Where To Buy Giffgaff Sim?

Want to find out, where to buy a giffgaff sim?  You have come to the right place. We have all the shops and stores listed in this article where you can purchase a sim. You could even get one for nothing in the next paragraph, you will also get £5.

Looking for a giffgaff SIM card to buy local to you. Giffgaff sims are available to buy from £1 to £5 depending on where you shop. But did you know you can order a giffgaff sim card for totally free and have it by as soon as tomorrow? keep reading.

If you’re still adamantly wanting to buy and pay for your Giffgaff Sim however you can buy a giffgaff sim local at a shop or store. Let run through all of the different locations where giffgaff Sims may be available for you to purchase.

with £5 free credit
Order Giffgaff Sim Free £5 credit

You can try either your local shop or convenience store (aka the corner shop), most people have one but whether it has giffgaff sims is a bit hit and miss, as their supply has not hit over 90%. However saying that your local shop keeper may be giffgaff savvy as most shops do offer giffgaff topup vouchers.

Supermarkets have now long been established as the goto for everything and anything you need from food to clothes, magazines and books to electronics and toiletries. Now I’m not surprised then to find that giffgaff SIM cards available in these mega supermarkets as well, where to buy a Giffgaff SIM card in terms of supermarkets.

Let’s first focus on the supermarkets that will not have the SIM cards in stock those currently are, Aldi and Lidl. however that may change in the near future and giffgaff SIM cards pay become available in Aldi and Lidl but as far as I have checked in my local wants to date they haven’t been available if you do find one in your local Aldi or Lidl please comment below let us know so that we can update this article in the others know about it.

So I have actually been into some Morrisons and I have seen Giffgaff SIM cards in stock inside a Morrisons. But they do not seem to be national yet, however it won’t be long before they are in every Morrisons store up and down the country, you will be able to buy a Giffgaff SIM card at any Morrisons superstore. The Sims are usually shelved or placed with all the other SIM cards. You may also want to check at the smaller kiosk style shops or newsagents  they have inside most Morrisons superstores to see if they have any in stock as well. As the larger store may not always hold them on display or at the tills.

Poundland, Poundworld or 99p stores.
Ever since the recession pound stores have become more and more popular as the goto store during a normal week or month for all UK shoppers. There’s always bargains to be had, but did you know that a large number of these stores sell GiffGaff SIM cards for you to buy. I still prefer free but if you have a spare £1 or 2 you can pick on up in-store at Poundland, pound world, or you could just order one for £0 here.

Mobile phone repair shops and Petrol stations.
Mobile phone repair shops are the next likely candidate to stock giffgaff SIM cards for you to buy but you will have to check with them as they are mostly independent businesses and not like larger chains we have covered above. Petrol stations are the least Lilley to stock giffgaff SIM cards for your to purchase but I have seen some in stock in a couple of petrol stations up and down the country again check your local one but don’t expect to find them everywhere.

How to do a Giffgaff SIM Swap?

So first of all you will need a new Giffgaff SIM card for the sim swap. Then you can begin to transfer all your goodybags minutes texts and data over quite easily. No worries if you don’t have a spare Giffgaff Sim for the swap, you can order one here. Is your SIM card broken or you have a new phone that requires a different size SIM?

It’s actually a very simple process, It can be a bit worrying when you have to swap Sims being in such a smart phone dependant world. But not to worry as this Giffgaff Sim swap guide will help you through each and every step in a very easy to follow manner.
How Long does a New Giffgaff SIM card take to arrive?
The sim usually takes no more than 2 days max to arrive, sometimes I have ordered a SIM and received it as quickly as the next day. The main thing is that it’s free and you don’t have to pay anything for the new sim. Giffgaff advises that if your order during the week Monday to Friday then you should get your new sim the next business day providing your order before 5pm on that business day.

