NIO Stocks Today Edging to $2.50


in this video article I want to talk about my favorite your favorite New York stocks right as a company for electric vehicles I know there's possibly other options out there but in terms of stock that has a huge amount of potential in the electric vehicle space it has got to be new in my personal opinion Neil has been doing some interesting things the past week or so and I had envisaged that this would be happening but it seems to be happening a very gradual steady pace which you'll notice a lot of my videos stay the word gradual in them which is a very indicative positive sign for me in a stock when I'm analyzing a stock I want to see gradual indicative growth over a period of time and what that shows me is stock suit stability now this doesn't work for a for every type of stock you know it could do could do growth for you know a certain amount of time take Bitcoin for example and then fall off the cliff all of a sudden right but Bitcoin was like majorly volatile so not a very good example but it's just the first thing that came to mind to give you an accurate example of what I'm trying to say that this doesn't apply to every single stock it's not a one-room-fits-all kind of thing but for me personally I do look at stocks that like to increase on a gradual basis and maybe on a week-by-week or a day-by-day basis just like a Drupal Elder edged up a little bit thus what I'm looking for and neo at the moment seems to be doing exactly that it doesn't seem to be doing anything else all it seems to be doing is gradually growing and is I believe the last video I made like he was hovering over two dollars and then he's gone to to two dollars 20 and then his new support resistance levels when it's got there and his continue to do so on today it's gone above the $2 for mark and then it stays I believe gonna touch two dollars 50 very soon to those 60 so you know when it does that means it's grown by $1 per share okay and when it does that means it's grown by 30 something percent so if you invest as I've invested a 40 percent almost when it goes over to 60 as I've invested 160 when it goes over to 60 it will have grown by you know four times the stock market average which is like 10% so you know that's a great spot to be in and I feel that neo has got a long way to go I could talk about them every single day I'm going to be going over more of their like actual vehicles like showcasing or analyzing what they actually offer in terms of products and vehicles and like go through a more in-depth kind of

because I want you to understand why I feel that the neo is potentially the best electric car company in China which in fact is and China will have the biggest demand of electric vehicles so

neo is the Tesla of China as far as I'm concerned now the Tesla of China has to be somewhat at the level of Tesla to be called Tesla of China by me and looking at their vehicles they have got the auto driving technology yes Cisco's kinks that need to be ironed out so does Tesla so how's Tesla before you know Tesla's been testing there or driving technology for a very long time so like everyone got like things to iron out they've got operational costs that need to calm down that will happen so did Tesla and everything you'll that every issue that you know I'm going through or seeing Tesla go through as a company neo is gonna go through and so I will always be referring back to Tesla for neo like okay Tesla went through this Neil's gonna saw how Tesla went through this Tesla saw it out Neil's gonna saw how that's it's just simple where they have got an already established electric car company to model all they need to do is model that electric car company in China and I say they'll do absolutely fine that there won't be any need for

reinventing the wheel or anything like that they're just they're just copying an or a model that already works I haven't seen their launch process because the Tesla truck was just launched recently cyber truck I haven't seen their launch processes and how they launch their vehicles but if they copy Tesla doing that as well maybe not as outrageous designs as Tesla because only Tesla I think at the moment could pull that off and get a quarter of a million orders so far for the cyber truck drop the line man but yeah I think golly tells I can do that but if they keep the vehicles legit and they keep them like you know to the design specifications that consumers really desire in China which they would obviously do the market research for that for like what kind of looking or design vehicles are in demand in China and produce vehicles that look akin to that the vehicles look really good though already from what I've seen

so yeah positive news on Neo stock gaining a lot of ground which I'm very happy with and I've but it's just the beginning is it's just the beginning I what I want to see what I personally want to see is yeah it may drop again a bit here and there go back up again hopefully I don't know but what I want to see is gradual growth just as I've seen in the past week a month gradual growth just edging up every day or two edging up every week and hitting a new like support or resistance level depending on how you look at stocks but yeah hit new levels every single day just edged up grow gradually month on month I want to see it grow by about 10% six to ten percent month on month and I want to see it become a $300 III I feel it's a $300 stock I don't know what the company can do after that I don't know how the GDP economics competition stuff like that will work for them in China as Neil stands now I believe it could reach three hundred dollars in the stock market that's my personal opinion if you're on the YouTube channel make sure you subscribe and click the bell icon and make sure you leave a comment below tell me what you think about neo or Tesla or any electric vehicles that you may have seen that you may like and also if you're on the website make sure you leave a comment below subscribe to the email so you get alerts about hot stocks that I'm looking at catch you soon

Tesla Stock Price Today is Pulling back up with a Truck Load?

