. You know and collectively as well I'm saying I'm thinking about yeah from an economical standpoint collectively as wellyou know that is a case ofthe economic turnover that that can impact and that's going to actually affect the UK a. Well because there were startups here there were s Silicon Valley um Bank was it was in the UK as well um it's going to affect a lot of tech startups and the UK was actually focused um a few years ago heavily focused on Tech startup.

It's also going to affect the like science Industry as well but you know the UK was focused on Tech startups quite a lot sothat to be said you have to see what goes onso what I would say is make sure you keep watching the channel ke. Watching coverage I'm doing all the research into this and the other banks that maybe may be looking at falling over I'm looking very closely at Zionum bank which is all a 150 year old bank but it could just you know it's very close. To just tapping out you know I've heard there's there's been massive queues outside Zion Bank as well massively long queues for people to try and get their cash out of the bank so yeah make sure you subscribe and click the Bell icon.

ZiON Bank Next in USA To Collapse?

So guys I wanted to cover the US and UK bank collapses that are going on in 2023 inside the us at the moment and I'm going to be covering a lot of this type of content because I think there will be reverberations and you know causes and effects. Around the world because of this it's not just one bank that's gone down in the US is is two silverget and svb Silicon Valley Bank so I when I was actually watching the markets myself I was like looking at Silver again and I wasn't. I don't really know what was going on it was quite volatile but then obviously the announcements came out and I realized that okay that's that and then over the weekend I found out about um svb going down on Sev is obviously you kno.

A Fairly Substantial !

A fairly substantial bank I think it was uh one of them was ranked like number 16. Biggest bank in the US so obviously um you know that of course a lot of alarm in the sense of Bank collapses basically because these are the biggest. Bank collapses in the US since 2008 which is why I'm actually looking at other Banks that are also falling heavily at the moment this isn't showing me what's going on properly right but another almost 40 percent decline I'm looking. What other Banks could possibly push over these Banks obviously have about you know 10 10 000 ft full-time employees kind of thing um or like yeah stuff but you know with their collapse what's happened is this ricocheted across the.

Banking market and there's there's you know some Bank stuff that I've picked up one of them is ZionZions bun Corporation and here right now this Bank obviously has about almost 10 000 employees it's got like a market cap of likeum s. Billion and you know trade volume was about 11. 5 million but the thing is is the Zion Bank listed on the NASDAQ very old Bankcould be next becauseit could lead to the collapse collapse of Zion Bank literally because it dropped almos. 40 percent right so you know this means that is a it's a bad situation because people have been queuing up as Zion Bank as well just like they have a silver gear I'm gonna make some videos about Silver gear but I'm trying to look at.

At these things first because they're quite urgent um you knowpeople have been withdrawing the money ASAP like uh one of the two uh I think it was uh svb got like 40 withdrawals or something and they just collapsed because I wasn't. Making any money all the money and people were taking it out too fast and there were queues of people in uh near Silicon Valley where the brand one of the branches is there's loads of images which I'll bring up in the other videos h. Where people are just trying to withdraw their money out of the banks but they can't get a hold of it and there's actually only about 250k in short but the ones who had more than 250k the millionaires they have all just lost all of t.

Of Their Money right ?

Of their money right so this case of what do you do in that situation it's actually quite a bad situation to be in now what's gonna happen obviously is the fds he's gonna look into the dealings of the Banks and obviously how that in. Insurance and when it's going to get paid out and you know they've offered some you know solos in terms of you know being able to the the save is being able to access their money but it's also hard effects svb has actually had eff. On the tech industry right there's a lot of startup tech companies and some I think I'm sure there'll be some established ones in there as well um which we don't know exactly which ones they are but there'll be a lot of startups so.

So there might have been I've not been too deep in the tech industry to find out which ones they may have been but I think a lot of startups will have uh basically just lost all their money and then coming over to the UK SP Silicon. Bank um was also in the UK there were a lot of tech startups here tied to it but all of those Tech startups now are at risk of our negotiations with um you know different parties and you've seen levels in in the Bank of England and. And things like that trying to figure out how they're going to pay the wages to the staff after this has happened so it's also affected the UK although it's not economically systemic in terms of the banking industry a financially.

Systemic I should say or embedded um it is still a risk in the sense of it will impact the economy of the UK because obviously that's Wages that's business growth that's um you know all these types of things will have an impact on t. Economy again don't know the figures of the UK yet so I'll probably make follow-up videos for Silicon Valley Bank and so we'll get but yeah Zion seems to be falling also about 40 percent and obviously when Market opens tomorrow I'll. Have to watch this tomorrow and see how much further it falls I don't expect I mean people are coming out and saying you know it's not like the same there's also another video I need to make about um FRC um the uh public bank has.

Tesla Truck 200,000 pre-orders are the Stocks safe?

So in this video article I want to cover off how many orders this truck from Tesla is actually getting and why you should not be concerned about the stock price with this or this affecting the stock price negatively because you know. More I look at this truck right and the more news that I'm hearing about this truck for example I think it was a UK paper at the mirror today reported that despite a humiliating launch the Tesla truck has still managed to hundred th. Thousand orders I think that's more than any of their vehicles beforehand actually and they still managed to get two hundred thousand orders out andpre-ordered so I am not concerned at all what is happening with the trust Tesla truc.

I Mean Initially From !

I mean initially from before I looked into what the truck was actually about you know I actually thought that you know the truck looked a bit funny but now when I look back to back within this tug of war image that I found apparentl. There was a tug of war test as well between the trucks and obviously the Tesla trucks got more talk toys going to win and they put a lot more research to their tires and everything that they do so it's I know it won't but anyway loo. At the design next with next to a standard truck which looks better literally I mean you know I wasn't sure about the design of this Tesla truck that's the one thing that I personally wasn't sure about I was like okay this design lo.

Looks different it's out there fantastic market employee but and it's functional you know the funny thing is is that this design here is actually functional it's a very functional design it's very solid it's very it's very functiona. As a design like a is built like a tank like it can take the way that is built you know it can take a beating but which actually which truck looking at these two trucks which truck looks bath I am actually looking at the Tesla truck. As I think of this and think you know what the Tesla truck actually is the better looking truck if I mean first thing is it doesn't even look like a truck it looks like something of well as one of my friends said Ridge Racer but oth.

Than that I just look it just design wise a looks like a truck from the future literally and I actually liked the design now compared to the standard trucks if I was going for a truck right going to buy a truck which somewhere along. My life I may do I may not do but if I was on the market for a truck I would want a Tesla truck I do not want want any other truck right now if I was in the market for a truck I want a transit rock-like design-wise now I'm sold now. I've seen it next to a standard shaped like that's the standard kind of shape for a truck right this is in this image right here now that I've seen it next to a tell the truck I am with the Towser truck design wise as well it's got.

It Sold 200,000 ?

It sold two hundred thousand orders two hundred thousand orders of this thing that is good this this is gonna touch a quarter of a million this Tesla truck is gonna touch a quarter of a million pre-orders that. Is massive for a truck a hundred fifty 24 hours or 48 hours in law after launch you know 150 thousand do not worry about the share price of this company do not worry unless something goes atrociously wrong with this truck it's obvio. Proven that is a winner and Tesla is here to stay if you're on YouTube subscribe and hit the bell icon if you're on the website make sure you subscribe to the email list and leave a comment comment below so you get these updates as.

WHAT THE TESLA TRUCK IS THIS ? Tesla stock price?

