Tesla Stocks Soaring EV Grant Extension News?

In this article, I want to update you on some recent news on Tesla activity that's been going on in the stock market. It's due to some update in regards to there being an extension of the electric vehicle allowance. Now everyone thought up until now believed that the electric vehicle allowance was going to be disbanded by 2020, and then that was it.

That would necessarily make the price of electric vehicles much more expensive, so that wasn't a good thing for the electric vehicle market. What was better, in fact, for the electrical vehicle market is for them to continue with the credit system that has applied to electric vehicles because sometimes it works out to about five maybe seven or eight thousand dollars better off that you're saving on an electric car with these grants.

The government gives them, and I'm hoping that it expands, because it's happened in the U.S. it will occur in the rest of the world like Europe, would stuff as well so that will make it more appealing around the world and will also help out in China if they've got credit-based system there?

Tesla Stocks went up about five to six percent today, which obviously because Tesla is a few hundred dollars per share anyway like it was three hundred fifty dollars a stock, and it's gone up to three seven nine to three eighty. Well, it's high today the markets just been open for like a couple of hours by its high today so far was $383, so based upon that, the stock is doing exceptionally well.

That and with the news and its soaring quite well for the first day that the news has come out and I don't believe that the news has got to everyone everywhere as yet, but I do feel that when it does, Tesla stock is going to hit the roof. I am confident that Tesla stock could run over $400. So just on this news, that's what I feel the college system is gone up to $380 today. 

I feel that it could well go over $400 maybe my take off until January for them for the rest of the stock market caught on is initial traders & initial investors will be looking at it today. Like day traders swing traders things like that you've got looking at potentially today this week then you've got the investors who are looking at it as a long-term play like what happens with the stock how does it move and then they'll go in and invest so that interval brings a case of the stock being very close to the $400 mark.

If Tesla does do over $400, then what's next?.. $500, right? Then some will say here's $500 then it could hit a thousand. But I think the crucial point at the moment is its count to as the pushover $400 if you can push over 400 they'll hit five during next year. I believe so anyway it's got influential sales figures it's a strong company. It is doing very very well and it can hit good levels so yes.

That is my update on Tesla today, so I hope you enjoyed it; the stock has gone up by about +$30, so if you roll up in at about 350-355, it's gone up to like three 385 around that range to the support. Its hit its yesterday's resistance levels and back today's so it's done exceptionally well I feel that it's stalling. 

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Five percent, which is like you know an excellent return kind of thing right now, but so that's what I'm hoping for, but remember some analysts predict Tesla stock price to go also helped four thousand price per share which you know massive companies can do these things. As you can see with like Google stock, for example, is above a thousand, so like you know, big companies can make those big numbers happen, but yeah, just to see it go.

I think NIO's got the potential to go into the few hundred dollars range which gives it a massive, massive open-end market cap for how much you put increase in how much of a return you can gain on it kind of thing so yes I hope you enjoyed this video article I hope this is proof that I sort of know what I'm talking about, when it comes to stocks because I've picked a share I've gone in it myself you see me rise in front of your eyes this is video to results video you know it could go down tomorrow. 

But I've clicked a stock in the last two days that is going to open up into profit, so that's the primary thing you need to realize and capitalize. I'm not a financial advisor, but why I'm saying is I do tell you about what my opinion is and what I feel is a good stop myself. I just share that with everyone you should seek, especially here in the U.K. right, you should seek specialist independent financial advice before making investment decisions disclaimer dull and over. 

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