In this video I'm going to discuss Tesla stocks what happened in the past week why Tesla stock has dropped from like 350 marked down to three dollars 33 andshould we be worried I've looked into the problem I've looked into why it happened. And first because I didn't know enough about what was going on I was like slightly concerned like as Tesla like what's happened to Mia but as I got more informed as of which I'm gonna inform you now four so you don't need to worry m. Make sure you stay subscribe so you always stay informed but click to buy like off but with Tesla's new truck unveiling is what caused it right and all over the armoured class because a steel ball about this big right so no small th.

Thing But A Steel !

Thing but a steel ball that was quite large and heavy and like you know would burst through most things didn'tgo through but it did kind of smash the armored glass windows on the Tesla truck and then later on Elim most released vide. About or showing the Tesla truck class not smashing but in this actual unveiling unfortunately the glass did slash now look they tested the body of the vehicle with a sledgehammer like at the unveiling as well and the body will soli. Right we're talking about steel ball this this this big yeah all steel and okay you know you might get a pair in a glass that isn't like dancing offic might have hit the glass right at the right precise spot to penetrate the glass l.

Like it did damage the glass like I did it didn't penetrate it didn't go through like he loved most said it didn't go through which is still good right you don't you know if it's steel ball being thrown full pelt at your window for. Example you know those true most windows is gonna go through if it doesn't go through that saved you a beer right it's still a great thing but and I was I after watching the unveiling I didn't watch it straight where I just died jus. Read the news and I just thought what's going on and just shot a video straight away because the stock price was falling and like it fell falling from like three hundred and fifty eight dollars down to three hundred and thirty three.

Dollars I was like shocked I was like what's going on with the Tesla stock was what's causing this to happen so the Tesla truck unveiling with the armored glass being shattered is what caused the stock price to fall because the nega. News papers this is how news the news can sometimes unfortunately negatively affects the you know outcome of a company bur in hindsight now like a couple of days after the unveiling the truck has had two hundred thousand pre-orders. At this moment in time the figure stands at two hundred thousand three orders now that in terms of in an anon of itself is proof that the truck has huge demand and at first to be honest I loved the fee the truck the functionality of.

Of The Truck Is Amazing ?

Of the truck is amazing is the best it is going to be the best truck on the market like full stop is gonna be the best truck on the market but I would say I didn't like the design straightaway until if you watch my last video it sho. Be linked somewhere I should see it she watched my last video I talked about an image there in the video of a tug of war test that they did and the truck compared to a standard truck I would go for the Tesla truck design-wise nine o. Out of ten times that's how good I think the design is compared to a standard truck now would there be a case of me wanting to purchase a truck at the moment personally no but if I was in the market for a truck and at the forty thou.

This is the other thing what they've done amazingly well and I think what accounted for firm load the pre-orders coming through we're talking about a truck the base form right of the truck without any additional extras extras we're. Talking about a truck that is just a few thousand dollars more than the model three so I think what that also says to me is that really underneath it's like a model 3 or a Model S but the shell of the truck is costing them less to p. To produce because functionally they just needed a solid body that can take a lot damage like they've achieved looks-wise there in the future with that truck it just looks like it's from the future and they've come in on cost $40,00.

For a truck like that us us what is the model three like thirty thirty-five thousand dollars and he said that's without any incentives forty thousand dollars without any incentives for a truck that comes on a lease in the UK I might. Be on that straightaway Mike I might actually consider that I'm actually considered considered the truck over the model three like five grand more am i doing but yeah so the stock price I do not think and I don't know why it hasn't. Bounced back after seeing the pre-orders for the vehicle two hundred thousand pre-orders like were the shareholders thinking what do they want they they called it a fail right this the the shareholders of who was sold off to make th.

Stock Price Calm Down !

Stock price calm down thought the unveiling was a fail right failed unveilings dog at two hundred thousand pre-orders that doesn't happen like that's not a failure that's big numbers and we're only talking like 48 72 hours after the. Unveiling right now two hundred thousand orders that's a hundred thousand orders a day that's massive that stock should be heaving I'm still saying it's a $3,000 $4,000 stock well I personally don't think that I think it might be li. A two thousand dollar stock but I think in the next 10 to 20 years anyway is my outlook for it based on performance current assets that they're creating right now and what the future is I believe is going to be electricbut right now.

