Best Foldable Folding Dual Screen Phones

Exciting times as the world recently has been taken over by news of foldable screens on the latest mobile phone smartphone devices, as well as two screens showing up on laptops. From phones that turn into tablets to bendy twisty screens that roll up and roll out.

We have compiled a complete list of every smartphone tablet laptop that we can find that has these now what seems to be the future of our devices. We have seen many big tech companies jump onto the scene fairly quickly rather than they're just being one clearly door there seems to be a whole number of companies like Samsung Dell, Motorola, Lenovo.

So it seems like these folding twisty bendy screens are going to become more and more apparent in our day-to-day devices in the very near future so you're next device may well have either a folding screen or two screens or a roll-up screen. Motorola's new razor certainly seems and exciting reinvigoration of an old classic that was extremely popular back in my day and will be a very welcome to come back especially if there's a top-to-bottom touchscreen involved like the original and design it will look stunning and will be incredibly popular.

Why do we need Folding Screens?

At the present time you have your smartphone or two and you have your tablet and you have your laptop/netbook. Folding screens, double screens and roll up screens are potentially much more versatile because they can be folded or rolled up into a smaller form factor as and when required.

They essentially makeup for two or three devices that you would normally be using separately and combine them into one which we believe far from just the futuristic tendency of having folding screens thin screens and roll-up screens there is a big case of convenience in terms of having the benefits of a tablet, a smartphone and (when potentially combined with a keyboard) a notebook, in your pocket folded up. That in itself is quite an exciting value proposition concept because it reduces and minimises the total number of devices that you actually need to get stuff done.

So if you like watching Amazon Prime Video on your tablet because it's a bigger screen or maybe  streaming movies on your tablet because you enjoy a richer experience on a bigger screen. Well there you go, just roll it out and make it bigger or fold it out of make it bigger.

On the other hand you'd like to do more productive things like using a keyboard and maybe a bluetooth mouse, wireless ones or are working via the OTG, then there you go just fold out the screen to turn into a notebook or netbook and there's your productivity application.

Other side, if you like to your smaller screen to make your phone calls and texting whatapps and your social media on your smartphone style. Well fold it or down roll it down. So it's really a case of making I would say the Swiss army knife of devices as well as taking the next step in terms of what could the future really look like in a folding screen world.

All the Folding Phones on Sale Now

With all the phone manufacturers getting on the foldable phone bus to produce the latest line of folding foam products with flexible screens that will revolutionize the smartphone industry. Google also jumping on board and saying we are developing Android for a foldable phone future. Samsung Galaxy Fold was the first one out amongst large manufacturers and now others from Lenovo, Oppo, Huwawei, just to mention a few, are following suit.

Yes it seems that this year is the year that this folding phone revolution has come up on and it's very likely that your next upgrade of handset or tablet will be of the folding category. Apple has even joined the party although it hasn't promised any devices this year it is developing folding flexible screens for foldable smartphones in the future. These devices are geared to offer a lot of convenience and portability when they are folded but when you need a larger screen to watch Netflix, it's there just fold it out.

Even with the apparent further testing that's still required of infinity flex type foldable phone screens, there seems to be an onward charge towards developing this new market line of products. From all the leading manufacturers going through in next year where they will be established into the marketplace as the newest leading product in the smartphone world.

The Samsung Galaxy fold has had its pre orders cancelled by AT&t thus far and Huawei said it was delaying the Mate x launch. because he wants to take more time to test it's foldable phone. So with that said let's look at what potential smartphones will be available in the very near future.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

First up is the one that showed us the way the Galaxy Fold by Samsung, which was originally set to be released on April 26th but has since suffered setbacks to pre orders from AT&T. Galaxy Fold had a starting price of $1980 but initial review units seem to have bought out problems so have caused delays. In Korea Herald the Samsung mobile. Dj Koh said that Samsung had resolved the issues and that an announcement of a new restate was imminent. The screens actually started to break and other manufacturers had also highlighted this with effects of weather conditions and temperatures so these malfunctions will definitely need to be sorted before there's a release consumer market.

Samsung has made a number of patent filings that show Samsung's other designs from a phone that bends around your wrist  to one that folds in two places. these devices may never coming to fruition but there are plans and prospect videos around the web highlighting what these devices may look like if they are to be ever produced.

Most likely from the reports on the internet say the Galaxy Fold seems to be looking for a launch in or after July 2019. So that's the dates what do we know about the Galaxy full well it's 4G ready with a 5G version available later on, it connects over LTE.

During the initial rollout of introducing the Samsung Galaxy fold some users stated that you could see a visible line down the middle of the phone, others however said that it wasn't as distracting from use. There are more pressing concerns that have been brought to light such as parts of the screen going blank or bulging.

Samsung has responded to say "it could be associated with impact on the top and bottom exposed areas of the hinge there was also an instance where a substance is found inside the device affected the display performance."

When unfolded the display expands to 7.3 inches the Fold is using the infinity flex display that Samsung bought out last November Samsung's proprietary at continuity feature will let you resume the app that you using when you fold out from 4.6 inches into the larger form factor or from 7.3 in down the batteries are split into there's one on each side and they turn into a combined power bank of 4380 mah. There's 12 gigabytes of RAM and a 7nm octacore processor and the Galaxy fold has 6 cameras in total.