So as promised I am covering what is happening with the Tesla stock price after the Tesla truck unveiling okay so first of all most right is obviously what got me first before anything else before even what happened to the stock price. Or anything else was how the truck looks right now I'm looking at it as I'm making this video article and it looks like the rooftop corner of a house taken from an angle mixed with a base line of a tank so and you know that's just u. The view of car of it just now I imagine everyone who was viewing it at first must have seen it as like a Back to the Future type of vehicle and like Elon Musk must've just like gone for it to get it like even more publicity but aft.

After Looking Deeper !

After looking deeper into its functionality and looking past the Back to the Future Star Wars futuristic type of design when I actually looked looked into some of the reviews that people are done on the videos that people made I can. See that the Tesla truck inside because this was right now it's difficult I know but it's what's on the inside that counts and to be honest yeah there was an issue with the armored glass being smashed by a steel ball a close-range a. To be honest I am not too concerned with the with that I think Tesla will work out a solution for that they said they've run all the tests so I might just be known anomaly that that glass broke with a steel ball but I mean they're t.

Trying to make I imagine a type of what looks like a futuristic tank and giving it to the public but other than that they tried to hit the body of the Tesla truck with a hammer and that was done live as well and that didn't even cau. A dent so that just shows you what I've been talking about in the past that Tesla does know how to make really solid long-term vehicles that will be robust and resilient towards basically damage now there are different levels of dam. That come from where and things like that but you know this is this is this Tesla truck has been developed in a way and I - distinctively focus on durabilityso I mean from the inside it looked astonishing it looked you know it's got.

Got all the space it's gone in enormous amount of space I think it can carry like a three and a half thousand pound load whereas an average truck or the best-selling truck in the US can do like two thousand four hundred or two thous. Seven hundred pounds and it can't or fourteen thousand pounds whereas the best-selling truck can do less than that if you'd put into tri-motor mode so there's three motors on this thing as well that's another thing to know and also. There is a cover to cover up the the loading bay at the back let me see if I can show you an example right here in this video it's not this one it's this is this is kind of like what I mean so they so there you can see what the func.

Of The Truck Is Like ?

Of the truck is like so I basically can lower its back suspension so you can literally load something onto it and then a cover goes all over if that bike wasn't over these ridges here cover would also cover that so you can actually. Actually and I imagine it'd probably be the same cover to be honest as dips so they did say strong enough to stand on even when it's covering the back top roof of the vehicle so yeah overall it's a functional vehicle I wouldn't be t. Too concerned because obviously cons this is a concept design the test is unveiling here and I believe ill in in Elon Musk's mind this will have been a PR stunt kind of thing like people will be saying exactly as I'm saying right no.

Are they really gonna release this thing looking like it does which is definitely not going to happen I think it's just in concept form and this is potentially far from what it will look like when it's actually unveiled of released. To the public as a consumer version so I just wanna show you a picture of the lights as well because I think the lights were really good see if I can find one there we go no that's not goodyeah let me show you just show you where th. Lights are on this vehicle and I think they look really cool so like they're brighter than this like in the dark which is really cuz if you think of a truck it has lights at the top here and it has light lights there as well whereas.

This is just like a bar going across or I do hope they keep the lighting design I really think that's really cool but yeah as far as the truck design goes is come on it's obvious it's not gonna look like this you know unless you're. You know an average star wars fan or something like that I wouldn't imagine this design is gonna sell to the masses but as a concept yeah yes it's perfect and it's perfect for PR as well cuz it got my attention is like whoa I need t. Look at instead of actually gonna release something that looks like this or not but obviously still in concept stages the truck is due to release 2021 and I don't understand again I'm still gonna go with why did the shareholders or.

Why Did The Stock !

Why did the stock price fall over windows you know you can make come on they're making futuristic cars they can make a rocket land itself again and you telling me they can't fix a bulletproof window or an armored window come on and. It wasn't just like a rock being thrown I it was a steel ball the density of a steel ball moving through space and time took from a close distance full range you know if it's gonna cause a lot of things to shatter never mind a car w. That's armor proof it Ilan did say though I didn't go through it actually didn't go through so that's still a good thing anyhow that's the Tesla run over with I hope those come out looking a bit more like this which this is like I d.

I Don'T Know Who'S ?

I don't know who's made this but Tesla rocky of modeless I think but yeah I hope it does come out looking like this and I shall speak to you guys in the next video make sure you hit the like and subscribe buttons and leave a comment. Below telling me what you think about the Tesla truck do you think it's any good what do you think of it if you're on the website subscribe to the email subscription so you can get alerts when stock prices move up and down you can s. What I'm doing with them. .

Peloton PTON stocks gradually rising is it a Winner or Loser?

In this video I want to talk to you about a stock that I've been looking at for a while but I I it's one of those stocks that I do not know how I actually feel about whether it's a buy whether it's a sell whether it is I suppose I'm. It's a neutral pick is the best way for me to describe it particularly because I feel it's not a stock that I can get really excited about like I get excited about Tesla or get excited about uber I get excited about Facebook or Goog. Google or AMD I need to do a video about MD actually article by MD so yeah that's one thing but and this stock is palliative interactive and the ticker is piton pto n the US stock is a company that does like interactive inclusive im.

Fitness Sessions Via !

Fitness sessions via streaming and via their customized equipment in your home now they have a treadmill customized treadmill does like has the all the interactive features and they have a bike the bike is I think selling out better. Better than the treadmill but it's it's one of those markets whereI believe they want their customers to get involved and have a different type of option to having to go to the gym so they offer this as a service and it's in your ho. And you have like some of the best fitness instructors in the world and you know personal trainers in that you've got some of the best personal trainers in the world so overall it's it's a great offering in terms of immersion in ter.

Terms of inclusion and you got all your tracking and everything going on with how you're doing and stuff like that and it is the closest I suppose you can get to being in a training session with a personal trainer face to face so an. They have built you know a target they have they do have a lot of customers they are you know expecting to be profitable the stock has risen in the last month by 38 percent so everything so far in terms of how good the stock is is a. Positive but but I mean looking at the charts look if we look at the charts the stock started at just under the $26 mark and is now at the $29 mark and it's only been out since like September when is Harris I see your buttthe stock.

Is a difficult one for me to predicate in terms of what the outcome of performance will be over the next few years mainly because of the price this is what gets me with this stock right with this company in fact I'm pretty sure it's. A it's a viable product it is a premium product they have a customer base established and things like that but and right now they're doing incredibly well and they're trying to buy like some distribution of manufactured manufacturin. Chains I believe they're buying to buy they're going to buy or they have bought one of the bike manufacturers because our trade was it treadmills it'll either be bikes or treadmills because there wasn't much innovation done in that.

Space And They Want ?

Space and they want to actually innovate with the equipment so these are all very positive things but how much can they do with the price point because this stuff is like at the you know like $2,000 mark and one analyst I I heard po. Out that the first thing to go when times get tight or if there's a recession or if you know there's a budget problem in a household is the gym membership that goes first right that's one of the first things to go so it's one of tho. Those things where you know how they're gonna have their memberships cancelled how does that work and stuff like that but they've definitely got a market I think there's definitely in terms of the product offering in the immersion t.

They have got a viable business model their price points I believe they can find enough customer base out there and build upon enough customer base and generate enough balls and stuff to create viable and profitable business bur how. Do they then take this viable profitable business and apply it toreaching out to the customers who are on gym memberships because that's your target market right whereas right now they're going for the premium audience they need I t. They're going to go through a phase where they've developed the technology now then they probably what they need to be actually doing not they're probably gonna do either what they need to be doing is to try and bring out a cheaper.