I Think The Stock ?

I think the stock is underpriced I think the teletrac unveiling was positive it was a huge addition to the company's offering and they will continue to do amazingly well catch you in the next video if you article if you're on the we. Website comment below subscribe to the email alerts that I send out about hot stocks like the Neo stock about for one dollar sixty Tesla of China that was amazing it's gone up to like two dollars ten at the moment that the room for. Could be another Tesla $304 stock but anyway what I'm saying is if you're on the YouTube channel make sure you subscribe hit the bell icon so you get the updates of the videos and leave a comment below tell me what you think what do. .


Netflix Stocks up by $40 this month?


in this video article I'm gonna talk about a stock that I don't think many people talk about and that stock is Netflix Netflix stocks now Netflix Netflix as a platform is a video / movie / drama series streaming platform is basically the internet version of on-demand TV and they struggled quite a bit I remember when they first died off they had like server issues streaming issues quality issues customer demand issues stuff like that but what I've noticed is that the the share price has been gradually rising in the past few days and I've been watching it like and then when I looked into the charts today the share price has gone up by 14% in the last month at this point in time I haven't investigated what the reason is specifically but I will look into that I make another update video because I want to start looking into why and how in the past month so 14% is quite a large increase because it's gone from two hundred and eighty dollars well not two hundred and seventy six dollars all the way up to three hundred and fifteen dollars so it's had like

thirty-eight thirty-nine dollar increase in the past month that's very interesting to me because when a stock goes up by fourteen fifteen percent in a month that means it's being the the average right and it's not a small stock and it's not a small company it's not like it's a brand-new stock either so if it goes up by that margin that gets me immediately interested into researching and obviously laying you guys know what that stock is doing what's going on with that stock why has it jumped all of a sudden and just like with the Tesla stocks the other day like the Tesla truck unveiling like tank was stopped for some reason even though I think now the Tesla truck is fantastic but back to Netflix it can't be what I think is which is they have all of this all of a sudden got a massive heap of new membership signups or they've got a new flamboyant marketing strategy there's like to call them Lodge members there must be a deal going on someone and it and it can't be or maybe it's the rising popularity of more award-winning series like they had Breaking Bad I'm sure they've continued to make more like for example oil stocks on there yeah so I've ever looked at Netflix for a long time to be honest I in fact yeah I was watching Power I watched an episode or two of Power on there so yeah they they do seem to have all the latest drama series

that are out and are popular and what I'm noticing not more and more with these serious types like breaking bad and like power and like all the other ones is that they are very very cinematic and I mean like they are like every episode is like watching a movie it's not like a drama drama episode anymore it's like you're watching an actual movie and that makes it more like immersive and compelling and people just get hooked on that stuff like I know I I used to be hooked on like stuff like scorpion stuff like power Gotham I used to be hooked on that stuff I used to watch it like constantly every day but now I'd always much anymore so I understand the appeal now if they've gone out and found more viewers and grown their viewership through these very immersive series dramas that are like basically episodes of a movie or a movie broken up into episodes or however you want to put it that's how they are these days there they are really good mr. robot I got into that quite a bit up until season two but that's a different topic Netflix I think is outperforming its competitors at the moment is the number one for video streaming online content of dramas and Ottomans mainstream series and things like that

so yeah Netflix is one to watch I need to look into now that I've made this video into what and why Netflix stock price has gone up by fourteen fifteen percent in the past month and whether it will continue to rise in coming months fourteen percent up in the past month and it's about eight percent up in the past three months so it is on the rise but why and its gradual why I need to answer those questions in the next video about Netflix so make sure you look out for that if you haven't already subscribed to the channel and click the bell icon and leave a comment below tell me what you think about Netflix what do you think what do you think like is going on with Netflix do you do you like it does anyone in your family friends like it are they always going on about said like the series they're watching and stuff like that I know I did and when I was watching power the other day exact for example I have my friends I was with my friend and I was like selling it to them ago like yo you got to watch this he's really good but you know if you're on the site though make sure you subscribe to our email list to get regular updates of what the stocks doing that I'm watching and which ones I think are good which ones I think are not good leave a comment below on the blog as well if you reading this article and I shall see you next time

Facebook Stocks rising slowly why?

Hey guys welcome to this article video about Facebook stock no one's talking about Facebook stock recently and like I'm like and I'm seeing it slowly creeping up and up on Facebook the social media network that took social media by storm. The web to doll that was like just changed the game in the social media space it was like medes all online and connected to each other has the most users active on the interweb ever and it's probably bigger than most countries if you. Amassed the number of people has been through a few security details recently with mr. Mark Zuckerberg in the course against the US and you know they've ironed out a few things obviously Facebook holds the most intricate data on Oz.