You also don’t need to worry about your new Giffgaff Sim size eg. Nano. Micro, mini or normal as Giffgaff Sims come in 3in1 just s s  out the size that you need for the sim swap when you get your sim Order.
Next when you have your new Giffgaff sim for the swap you will need to remove your existing Giffgaff SIM. Before that however Giffgaff advises that you should activate your new sim so that you’re ready to proceed to the next steps required to process your SIM swap properly.

During the activation process is where you will be asked if you want to swap your Giffgaff Sim you can select yes and follow the instructions and enter your giffgaff sim swap to be activated onto the new sim. After you do this your goodybag minutes, texts, data and phone number will be transferred over to the new sim card. If you have top up credit that will also be transferred over after your SIM swap is complete.
Before you start read the information below:

It can take up to 24 hours for a SIM swap to complete (but it’s usually quicker). And you will lose service while it’s processing.SIM swap is not available between 9.30pm and 4.30am.If you’re waiting for your number to move to or from giffgaff, please don’t try to swap your SIM.
Order sim now

Will my contacts be transferred over?
No, sadly not. When doing a SIM swap your other data, such as contacts and texts, won’t be transferred. So make sure you save them to your phone (not your SIM) before you start
Source: giffgaff.com
Step by Step giffgaff sim swap

Order new 3in1 giffgaff sim.When new sim arrives remove old sim.Pop out the correct size sim you require eg. nano, micro.Remove old sim if required.Activate your new sim using the steps in this guide.Place new sim into SIM slot in your phone.During your activation you will have been prompted if you require a SIM swap. If so then all of your account will be transferred over to the new sim.Wait 24-48 hours for the sim swap to conclude (usually) quicker in most cases.

We have also written an in depth guide on Giffgaff and how you can benefit from this great pay as you go mobile network, you can check out more info on that guide and Giffgaff pay as you go bundles as well as useful tips on roaming with Giffgaff in Europe.

Best 4G & 5G Mobile Home Broadband deals 2020

I have put together a list of all the best 4G and 5G home broadband deals that are available now and may be being released in the future. Not forgetting PAYG offerings as well that offer a set amount of hotspot data allowances that can also be used with 4G and 5G broadband routers to some extent. 4G is currently available but 5G is very much on the forefront in terms of development and rollout. Some cellular network companies are rolling out 5G home broadband plans as soon as of June 2019. It is however yet to be seen how regional cellular network coverage will vary as a complete nationwide rollout is difficult endeavour but it is safe to say that where 5G is unable to get to as quickly 4G should be present.

4G has had a currently, a much more mainstream wider rollout and the coverage is a lot more
available. It is very likely that in the future most 5G routers will be 4G backwards compatible so
even if you move from where you are now but you need to take your router use it somewhere else
which is one of the other haddad benefits that we're going to talk about later in this article you can
use 5G or 4G in 5G router. 4G connections can offer speeds of up to 150MBs which more than
suffices most needs for data at home standard family usage and would even put up to gaming levels
with no lag and high frame rates.

In 2019 the push to roll out 5G has clearly become an endeavour that every cellular network has become
a part here are the latest updates on 5G: 
  • Three UK is to launch 2x faster 5G broadband for 25 cities in August 2019.
  • 3 has started ultrafast 5G home broadband trial in London as of June 2019.
  • EE launched first 5G network in may 2019 and was the first in the UK to do so.
  • Vodafone will switch on 5G network for seven cities in the UK in July 2019 Vodafone
has stated that the price of 5G will be the same as 4G for both customers and businesses.

  • O2 will be launching its 5G network in 2019 however it won't be direct consumer it is more
aligned with testing autonomous vehicles as they have partnered with space company. Later
O2 plans for a 5G roll out in Belfast Cardiff Edinburgh and London.

Why do we need 4G or 5G broadband?

Traditionally network or cellular best connections or only for those in very rural areas that could not get I
did not have broadband or telephony wired networks they were able to reach. Also the cellular speeds
and data transfer that used to have to cope with back in the day were in kilobytes to maybe two megabytes
was a great connection considered. 