Offering for example I don't know maybe just an an app as well that you can sign up to that has an option for you to not buy the equipment for example so an app maybe that or maybe a custom tablet or like a smaller equipment or like. A cheaper version of the recruitment where they can buy it for a cheap the customers can buy it for a cheaper price point but I don't want to get into like tug you know that's if or maybe as ease right now how much can they reduce c. Cost how profitable can they be and the main thing for me is how big is their target market how big is their potential consumer base because you can't compare it to a gym membership that they've got although they are trying to go af.

That Market They're !

That market they're trying very hard by doing monthly installments so I think that's they attacked their selling this is expensive equipment and the charging monthly installments on it so in that how those memberships are going is w. What I really need to look into so I will be doing an update on peloton and mainly I think now that I've worked out through this video is looking at how they are going towards increasing their customer base especially with that memb. Price point that they have so it's a $2,000 product they're charging like 40 $50 $60 I don't know where exactly the prices per month over a few years for you so a monthly installments on that product for example and that's how I bel.

I Believe They're ?

I believe they're trying to go after the gym membership market because that works out in the customers mind as the same price that the paying for your gym membership whereas they can have this equipment our home so it's interesting. How they're gonna how they're gonna compete in the market and it's one to watch in fact make sure you hit the bell icon subscribe leave your comments what you think about this company do you think they are a winner do you think they. Gonna do well I'm not so sure as yet but I'm not they're gonna have to market a well I know they've done well so far but I think with their mum the the only chance they've got at the moment completely with standard gym memberships w. .

Tesla stock rolls Down a Hill after Tesla Truck Unveiling?

A people so this video is about Tesla stock right tell the stock I just shot another video right and I was like saying tells the stock is doing quite well and you know you should be all by in terms of stock uh stuff like that but what. Just happened Tesla stock has just fallen off a cliff whoa not falling off a cliff but you know like it's just taking a tumble on a slippery slope just to be right it's basically dropped fifteen twenty dollars per share right as we. Speak it's still dropping right now cuz I was looking at I was like even in my last video and my last video was only about an hour ago yet you can check when it was in the last hour it's just gone down from three hundred and fifty f.

Dollars Per Share !

Dollars per share I think I saw all the way down to three hundred and thirty four so that's like a $20 dropped like in an hour you know I literally looked at my share Dylan approves links below based on free share like an hour ago a. And it was a 3/5 cuz I because I wanted to talk about when I was talking about Neil and then all of a sudden I got an update an alert saying it's gone down and I like what but what happened is Tesla were like uber is going into logi. You know logistics is a big game there's a lot of money in logistics you know there's a lot of everything all goods need to be transported even when everybody goes online and there's no more Walmart's and there's no more as days and.

And Tesco's and there's no more Walgreens and you know stuff like that which will never happen kind of thing but you know in a futurist world right you know this stuff still needs to be for it from one place to another and that's wh. The logistics industry comes in now uber did this as well I'm talking about today because Obama - and they they want to go into logistics they've actually made big investments in towards logistics so that they're going down that shi. Shipping logistics kind of channel and so is Tesla but the thing is Tesla have launched their truck Tesla truck today and the Tesla truck has not been as impressive as we first thought it might be now I don't know why that is why wo.

It not be impressive I'm not looking enough into the were like what the actual truck is but my imaginationknows what I should have been right so I'm probably making up their videos as to why is and why what I think it should I'll te. Tell you now what I think it should have been right it should have been tons of batteries right like I'm saying if you know I'm talking like 500 kilowatt battery right per truck because obviously you ain't got fuel tanks you don't n. Fuel tanks anymore you don't need other things you know to do with the engine and the and stuff like that with a truck you know there's a lot of things big big parts that go in a truck right with the engine and everything so you got.

Got All That Space ?

Got all that space you have got much more space in fact they're a Model X underneath the truck to fit more batteries as well so you got all the engine bay you've got all the space and I'm sure you can like do some engineering and fi. Like batteries all over the truck but anyway that's my imagination going off that's what I believe it should have been I believe it should have been long-haul machine that you either you charge with a rapid charger for an hour maybe. Two hours and it just gets you a long distance that's all I'm thinking with these trucks my mind is thinking the battery is so big they I guess you a long distance per charge right but there's a problem and I'm not sure what that pr.

Is and apparently shareholders definitely don't like the problems because they were not impressed by this stuff they were not impressed by any of this stuff so what I would say in this situation is Tesla is still a strong company ri. Right and another thing Iwould say this is a great opportunity because no one had village-like even I was thinking today Tesla hasn't had any bad news recently in anything that their stock price looks strong and I think it's just go. Gonna Connie I'm going up but hold on then comes an opportunity right so this is not Tesla's course set business right this is not a battery technology and this is not the vehicle we standard marketplace vehicles this is Tesla's log.

Arm right it's a new investment new channel that tells us going into so I'm not too concerned I think this is actually a you know anything under 3:30 or around that mark is a buying opportunity because I think Tesla's gonna go way b. Way back up again I'm not a financial adviser so make sure you seek financial advice independent especially from UK I don't often subscribe as well and hit the bell icon and make sure if you're on the website you subscribe to the em. We have to show you what stocks I'm picking or why and when and alerts like this is just come out right this has just happened right now and I'm making a video by right now that's why you're gonna keep watching me remember neo stock.

NIO Stock over $2 Tesla of Competitor?

Hey guys so this video today we are gonna discuss what is going on with your neo stock neo is the Tesla of China for those of you that don't know I have been tracking Neos talk for a while now I seems like he's doing pretty well I mean. Like I've got in a week ago our dollar 60 and from there I managed to see the stock go up way above the $2 mark and then I shot back to the $2 mark like three times this month so I believe is trying to create a new support level for. Yourself above the $2 mark it wants to go above $2 as far as I can see so what that means the company's doing well the company is getting their deliveries out on time on schedule they are heading towards building up a stable company.

That's Got A Huge Demand !

That's got a huge demand it's got the biggest demand in China like well China will have the largest electric vehicle demand in the world so neo is apparently I heard some rumors that they not even making all the cars themselves and. Like stuff like that so I need to like check into like details of those of that nature but they definitely are a frontrunner to become the next Tesla especially in China and if you looked at Tesla stock recently tell the stock is sh. Shot three hundred sixty dollars a share now a mad drone if nio went from the dollar sixty though I've got a two $350 per share amazing right obviously to do that you've got to be Tesla they are trying to be Tesla but only really T.

Tesla can be Tesla but then you've got the other story of like for example the war between Intel and AMD AMD was was not a front-runner for like they they they were B in Intel for quite a long time right but now AMD is gonna struggle. To catch up to Intel I mean sorry Intel's gonna struggle to catch up to AMD because of how far along AMD has come in their production in manufacturing in the store you know yeah so like you never know neo could just take off in a big. Big way with electric cars they could come out with electrical I mean I've seen that electric cars they are high quality good grade electric cars they seem to have very similar technology to Tesla and they are pretty much up to spee.

In terms of having this technology and stuff in place inside their vehicles I'm talking about the auto driving I'm talking about the battery technology I'm talking about the build quality and the usage yeah they've got some kinks an. Stuff um they've got their you know charge a network Estonia these are all problems that Tesla has already gone through so because Tesla has already gone through these problems I'm not too concerned that neons going through through. Similar challenges because that is just how things though in the electric car world I mean if I hadn't have seen Tesla go through similar challenges like however you know the charger Network fulfillment problems manufacturing issues.

Costs And Distribution ?