Bar None They're Probably !

Bar none they're probably on a mass scale alarms I'm saying Google probably owns a lot of data on us but in terms of Facebook stocks I've seen them creep up above the $200 mark recently and whenever any type of stock creeps up above. A mark that gets me to pay attention to it in ways that I wouldn't normally and now the stock is doing pretty well in terms of market capitalization and Facebook is making some interesting investments they need to get right they Fac. You know Mark Zuckerberg walks into this virtual reality soft and all things like how far away VR is true like prime adoption who knows but what I would say I have to speak like this because like this cat that doesn't let me get the.

The light in but at the same time I want you to I think I'll just keep it this wayyeah at the same time Marc is investing heavily in Facebook's investing heavily in video technology and that is where I think they need to make the bi. Biggest play they've got like the most active users going on any social media platform remember YouTube the search engine or social media platform although YouTube you see this little bezel I see has a bit of a geek that I am and fr. My personal experience I see them copying each other like whatever features are working good on facebook to instagram youtube has now got them all like versions of them unlike I remember Facebook as well when snapshot was doing well.

With the filters you know like you become a puppy and your tongue sticks out stuff like that all these filters that came out on that snapchat popularized Facebook immediately got them now it seems like they're they are copying popul. Features and adopting them for their own and you know I imagine the same is going to happen we talk you know tick-tocks going to get copied on to Instagram Facebook YouTube if it goes that big guys I mean a lot of us happening and b. Because these the user base is you know you talking almost a billion on Instagram a few billion on YouTube and Facebookbecause the user base is so large they're not concerned with creating standalone products for these features but.

They Will Take Adoptions ?

They will take adoptions of them and use them to engage with their own users so in this digital space I would say Facebook is profitable now Facebook was profitable and has been profitable for quite some time which is a really good. Standing which means their ad platform and their data is working how it should be working and being a user of their our platform in the past they're our platform does up optimize the ads for you you can find your target audience on. And you can get results in terms of ROI return on investment because look you can only get so far with branding right you you know most businesses they're SMEs need ROI so if a platform can return ROI like Facebook YouTube cam and I.

Instagram to some extent especially with the e-commerce products then it's going to be a viable business model and you're gonna be in profit just engagement will not get if you put loads of funny videos on just to get engagement on. Through our cheap advertising you're gonna hit a plateau what you really need to be to be profitable and stick your position like Google did with Google ads on Facebook has done is solidified their position in terms of data how much. Data they have on individuals then they got the immersion and activity levels up by the end of scroll and all the psychological triggers that they use on social media sites of users they just need to improve their video platform I t.

Think can make it more I haven't seen actual figures myself like how many views videos get I know there's views on that you know videos get millions of views but now they're actually copying YouTube and creating a create and I've ac. Looked into this myself as well cuz I'm on YouTube they're making a creators platform that's similar to like youtubers so all of all the creators that are on YouTube that creating videos and video content will now also be able to do. To do the same on Facebook so they're competing hard so they won't they want to give revenue back ad revenue back to publishers is what they're saying video publishers so they're going hard after video and I think rather than VR Fac.

Next Big Play Should !

Next big play should be video and that's why they put in so a concerted amount of effort they're trying to attract publishersonto the platform so that they get them creating you know great content that goes viral that gets viewed lo. Loads on Facebook they were very picky with the video before but I think they need to develop the platform in the direction and what they also approves as a video platform for Facebook is if they can afford to pay contributors and p. Publishers and creators of content then they're making enough revenue from advertising right me personally I'm sticking to YouTube for now because I don't have at least I've got a bit of a following on YouTube I don't have any follo.

On Facebook Whatsoever ?

On Facebook whatsoever but in terms of the how that all relates to the stock price once Facebook get video going and I think if they the way that they're going as long as they attract enough good quality creators to onto the platfor. They will be able to up their profit margins and higher profit margins will then in turn turn into more higher share price so I would saying Facebook's in good standing I would say that I could see Facebook becoming a potentially a. A $500 stock in the future I don't know when but I think Facebook has the potential once its ironed out all the security issues to become a $500 stock the more they grow their video and I think the video platform will be a huge part. .