Motorola RAZR

The Motorola razr is an outstanding classic from the past that was ahead of its time during its time and left a strong mark on everyone's mind. The brand now however is owned by Lenovo as stated by and they found this out from the US patent and trademark office, this was also confirmed by a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Motorola is planning that it will come out with the foldable phone along with other manufacturers and around the same time because it stated in an interview with Engadget that has "no intention coming out later than everybody else in the market". this clearly shows that everyone who is in the foldable phone game is eager to release their device as soon as they can.

Your Foldable Phone Questions Answered:  

How do foldable phones work?

Foldable phones are made from an electronic visual display that has flexible properties that are far different from the usual flat displays that are in every phone at the moment in. Going forward this type of flexible display and foldable phones are going to be way more prevalent and a part of our very near future because all the big brand seem to be jumping on board and producing their own versions of foldable phones so they are likely to be in your pocket when you next go out and buy your phone.

The Galaxy Fold was the first to start off the traits and others have promptly followed bearing the response of consumers who were very much excited by this foldable phones.

The Galaxy fold as an example uses a sophisticated claim to be life of the product lasting gearing system within the fold mechanism and they say that this is a revolutionary design that is made to last for the life of the product. Since then other leading smartphone brands like Motorola, Lenovo, Oppo, Huawei and even Apple started to follow suit.

What is a Bending or Bendable Smartphone?

Unlike a folding phone a bendable smartphone is one that doesn't fold all the way flat now there will be some devices in the future that don't necessarily fold all the way flat Seymour curve over or bend and thus are bendable phones. So the screen on this phone is still flexible that doesn't need to flat down all the way when they are being used day to day.

Are foldable phones the future?

The new foldable phones as of writing this becoming more and more prevalent with more and more big-name brands jumping on the wagon to produce eye catching and stunning potentially life-changing folding phones or one could call them folding tablets depending on how you look at it. The question is they do seem to be already a part of the future because every manufacturer even Google Android has said that they are on board with development towards folding screens flexible displays and foldable phones so with that given it is a part of the future the questions really is how useful is it for the end-user and we have answered that question in this article under the why is it useful heading.

Is definitely apparent that companies such as Motorola, Lenovo, Oppo Huwawei and Apple as well as the first gorilla in the room which was Samsung with the Galaxy Fold, are directing large efforts towards producing these new devices so they are most likely to be your next phone upgrade. Especially if you're looking to upgrade by the end of this year or during next year.

Are foldable phones a gimmick?

It is difficult to now say that foldable phones are gimmick or some type of fad, purely because large companies that manufacture and produce and will produce these devices are taking them very seriously in bringing them to market and it's not just one company like Samsung who was the first other companies are taking note and following suit including Google Android. Who is making considerable efforts to produce and develop they're operating system to accommodate folding screens so they are very much a part of our near distant future.

now these very large organisations like Samsung and Google would never put a concerted amount of effort behind something unless it wasn't tested with consumers and when Samsung but out the Galaxy fold the response from consumers what very well appreciated so that's why other companies but out there versions like Motorola bringing back the classic Razor with a touchscreen, one of my personal favourites purley for style points.

Are foldable phones useful?

foldable phones depending on how their design and manufacture can be dam does incredibly useful for certain juice type scenarios sumo which I am going to highlight here. First off if you are in a situation where you have to send the love messages or maybe make a lot of phone calls then It would be best for you to use your phone for that.

Essentially if you are in a different scenario where you want to sit back a little and enjoy and nice Amazon Prime video series or movie then the ideal device scenario for the wood absolutely be a large screen which would normally have been in the form of a tablet. Foldable phone would be very handy in this situation because you could ghost story from texting making phone calls directly into opening up your screen or unfolding your phone into tablet phone instantly without the need for having two devices.

Effectively the age and level of convenience are beginning to emerge in this new folding flexible screen world. You could be responding to tweets Twitter in phone form and morph into writing an article in tablet form with a keyboard. Of course the real world applications are still to be realised and seen in action but the future does look positive with these new foldable screen devices.

Is Apple making a foldable phone?

Apple seems to be working on a foldable phone how many different variations of versions and whether this was on the show brand name of the iPhone is still yet to be seen. Apple seems to have come across some issues related to cold weather conditions and flexible foldable screens the earth be used in the devices that they are still trying to overcome and I believe that I am well in time but for now I think it's too a working development for Apple to bring out foldable phones back to watch this space because they are the future so Apple have to respond.

Will there be a foldable iPhone & Is Apple coming out with a foldable phone?

It has not been made clear by Apple if there will be bring out a foldable iPhone oh if has been considered for development in the future. May be the case that Apple will decide to bring out a whole new product line with a complete new branding for example like the iPad. And the Apple for iPhone lineup will look exactly located in and there has been no new plans announced for iPhone changes from versioning for next year either.

Is Samsung coming out with a foldable Phone & how much will it cost?

Samsung is coming out with the Galaxy Fold phone which is a foldable phone was the first to take the mobile phone world by storm they were the first to announce this type of product and bring it into the light of the mainstream. Galaxy fold was the first to be demonstrated and to take the world by storm is the original release day was believed to be April 26 in the US and with the UK Europe opening three orders on the same day. He has a price tag of $1980, ved 12GB Ram, 512 GB storage, 4.6 inch folded and 7.3 inch open, on the Android 9 operating system.