Costs and distribution problems operational cost fluctuation if I hadn't have seen Tesla go through the exact same things then I would be thinking well I would be a little slightly concerned with me on and be thinking okay what's go. Happen with the stock isn't gonna go up down left right or which way is it gonna go you know it's just one of them things like but because I've seen Tesla go through these issues and hopefully the leaders the inside neo will will ta. Take note from how Elon Musk dealt with these things when they happen to him they need to now focus on mimicking how Tesla got are these situations and how Tesla Guerard these situations was by Elon Musk just using that small brain.

Of his and figuring out ways to I mean well figuring out ways to reduce costs to improve efficiency and and that's what he's been doing all the way through I'm sure he tried to do at the start but then when he's got problems that he. Facing he knows how to fix them so they just need to copy what he did in these situations when they come up in their circumstance and this should be right as rain just like they're copying him anyway like thoughts and stuff you know. But but he's all fari he was that competitor he wants the competition he wants he because well really because Tesla owns like the biggest battery manufacturing firm factories in in the world which is all cause he wins either way the.

Because of his leaves in the land or the battery technology contracts for the cars so he's not concerned about that even if there are more electric car manufacturers heels Tesla's will always sell because of the type of brand that t. They've built andyeah I just won't touch on telling the stuff actually for now Mito so Neil's doing well but in this same video I'm a toucher I want to make a separate video about Elvis stuff because I think they are on a boost mold. At the moment and I need to find out why and I think their stock gets excited the stud I'm noticed that Tesla share price increases slightly I'm talking about like obviously now cuz a larger share price per share so I'm talking abou.

Slight Increases Anywhere !

Slight increases anywhere between one to three percent when they announced a new factory so like people get excited when it tells my expands like that's an exciting time so I mean Tesla has opened up a new factory and the share pric. Has gone up slightly I mean I got in I mentioned on my youtube channel as well I got into Tesla I got into near $1 60 per share and I got into Tesla at $26 per share and no I'm sorry I didn't get into Tesla I voted to uber $26 per s. Share I go in to Tesla far before that but Tesla could be a four thousand three to four thousand per share stock within the next 10-15 years the way is the REA is grow I've seen it go up by like a hundred dollars since I'll be watch.

It It Could Be A Massive ?

It it could be a massive stock and neo I'm hoping we'll follow suit with Tesla even if Neil goes up to like $400 like and you buy now when NIO lured cheap you know you are going to be in the money not a financial adviser this is jus. Just my opinion I'm showing you what I'm looking at researching and if you you should seek for an independent financial advice especially if you read the UK I don't want to get here with none of these non disclaimer raw loss or you. Know like this is my disclaimer for you hope you enjoyed the video make sure you hit the like button subscribe hit the bell icon when you subscribe are going on and if you're on my website make sure you join our email list if you're. .

Tesla Stocks Still rising Will NIO make a comeback?

I was going people so right now Tesla stock is still on the up I made a video the other day about Tesla stock talking about how it got up from like $300 per share price point no sorry the 250 mark up to the 300 dollar mark which was. Rise of around 20% and I've just checked the stocks again and Tesla is still rising so it's up by about 28% now and the price on the stock is about three hundred and twenty-eight dollars around about and we're still obviously wait f. For the US market to open because it's early in the UK yeah but I believe is still going to continue to rise because there are reports out now of Tesla like turning profits and things like they've been a strong outlook some investor.

Are Actually Predicting !

Are actually predicting that the stock might even go to $4,000 per share now if it goes to $4,000 per share that is a huge increase of like a thousand percent kind of things so what how long that will take is again I always compare. Tesla to like a slower version of Apple so Tesla is - the car industry that what Apple was to mobile phones or even smartphonesso I think yeah they're gonna do it but they're gonna take slightly longer than I hold it so there's a ma. Of watching that space and finding out what actually happens so what I would suggest is that you invest in Tesla now and hold a long term I'm not a financial advisor by the way but that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna invest into Tesl.

Tesla now early on and hold it long term just write out the highs and the lows like say if it don't start to drop you know there could be problems with there are other models but I think the crucial thing here to take into account i. That Tesla's term profits or Tesla's is doing positive stock wise whilst is bringing out a mass production vehicle so whilst is bringing out a mass production vehicle to turn a positive profit whilst doing something at mass scale is. A really strong thing to do so this is a crucial point in time for Tesla because the model 3 was supposed to be their mass market vehicle and if they turn in profits whilst they're trying to get their mass-market vehicle up and out.

There that is a really strong position to be in they've had some production issues andmanufacturing provider issues and I believe I read that the car has more than 1,000 parts that they have to put together so there's more bits and. That they need to put together and the build quality of the vehicles as far as I have seen and as far as being tested including down to the safety of the vehicle and is really good so to be able to turn a positive on the stock price. With all that going on he's a really great thing should you be looking to invest in Tesla I definitely am myselfget independent financial advice because I'm not a financial adviser I've just got stock market experienceI love managed.

Investments Before ?

Investments before butwhat about Neil cuz I spoke about Neos Oh usually and to be honest I haven't I I am going to buy I haven't as yet purchased any shares in New York but I need to actually take up some share the Neil I'm sure you. You guys how's performing because they could well be another Tesla depending on how good they are and how well they start to produce this is here a law from ten dollars is gone down to about just above a dollar but it's not I mean I. Set an alert like one dollar ten to see if your shorts out to one dollar ten but is it gonna reach that low or not should I just buy a 1. 5 it's not much of a risk I'm just gonna buy a handful of shares to see how they perform it cou.

To be honest any solid electric vehicle company is gonna do well in the next five to ten years anyway so as long as they can deliver on what they promised then you be safe to invest with them in my opinion so yeah how to get investi. You can click the link below there should be a link to trading - or - which is why I use which I find to be one of the simplest platforms to star in vest in with at the moment it works really well for me I could just check my shares. On my form I can invest from my phone it's just on my phone like everything sit down on a laptop watch what the stocks doing and stuff like that they've got different types types chime tools and things so yeah trading - one two of t.

The best best to go with also I'm going to be starting a newsletter so make sure you subscribe actually and click the bell icon I may be starting a subscription newsletter via email I will point out hot stocks that I'm looking at wh. I'm doing saw like an insider newsletter kind of thing near future but yeah if you're not subscribed leave a comment below tell me what you think about Tesla tell me what you think about New York or any other stocks that you're look. At today or this week to invest in and you just like thinking should I should I know or even if you're new to investing ask me questions I can try and help you out catch you in the next video.

Why are Tesla Stocks Elon Musk 20% higher should I Buy or Sell?

Hey guys it's I'm just shooting this quick video just to speak about Tesla stock it's just gone through the roof at the moment the earnings reports come through and it's just smashed expectations it's been up by 20 25 percent it's gone. Up from like $250 to all the way above touching $300 in over some points but I just want to talk through about why that's happened and also things that you've got to be a bit worried about with Tesla as Tesla as a company the first. Thing is is that the reason it happened is because Tesla's actually got his manufacturing started at the moment and not only as he got started it's got the ball rolling and it's got more production line in place and it's got more Gi.

Factories For The !

Factories for the battery technology going on we're gonna talk about that in a second but what has been happening is Tesla had a period ofshocks stock market wise whereby they had a massive amount of bad press and a lot of concern a. And stress about whether they were going to be able to deliver these model threes which I'm quite certain they've been through before Tesla especially with the roadsters in the Model S but I think because the model 3 had such a wide. Mass appeal because it's it's the family car kind of thing the family affordable car has such a big appeal and needed such massive amounts of production to meet demand eel almost turned it around in time and he actually beat expecta.