Now however the speed at which 4G has progressed has caught much attention as the speeds at
which ISPs that provide wired home broadband can now be quite easily matched or surpassed in
some cases by 4G home broadband. In example if you take a 30MBs connection from an existing
fibre optic home broadband provider and compare that with a 35MBs connection for the same price
from a 4G home broadband provider the first one is wired the second one's not.

We will be comparing current 4G connections and speeds available for home broadband by ISPs to
other wired connections so that you can see clearly what the price comparison and speed comparison
is between the two. From what we have seen already we are excited about 5G because from tests that
have been conducted in the US speed results are in gigabytes per second. So overall as we are right
now 4G can already match what's on offer in most cases on the market but 5G is and has the potential
to surpass wired home broadband connections in some regions of the country.

4G Superfast Home Broadband Deals UK.

In this section of the guide we compare ISP networks that are offering 4G and 5G EE, Three and
Vodafone home broadband connections. We will also compare them not only to each other but how
they stand up against the more traditional wired connections. We have all the common broadband
names have ISPs that provide super fast wired home broadband from Hyperoptic and Virgin Media
to BT and even the Post Office.

We have listed all the ISPs that we have compared in our table below and we'll leave it to you to
decide which one you feel is best to suit your needs. It's not always the one that's cheapest all the
fastest there are other aspects do you need to check what the coverage for any internet service
provider that you choose, is like in your own locality.

4G & 5G Superfast Home Broadband US ISPs


Wired Superfast Home Broadband UK ISPs


4G & 5G Superfast Home Broadband UK ISPs

  • EE
  • 3
  • Vodafone

Wired Superfast Home Broadband UK ISPs

  • Hyperopic
  • Talk Talk
  • Post Office
  • Sky Broadband
  • Virgin Media Broadband
  • BT Broadband

Average Download Speed
Price Per Month
EE, 4G
35 mbs
Vodafone, 4G
35 mbs
3, 4G
35 mbs
30 mbs
BT Broadband
36 mbs
Talk Talk
38 mbs
Virgin Media Broadband
54 mbs
Sky Broadband
36 mbps
Post Office
38 mbs

Pay As You Go Options

Order you Giffgaff Sim with £10 free credit here

Now so if we start to type now we need to find out if we can both use the typing tool for voice typing
and recording and recording the video of water actually saying so using effectively the same microphone
to do two jobs which is the world that's attached to this headset wiring which is a noise cancelling want
so hopefully the noise quality should be fairly decent on this I'm hoping so otherwise I will have to turn
my phone off which is quite rightly. 

Is 4g faster than Fibre optic broadband?

4G after its release has quickly become a contender with fibre optic broadband as it is classed as high
speed or super high speed internet. the speeds are which fibre optic can operate are 50MB to 300MB
and 4G can contend with these speeds or in some cases surpassed them in lab conditions, 4G speeds
are averaged at 35 MBs and can reach 350mbs. 

Fibre optic broadband is a fixed line with fibre optic cables this is fairly different to how 4G connections
work and can have differences in speeds as well as coverage that are not similar to fibre optic challenges.
4G has the same challenges as any mobile network operator has with reception but the coverage is fairly
widespread as there has been a large push in the development and rollout implementation of 4G. 

How fast is 5g LTE?

The speed of 5G  is still under testing and And has been for the past few years 5G will improve mobile
internet, 5G and LTE are not one and the same thing. There is also gigabit LTE that is comparable to
speed of 5G services and is sort of middle ground as 5G matures into the marketplace. Both 5G and
LTE gigabit have been known to reach speeds of 1 gbs and above.

Who has the fastest 4g LTE network?