Then and has again on the stock price q3 earnings be expectations again so overall things are looking very very positive but the thing with Tesla is thatgloom can always be round the corner with them now what I mean by that is if Te. If Tesla had another episode we'd say the battery technology or the gigafactory is around the battery technology just opened a new one in Shanghai if they had any issues around they're producing the batteries then you know that woul. Cause some kind of upset with the stock or cause it to fall in short if they had any further but I don't believe they've got any further problems with production line and model threes so yeah there's nothing going on that whereas th.

Solar roofs corner where the battery the in-house battery is gone still ongoing I suppose but we're looking at their car production and mostly their battery cell production which i think is is the strongest market that they have the. Cars and their batteries as a car brand they are the number one electric car brand that you know and they're likely to remain that way for a long time their car build quality is excellent I'm a fan of them so yeah I think the the ye. Yearnings are positive and I think Elon is gonna be able to keep up with the demand and I think the stock price will potentially hold out for quite a while and I'm very I'd be very cautious though for some shots or pitfalls or or do.

Comings In The Future ?

Comings in the future of where I would say they just hiccups because Elon is pragmatic enough and Tesla for a program pragmatic enough to overcome slumps in obstacles or slumps obstacles so like if they had a production problem if t. They had a supply chain problem they had any type a problem like that Elon would do what needs to do to overcome that problem so you know I'm fairly confident that the company is on the up-and-up it went up by a massive amount I mea. Like 20% plus so yeah it's a good one to watch and keep watching during the end of 2019 and through 2020 and obviously I love Tesla so I'm gonna be covering them over and I just wanted to give you an update on what's going on why an.

Just keep your eye on Tesla keep your eye on this channel make sure you subscribe I got my new subscribe tag there to keep keep your reminded sign up to shred into one two leaks links are below this video or in any of my videos they. Should be there get a free share worth up to a hundred pounds or dollars it's trading on your phone you get a full trading account self is so easy to do you just deposit one pound or one dollar or one euro and you'll get a share for. Free for up to 100 pounds hundred dollars hundred euros make sure you do that catch in the next one.

Tesla VS NIO Stocks which one should you buy?

A huge thing in this country since its IPO now what's happened is early on in the quarter 2019 there were orders going through up to the aka margin and they were predicting like a huge growth in sales but what happened then is they tanked and. This is a similar scenario that happened with a Tesla Tesla went from this what happened with it took a while and everyone thought at the time Elon Musk is the new house he's not gonna make it but they managed to pull through a nila. About with even better figures and then that made tell the stock bounced back but you know do the same to me what looks to be there are beautiful cars but under electric electric vehicle company the stock is tanking badly at the mom.

And That Is Due To !

And that is due to them not being able to fulfill the orders as they thought they could or as fast as they thought they could which is exactly the same problem or case study as Tesla went through now Tesla turned around can you do t. Do the same that's a story to tell if they can do the same during 2020 when we think this major recession is gonna happen again like all the big investors are saying if they can't do that then it's a whole stop to buy but that is a. Question because there's a supply and demand going game going on in the electric vehicle industry and if you're not a big player you're gonna struggle make it numbers profit margins you've got new technology you've got batteries whi.

Are mass in mass production as yeah I mean tells what is the biggest factories to to to meet the demand for the vehicles themselves in polish and Panasonic but production thank you has to be a lot higher and my mother has to be a lo. A lot higher for electric vehicles which i think is coming and i think companies GM that's why blue things like that that's face to know if your jeweled vehicles because they've already gone a lot of people know they're buying but n. Coming in as a new company or is on a tangent or and half attempt but especially with fulfilling their production orders if they can turn that around is definitely because that stuff is cheap when demand picks up for electric cars t.

Then i'll hide when is it when is that that's a good question when is it gonna pick up for electric cars the demand for electric cars is gonna pick up when there's more electric cars available so companies like neo need other compan. Like the bigger ones petrol diesel cars at the moment to the mass market to bring out more electric cars which will inevitably bring out more demand for their vehicles because they are not tesla the first to marketpenetration the bi. Big plans so it needs to rise their way will that happen in 2020 slowly our turnaround is orders and fulfillment I just want to watch well stock is very cheap at the moment I would be safe to say is it's safe enough to put a small i.

In Looking And I Might ?

In looking and I might actually do it and just watch it because what's just news to compare to Tesla so yeah watch this space I'm gonna buy it a small handful of stocks not amazing just to watch it because it is trending against it. It is a good one I think for everyone to watch against the comparison of how it's gonna do against Tesla so watch this space if you're not on the trading tuned to our links in the video subscribe click the belt show about the bye by. Bye noise but yeah sort of sign.

Trading 212 Free Share £100 $100 €100 App Review


So guys this is a video about a new app that I'm using coal trading to want to go made a video by before bar just wanted to like run you guys through the actual app itself and as I mentioned in my other video you can actually get a free. Share worth up to a hundred pounds or $100 over a hundred euros my very country to country but it's 100 to 200 lb and as you can see here all I did was deposit one pound or one dollar or one euro it'll be and I got a free share for. Bed and bath so I'll show you my share first of all that I got for free this is absolutely free this sure was for Burdon Bath and Beyond and my share has actually increased in revenue so like is I've actually made like 17 percent back.

Deposit £1 Do you want to get a free stock share worth up to £⁠100? Create a Trading 212 Invest account using this link and we both get a free share!

On The Share Which !

On the share which is like quite good but and it's the US share so you could get the share from anyway I if you stick to my channel I actually just invest in actual stocks rather than ETS now I want to run you through that's just no. Normal my full bra does ignore that I like to do but also making videos it's just like keeps me busy and I just make these videos in between orders I don't need to take all to come anyhow so let's go back to the app itself so we've. Got Barclays here for example and just look at how simple and easy it is to you you can just click it you got the chart there you've got your standard trying time frames all the way up to one year you know unless you look in long ti.

You don't really need to see more than more than the last year unless there's something massive going on in the economy like everyone's talking about in in the investment world at the 2020 recession [Music]so there's got different l. Like watch tools that you can use in the app here and like for example there's there's popular stocks and this seems to like almost a very under priced stock right here which must be popular for a reason as it dropped quite a lot ye. I knew it you see look at this massive this is this is sometimes when you see a stock like this you want to try and understand or configure a why this stock is being watched so much at the moment why it would have a popularity so so.

Is thinking that this stock is hugely under priced which makes me want to look ok I do some research on this now if you go into history you know that you're going to intro instrument detail this is we look at the endit's quite inter. Interesting that neo ink stock okay you could also actually this this message is just come on some others speak about this so that you can trade it within this app you can trade stocks Forex cryptocurrencies and more for zero Commis. We've got like CFDs and stuff like that as well but you can also practice with the virtual account of 50,000 now if you if you're totally new to stock trading in the investment world I would try with a virtual account and it is just.

Worth It Would Be ?

Worth it would be like what happens look at the end of the day you've got no control over the market but you could use this app to learn even for free yeah look we've got Tesla stockbut also by watching my channel you'll hopefully p. Pick up a loss tips okay Tesla is performing insatiably well this quarter looks like think that will be because they're pressing along and model through stuffoverall I think tells lies on the up so yeah you've got your popular stock. In here here's what it shows your investments so like it'll show you a pie chart basically and what your investments are made of how much value in return you've got and it's you know like this technology now is excellent because you.

Just saw they went up from nine pounds thirty three pence no nine pounds fifty three pegs all the way up to nine pounds fifty five not only increase to pee but you saw it happen right in front of you you can sit here and watch your. Stock basically live and I think that's quite amazing it shows you how many instruments you have you've got you've got everything there from the Nasdaq the London Stock Exchange the Netherlands boys de Madrid Nasdaq NY I see six Swi. So you've got all themajor trading tools in there as well for those of you that I'm stumble eyes and here's how you get your free share so you get you free share by clicking on this link here that you will have underneath this video.

And you then just go through open your account deposit like one dollar euro pound and that's it you get a future I get a free sure we both share it then share this with other people that you know to get them a free shirt and I belie. The the limit cap on this at the moment is like up to 20 people so you can share this with 20 people and basically you giving them free money like you're giving them a free free investment kind of thing so yeah why not do it they've. Got training videos how to draw trend lines this is like when you spotting trends of where which way a stock might go market trends explained you know these are excellent videos for you to try and understand what and how the stock m.

Markets Work For The !

Markets work for the forex market is there similar patterns that you can register and understand with experience in the different types of markets and then you've got like reversal patterns where a stock is is about to go back up or. Or about to go back now parallel channels again just looking looking for outbursts that can potentially happen support on resistance I personally suggest that you try your best to understand support and resistance andexcuse that noi. Support and resistance and okay we don't throw the video and trend lines are the two main ones our banks impact Forrester that's a background knowledge video tune or wall moves Forex prices this if you want to go into forex again my.

My Channel Guys Is ?

My channel guys is not going to be forex related I'm not a forex guy I do I have known Forex in the past I didn't particularly like it I like sticking to real-world stocks at all that currency exchange for the meantime and this is a. Major one if you do decide to go with forex trading now that I'm saying you can't make it work I'm just saying I personally like stocks and only a handful of stocks right that's why I want to talk about so costs of forex trading tha. A major big risk factor that you need to consider win-win forex trading the anatomy of forex quote I'm just going through these videos for you though so yeah mainly the mainly the support and resistance one and the trend lines you understand


Free Share Worth Up to £100 Trading 212 Review

Hey guys I want to shoot this really quick video and just tell you about a new after I download and I'm gonna link it in the description below so make sure you go through with it is basically as a part of this channel I wanted to start. With the simplest forms of stock trading and get and you you know introduced to investing for those who when you maybe you've been thinking about researching it for a long time but you've never actually got into making an account an. Actually setting up trade or doing a trade or anything like that so I'm gonna make it super easy for you and I think you will get addicted like I have right because obviously now I'm thinking about which shares doing what I buy whic.

Which Companies Do !

Which companies do wanna buy shares in obviously I've got my favorites so you know I want to stick to my four or five shares but the thing that I've got for you is a free share worth up to one hundred pounds or dollars with an app c. Called trading - one - now if you use my link below which I've got with because I've got my account with them I think you only have to deposit like a pound in the UK I may be a dollar euro in Europe and elsewhere but as soon as you. Deposit that one dollar one pound they give you a free share worth up to the value of one hundred dollars or a hundred pounds so like if you get a fish you should get a free sure I got my free share in a company called my first free.

Or anywhere in a company called bed and bath I think is a US company this is their very cheaply priced at the moment it'll be interesting to see where how they're going I have a looked into the financial stuff but you could end up g. Getting a share in Tesla you could be a BMW in GM Barclays you know it could be any company Walmart Tesco could be anything right you just got a free share worth up to the value of 100 pounds all you need to do is download the app I. I am very Pro app trading because I want to do everything including recording and editing these videos that I make for you guys about investing in business and entrepreneurship and stuff on my video um a video of my phone I want to.

The editing on my phone I want to do all that I'm like even my stock shredding I want to be able to open map I love how my share is doing I don't want to be tied to a computer I want to be out on about and flexible that's just the w. Way I like to be if you like to be that way to that's you like now look I'm just waiting for I'm signed into because I feel like going out or working today for a bit I'm gonna be working on other stuff or the projects with my friend. Later on so work colleagues as well and you know it's just it's just about being productive as productive as possible today I'll be learning stuff about or re-energizing my mind about stuff about Facebook Ads stuff like that how to.

Deposit £1 to get a free share stock if up to £100 


What Total Beginners Think about Stock Trading? Real Interviews

It's going on five people welcome to the total beginner interviews we played Street fire at the moment not really what you want to do but we play anyway because you gotta relax you know I got the noob in the house there we go he stream it away on the Yeti you've got the equipment going design yourself a YouTube shoot yo I'm gonna set this up later on you're gonna see

you've got the infamous milky right there so I'm nothing so yeah this is the launch of the mtech channel we're going to be covering investing we're going to be covering business entrepreneurial stuff and then more investing mostly in stocks are like stocks are like stocks like Facebook like Tesla like uber like big stocks tech stocks any stocks good stocks we're going to be covering financial trading information we're going to be covering lots of cool things to make us more money so we start here with the gaming noob who's stream on at the moment on Twitch to seven six looks playing Street fire and Sonic obviously the classic and after my bonfire lobby you just want to sit down quickly just like talk through a few general questions like from someone like my friend who hasn't had experience of the stock market default hasn't maybe made an investment like many of you may not have done and just see what generally he thinks about stock trading and so it's not you what do you know about stopped reading like in what do you think it is

so you think like now nowadays this whereas before like it was a higher barrier to entry and like now it's exactly now you've got on your form class of people it's accessible that kind of thing and that's one of the apps are going to one to which they'll be a link to in the videos where you can just invest from your formerly your bank account to your phone is easy as that but like what what like so you've heard there's a lot of money in there how do you think that how do you think from your perspective the big money do you think it's like get rich quick type of thing or do you think it nah well that's a possibility that some good knowledge about that actually like truly how the mark actually works like you do get some investments that that are like really volatile especially in forex and ETFs and each of our last off and then you've got longest longer-term players as well like the bigger the company is usually their stock will be volatile but you've got to see our number to see the gross margin coming so yeah it's not a get rich quick type of thing but there are some investors out there who do invest on a day trading basis and that is like they're just looking at to make that amount of money in that day so like they'll have a target the Contra quit today they'll usually have an idea of what stocks bounce up and down in their trading where they could like quickly make some placements investing how much ever been an investor in back but usually to make that 100 hundred below the day you need to be pulling down like between a parameter 5-gram kind of things you play with big money but it's not like is yeah yeah that's the thing it's not one of them things that you have lying around you've got to be serious about it you gotta be like quite skilled in what you doing I probably touch on day trading - later on not straight off the bat so like if you were ever thinking of Stein stop trading what would you do first

they believe

yeah Warren Buffet Warren Buffett strategy Warren Buffett actually changed my thinking on he's Ostman he didn't use a computerized pen on paper and he actually changed the way I think because I used to think divergence is the best strategy divergence is spreading your investments as thin as possible six feels like I'm not biased to it I'm sure it works in some depending on how much obviously you do investing hundreds of millions then yeah it's probably a good strategy but Warren Buffett got up to billions by investing in just a few he stops so like you should really go for if you would if you want to model him anyway like just pick your key key winners like three to seven stocks would be your key winners and that's a you wouldn't need to diverge more than that in my opinion but I did used to think the opposite before I used to take invest in as many stocks as you can and just spread your money out but that's more chances to move