The fastest 4G LTE network is currently T-Mobile as it's download speed has been tested to be the
quickest in 2018.  however 4G speeds have continued to improve in 2019 and there have been other
developments in terms of 5G which is destined to surpass 4G by at least 20 times in terms of download

T-Mobile download speed in 2018 however was clocked at 18.31 Mbs Verizon Wireless was 16.49 Mbs,
AT&T was 11.86 mbps  and sprint finally was 10.24 mbps according to mashable.com. In 2019 however
4G speeds have increased even further and up to 35 megabytes per second is now the recommended
average 4G download speeds but 5G will far exceed that in the future. 

Is 3 unlimited data really unlimited?

This is more of a UK best question that I can personally help answer because I have services from three
and so I'm in a great position to answer the question 3 Doors provide truly unlimited data when they say
so.  there was a recent change in 2018, 3 upgraded the packages from being capital like 100mbs to
unlimited and this was for the home broadband super fast package as well as the sim only unlimited
data packages.

This was a time that I actually decided that it was a great time to move from fixed line best providers
that I had been using in the past to what I could see even then, it was going to be the future which was
4G and 5G home broadband connections.  for me personally is worked out great there hasn't been any
changes on very many difficulties you do still have to check the network coverage in your area but that
is dependent on the same dependencies that a fixed line would have for broadband reach you still need
to check with a fixed line as well.

What is 5g home broadband?

5G home broadband will replace 4G home broadband in the very near future and has the potential to
replace fixed broadband connections and fibre optic connections because it has the ability to surpass
download speeds of fixed line connections in your home.  4G home broadband has been rolled out in
the marketplace and even I personally myself and him I'm enjoying the benefits of a 4G home broadband

A 5G connection will work exactly the same as a 4G home broadband connection in the effect that the
router will take a SIM card or have a SIM card slot in which you insert a SIM card and the SIM card in
effect is the connection to the mass the 5G network that's in your country in the US UK or which other
country you are, it then receives the data that's been transferred to your router that you can use via
Wi-Fi connecting through your devices such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or other smart Home devices.

Is 4g home broadband any good?

how good 4G home broadband is very much depends on where you are located and what you are signal
and reception I generally like. on top of that there is the question of whether 4G connectivity has been
worked on undeveloped in your region area for you to have a decent enough 4G home broadband
connection this is something you can check over with each ISP such as 3 who I am with for 4G home
broadband. In my personal experience 4G home broadband has literally replaced my wired fibre optic
broadband connection and I have been fairly happy with it since it's been over 6 months now that I've
been using 4G home broadband and it has done me well so far I intend to continue utilising 4G home
broadband in the future so I would say yes 4G home broadband is good. 

Is 4g better than WiFi?

This is a very interesting question but it showed up in what people were asking for so I wanted to answer
is 4G better than Wi-Fi. In reality they are two absolutely different things one is a standard of connectivity
over a wireless signal and the other or transmitted signal from masts via  telecommunication network.
Whereas the other is a wireless frequency signal that is usually transmitted from a local router for
example you can take a 4G connection or a 4G SIM card and put it in your phone or router if your router
is an LTE capable router for example or a 4G router. 

They then transmit a Wi-Fi frequency to which your devices can then used to access the internet but
the data that your device is received that is bought to the router is taken from the 4G connection as
opposed to a normally wired broadband or wired connection they would come from a landline type of
fixed line type of telecommunication company. So the difference really is between the fixed line and
4G that then transmits via router or hotspot through a Wi-Fi frequency.

How fast is 4g vs 5g?

4G is quite prominent and accessible at the moment in most households, residences and businesses.
So  has had quite a large roll out compared to 5G which is just emerging as I write this article but has
the potential to far surpass what 4G is capabilities have shown so far.

So 4G has been tested to have the speed up to and over 300MBs where as 5G on the other hand  has
shown even more impressive results and continues to surpass the top end of anything that 4G has been
capable of before.  usually the factoring is 20 x the speed of the processor for example 4G was said to
be 20 times faster than 3G but in this case I feel from the case studies that I have seen 5G maybe even
faster than 20 times for 4 years for example a case study most recently in Chicago show the
consistent speed of 1.8 GB continuous download tool stop.

updated 19/11/2019