you've got smaller investment amounts of each one whereas if you do your research instead in key stocks that you know well and you learn how they move up and down over the course of a month or a year or however you're investing or even ten years then you know your money is much safer on the long term what do you think what do you think like if you were watching my channel for example what would you want to see actually if you wanted to learn about stocks what would you want to see me covering on my channel just like before because I've never been I mean if you steal them if you're heavily into Forex foreign exchange currency trading on stuff then leverage will be like background card but I've never personally been a fan of leveraged trading and that's leverage trading is like where you put in a thousand pounds of your own money but you're leveraging ten thousand or even a hundred thousand in some cases of like an asset fund so isn't your money so if you lose any of that money that you've leveraged against that builds on you the debt collectors are coming after you there's some serious higher obviously there's a barrier to entry to us all but the some serious high risk stuff out there that you've got to be very well educated and very experienced to like deal with so yeah knowing stuff like that I think would be good like where what to evolve kind of short yeah to shortcut the process to success because that in in the and then you get variety of all the different types like futures you got commodities which is obviously the one on when you're covering the most of our like it for this life I like investing in solid companies that are real and have real asset backing and like stuff like that I can actually gauge your business model for them and try and forecast how they're gonna perform over over the course of of time and how they have performed and I can look at their management team and things like that to see what they're like and what decision decision-makers are doing in in the corporate world whereas all the stuff like foreign exchange and futures and ETFs and things like that are all good if you good at them but you know it's all a big barackman of information it's like a lot to take in so I why I've learned from my experiences that it's best to focus on one area and get really really good I like exactly like Warren Buffett did I mean he started off just in commodities just in like real world things and real-world businesses he hadn't used to visit the businesses before he invested his and his investors money and he used to learn about the money just used to sometimes even invest when he was at the business like talking to me all of the stuff you later I remember a furniture business I can remember I recall my visit today I think two or three times and I say just like looked at their financials and it was like their that paid him off the yields you stopped to coca-cola all his life he still backs coca-cola I love them and obviously coke with all of the welfare but yeah just sticking to stuff like that I think so like what would you in terms of tactical I mean like actually doing things myself to prove my talking about

is gonna be there's only a tiny you can do 2020

yeah a lot of investors of the money you guys need to know now to be covering a lot of orange oh that kind of thing in a second and bring my mates on we're gonna talk about the stock market and you guys can see the probably designers taking it right so as promised here's question time this is not make you anyway so guys I just want to talk about like what your guys thoughts are on you stock market what are you like what comes to your mind when when I say the stock market

difficulty finding stock exchange

trading financial time stock exchange financial time I said I did say financial time I think you did I did say time share index our hundred companies listed on the stock exchange with the highest market capitalization says the biggest company yeah it's the big 100 companies and they got the 40 to 50 so basically is the list of companies that like what's the difference between a big order I'm 50 the 250 expanding

yeah you can but like foxy was saying you can manage that risk by doing research like Miami doing your research if something's gonna go wrong say for example Thomas Cook you go to Thomas Cook even you bankrupt all of a sudden right and they needed like a buyout quickly but the news came out before they actually went bankrupt

so they still have time they still have enough time to say we're going bankrupt and they approached the UK government for funding

but their shops director face things seems to think that it's a good investment for them there's still they still he believes that install high street stores will still be valuable in the future in my state probably others I think they probably made the selection decisions but then sometimes complete just by our stores even our loss just to keep their branding but if you think about it they I don't know how we're gonna do it but if they somehow managed to keep the Thomas coke logo on with DES almost 150 years worth of Romney so more if people still always be wrong well then it's a good branding move okay like for example if I had the money personally I would be buying their site straight around their site would be I fired the cash to buy that site Thomas Cox website just because of first of all I'm the customers they heard you just say it basically you just like to take her in it like you put it on the new management and I say the tech way starts running again if you run it right do the same thing with them we've already got the branding the customers the customers to say this yeah Thomas Cook is is like I think risk what if something goes really badly wrong right Thomas come here you still have that time because that it was a company that started you still got a certain amount of time to pull your investments another losing too much I still think I have a look to the stock I still to me this is not a bit but how much did they gain before that I wanna invest


[ __ ] save any questions folks is those questions

oh you're actually good question is more of a business ethical

know bit somebody neighbor obviously if you wanted to the Russian to both of you you were wanting to learn stocks from obviously not having done it before like you not what would you need to first of all actually a good question is how much do you think you need to learn say like I've already helped you pick a type of stock yeah because there's a lot of different times you can do like like trading tools Exchange futures which is like trading on futures contracts or commodities and stuff like that let's say I picked you to trade commodities in real world stocks real real companies yeah after that point what would you feel you need to learn about well I wouldn't really need to know is or to learn and researches when to buy the shares how much to invest what's a good amount to invest how much return I would get all three went to sell if needed just in case you was to lose your money of those kind of things and it's in the whole trading side of it it's a trade isn't it yeah it's a trade it's a trade that's why it's called the stock Mathew trading so it's like you buying something for example to someone to make a profit yeah this colleague of ours this will definitely leave our hedge fund manager that was lucky yeah it's milky by the

investor yes so those kind of things you may have you know from the staff so if I was for example you know buying something to sell what would I buy how much money would I get in return to sell a in all that kind of stuff in the choice which has to buy how much to invest time to return I would get how good they were getting was it yeah and then obviously move on to the next one in it so avoid the risk yeah well you know from like doing your research also here's an interesting question that I asked does the noob which was how many say like your upper running now yeah you start investing in May the first referral system stops let's say you bought some stocks in a boiler or some

[Music] Primark right not ever right you've got your bunch of fortified to make more profit from there that's the starting point kind of thing you're in now you've got five ten twenty fifty shares do you think you need to buy more shares in more different companies or more shares of the same companies

for example if Tesco like you said if that's doing really well you probably invest

okay yeah but what he's saying is valid point so my question to you my answer to you is it gonna be with the question yeah where do I fight where do I do all the research in the first place do the research but first of all and you can even Google this right but it should be in the abyssal I betrayed you to mentor and show you charts performances that should be your number one thing look out the trading  connects to say like universe shares in Tesco you bring up the child Tesla you see how it's been for the last month tell you how much it is per share and how much is it when you sell the share which it has been in the past your past is your research in any company so you're looking at how the compounding performing in the past and how it's been growing and how it performs different times of the year for example when it's cold or people do not decide to buy more food which is if it's a grocery type confident the next kind of thing the shares are likely to get doing anyway then you look at like like what's been going on in new stories and stuff and you look at that

to see what their plans are quite enlightening sure do you think you feel a bit more like I'm still sin honey you're still silikal

would you actually think that would like actually this is a good question what would like make you feel confident yeah what would i do my on my channel that would make you feel confident in making your first trip and he has a person an example of like how I do the research or example of whoa now you've done it you've tested it and look and this is the results on these are results that a lot of people do it now sometimes they don't show you the detail they took to get that obvious just mostly show you the results in the means all the detail Auerbach this is research I think this is our PG also making this trading would you reckon Fox a what would you what would you will require if you to invest right now Sarah if you were to invest invest just based on my channel so basically just like [Music]

it would be like actual examples so five drums say for example your mind you'd rather just in the business long term investors so really so you'd be looking for like a doubling of money on your money kind of thing but would you be prepared to be a bit more active in the stocks watch another long one you still want to be like walk-in and double it but doubles by itself would you be able to look at the share that we need that's a question so there is a bad trade-off with stocks over like to make the doubling kind of money but what difference can it make if you check everything don't check it that's the thing you doctor money just shares a bit more are you trying to like double triple we've already invested five grand well my best today but you be you need to buy and sell more so you need to make active trends you get it so what that means is rather than just buying five rounds worth of stock and leaving it for a year yeah so obviously you've been after me anything that happen easily go up or down it might double but the chances based on history only increases by 10 percent year-on-year so if you look long term morning you know you actually need to do more trades take if I from doing Jordan I sell it off a higher point will be over two weeks or a month sell it off a higher point pull the money out say five thousand three the next month for a bucking or the next or the same day even the bucking and then there are ways to just notice very high rate sheep but the very high risk in terms of the brand new businesses so it's not an established business excuse me you interrupting said what you have to say about you new ass in here what would you have to say about the stock market and input but what do you think about the stock market come on

if you like this guy right if you like this guy don't subscribe to my channel right that's the least if you like that one don't subscribe make sure you do not click the dislike board as well so yeah you are thank you I think cuz if I was a viewer watching I would want someone like me who knows you in the West which I'm happy to do give me a girl and then we can work as a channel and then see how it goes so make sense so I was like Johnny you were investment kind of thing no you wouldn't be money to new viewers would ya you can put the information you give it to the viewers no I'm the viewer now yeah so I'm gonna take all as much as information yeah all the help that you've given me yeah then you can give me as example also case because I usually do this you know I could say that yeah I made yesterday I made a million-pound well I'll show you wild again something I did on suppose she making it all but you want to see like a real case study from zero so people yeah no worries it's all it's all good somebody's mellowed out we're real here like that's gonna be the new thing on YouTube you know I got a theory that people are gonna walk less acting than fake stop trading me I look over like business I'll recover like entrepreneurial type stuff better frugality but mostly stop trading and investing stuff because I had a Content problem like I was looking at like business topics and stuff to cover you know like businesses that I can start up and you know like just document on my video so people can see what I'm doing I can't shoot enough content interesting yeah but stocks you've got news every minute man you've got news every second schools been over the stock or network news the livestock uses that Facebook still doing crazy trying different stuff uber is buying weird tech services businesses for some reason because they're still not profitable which is kind of strange to me because I'm sure that about five six is quite a viernes like I would have expected them to make a profit by now they're still but then the other slightly strange thing I find is that they're still doing company acquisitions in stuff that isn't directly like relate to because they think those company is gonna make a profit but anyway why don't maybe maybe that's why they're going to I suppose they are a business or the con kind of but why not try and make your main thing profitable because it's worldwide is massive yeah but maybe they are not concerned right now with it being profitable because it's so big I think

they are going through hurdles quite new five years for a big companies grow really quick yeah really fast that's why I think they don't worry because they are worldwide like they are like they're everywhere in it but like grew really really fast but they like they've become a big part of everyone's daily life so I don't think they their investors would be worried either so what's going on in some of the stocks so any any tips on

right now do you know what there is a recession coming so everyone's saying like everyone is saying there's a recession coming in 2020 and I've been hearing it for about a year now do you mean pull hundreds still no Briggs is not gonna cause it not only is to do I think with how America is doing is trade deal or China's doing these trade deals brands it's like 20 percent of it or 15 percent of a kind of thing but there's some other bigger stuff going on that everyone's talking about 20 20 is like the day kind of thing so what are they investing now a firm recession gonna happen from the last recession because it was so recent is your food type companies so any company that does like food based off it could be super market style company so like you testicles you Walmart's yeah my dozen Alma coca-cola companies like that food beverages you know stuff like that people buy all the time because people tend to buy more food when there's a greater because this type is all like companies that deal with like savings accounts all I've helped you like say more financial advice companies you know stuff like that they'd be good companies to invest in what other recession stuff company is that like promote you know like cheaper things yeah like for example I reckoned that you know like that seems like the cheapest kind come by brown you for like six thousand pounds I reckon a company like that well you know section I'll on top of that any strong electrical company like but is making like electric cars because electric vehicles are just I will say my five five years ago saving five years is gonna be here I think know how many years ago did I say about two or three years ago I was saying electric cars in the next five years there's like Seymour Elise come out like Sooners are not least laughing da say that was what I owned I fully electric saw like loads of different lengths so any electric car company I think could do well stock wise there we got a new visit to people hold it down something is always a gamble stock is phenomenal and you can ask any scholar it's something everybody seems to think brought that they know me but nobody [ __ ] knows dogs unless you're at that power house where you can manipulate this good stuff for the channel man Madrid do you think so you think like stocks are like no good basically know they are good there are people who do that basic woman yeah it's like anything any job anything they do that basic overt about which home is good like gold where is gonna go and what supreme in the news there are people who their homework any business Gansu not any business they'll do their homework but only homework you can make a living are know people of Burma made from Ghana he studied stocks when censing fourteenth [ __ ] something about revise your say I'm not seen it it's you know saying people are saying I know it's confirmed exactly that's what I'm saying well I don't agree without mine let me see explain yourself you also insurance what about Sharon exactly yeah it's not is it for example whose fall will call business Sharon Sharon Haram man when the money is called the business center is it does a different definition of you businesses you buy a share the company when you buy in a shed there's a different sense we need to share there's different sense of share the same concept however good you all do in your buying shares on a stock exchange yeah that's completely different you're you're relying on that particular company to do good on that particular day or Monica Mountains same as I was I figure Bitcoin bitcoin is a different bitcoin is a different thing also everything in stock size is different than in it bitcoin is not a business noisy no it's the same concept bro there's no lot of a lot of shares sometimes are not businesses not every share that you buys a business ok just if he's gold a business asset it's a real asset yes bitcoins not a real asset bitcoins as virtual I say innately living even existed if right now it's become another gold is a real asset it's become a code another gold I agree is like no no no no it's not the come one because it's not turned into gold all of a sudden easy job is not an obsession this was more like you already went so big why not no I'm invested if you knew about stock exchange because what you got to realize is look at all everything around you everything is virtual reality right now what we're doing right now - what everything is going to be in 10 years time and once you have a goals Knox gold will it a virtual is a Bitcoin is another sense of basically gold in virtual sense right can either be virtually those Robert a virtual is it those will be going you know love you are going hang on you got gold ring you're you're trying to basically dip into big one like love what you call poor teachers are doing however you've gotta realize when making a live over to me everything and pick one there has to be something tangible but what is it though within the system so why is it gonna be it's not going to be an accent there is enough topic but Bitcoin just finish I've shown my shares finish off Bitcoin what do you want me I'm gonna be then what do you want to get Starsky if I forget comfortable actually yeah now at the end then it's a very morning I would invest let it fall or Ruby investment watching bitcoin is a virtual war it's literally watching Gordon's and currency you know it's like currency I know why because not a currency sub asset we used to be real it's a real physical asset map used to be a currency by is statically a currency because everything that country holds in terms of Fox pointers over the Queen was enhance or impact against me turn you into a different conversation so no this is not different conceptions this is why really is deepening in England's everybody come as far as Moran probing people return it on England's actual economy is based upon how much reserves they have in terms of gold yeah yeah economies room through tangible stuff as well is where to next this is where companies like in countries like England will borrow more like America will borrow more but they still enough there as a reserve so what does that tell you do God tangible asset which is can and will be probably in the future users currently and it is a currency right now is used in countries I'm sure is using cata equate as a currency that Deena's are made are going on all right you what about the note stuff anyway so anyway so listen listen right I ain't I ain't doing that bro you ain't doing it you've already do right now you already damn I'm already disrupted oh [ __ ] it's not mom this is real asset classes mannequins you know what your customer saying you and I go to Alan's life well I'm sorry they come up with news right and I invested that day on vs fire via PlayStation Sony not spending money we are suppose to ask you all right however apparently up knees are coming up with new holla stock extreme trying to come up with a lot more because I don't know how the [ __ ] alarm of this work if he's no interest free sneaking around so you think structurally is wrong where you going - I'm sure your people are not happening it doesn't mine just like this conversation bro my discussion was based upon us so if you invest in Puma right now that's wrong do you know they're gonna using money do you know a business organization that's usually reference wet into it you're you're busy offense you're to be moving into something that you are not gonna have control over that's you invest in the business it's likely what if you invest in the business

yeah right yeah

so you agree with me so listen I it was gonna cost you how its impacted by your [ __ ] okay talk about investing here

I think is enough so yeah