Tesla stock rolls Down a Hill after Tesla Truck Unveiling


 so this video is about Tesla stock right tell the stock I just shot another video right and I was like saying tells the stock is doing quite well and you know you should be all by in terms of stock uh stuff like that but what just happened Tesla stock has just fallen off a cliff whoa not falling off a cliff but you know like it's just taking a tumble on a slippery slope just to be right it's basically dropped fifteen twenty dollars per share right as we speak it's still dropping right now cuz I was looking at I was like even in my last video and my last video was only about an hour ago yet you can check when it was in the last hour it's just gone down from three hundred and fifty four dollars per share I think I saw all the way down to three hundred and thirty four so that's like a $20 dropped like in an hour you know I literally looked at my share Dylan approves links below based on free share like an hour ago and it was a 3/5 cuz I because I wanted to talk about when I was talking about Neil and then all of a sudden I got an update an alert saying it's gone down and I like what but what happened is Tesla were like uber is going into logistics you know logistics is a big game there's a lot of money in logistics you know there's a lot of everything all goods need to be transported even when everybody goes online and there's no more Walmart's and there's no more as days and Tesco's and there's no more Walgreens and you know stuff like that which will never happen kind of thing but you know in a futurist world right you know this stuff still needs to be for it from one place to another and that's where the logistics industry comes in now uber did this as well I'm talking about today because Obama - and they they want to go into logistics they've actually made big investments in towards logistics so that they're going down that shipping logistics kind of channel and so is Tesla but the thing is Tesla have launched their truck Tesla truck today and the Tesla truck has not been as impressive as we first thought it might be now I don't know why that is why would it not be impressive I'm not looking enough into the were like what the actual truck is but my imagination

knows what I should have been right so I'm probably making up their videos as to why is and why what I think it should I'll tell you now what I think it should have been right it should have been tons of batteries right like I'm saying if you know I'm talking like 500 kilowatt battery right per truck because obviously you ain't got fuel tanks you don't need fuel tanks anymore you don't need other things you know to do with the engine and the and stuff like that with a truck you know there's a lot of things big big parts that go in a truck right with the engine and everything so you got all that space you have got much more space in fact they're a Model X underneath the truck to fit more batteries as well so you got all the engine bay you've got all the space and I'm sure you can like do some engineering and fit like batteries all over the truck but anyway that's my imagination going off that's what I believe it should have been I believe it should have been long-haul machine that you either you charge with a rapid charger for an hour maybe two hours and it just gets you a long distance that's all I'm thinking with these trucks my mind is thinking the battery is so big they I guess you a long distance per charge right but there's a problem and I'm not sure what that problem is and apparently shareholders definitely don't like the problems because they were not impressed by this stuff they were not impressed by any of this stuff so what I would say in this situation is Tesla is still a strong company right and another thing I

would say this is a great opportunity because no one had village-like even I was thinking today Tesla hasn't had any bad news recently in anything that their stock price looks strong and I think it's just gonna Connie I'm going up but hold on then comes an opportunity right so this is not Tesla's course set business right this is not a battery technology and this is not the vehicle we standard marketplace vehicles this is Tesla's logistics arm right it's a new investment new channel that tells us going into so I'm not too concerned I think this is actually a you know anything under 3:30 or around that mark is a buying opportunity because I think Tesla's gonna go way back up again I'm not a financial adviser so make sure you seek financial advice independent especially from UK I don't often subscribe as well and hit the bell icon and make sure if you're on the website you subscribe to the email we have to show you what stocks I'm picking or why and when and alerts like this is just come out right this has just happened right now and I'm making a video by right now that's why you're gonna keep watching me remember neo stocks I bought them a $1 60 now they're over $2 you watch him I say over and out comment below let me know you think

Uber Stock will it tank further ?

Hey so this is about Uber, Uber is a company that I'll be watching I'm sure a lot of the world has been watching very closely over the past few years generally because of the impressive growth and involvement in our now very daily involvement. In our lives is upset industries worldwide and especially like the taxi industry the food delivery industry those are the two main arms of uber Running Room ride sharing industry you want to call that a third one we do barracks I th. I think is gonna be a big hit especially with some in some cities that have a lot of traffic and the people are either you know you're picking between and again in an uberx or bike a lot of people would rather get on their bike but.

Some Equally Or Even !

Some equally or even more would would rather get an uber X so costs working out cheaper so uber is really fundamentally and that and those as far as I've looked into was financial activity they valued anywhere between 45 to 75 billi. They are and the last financial activity that they had theydid about three point seven two billion and it was a hundred and fifty million short of target revenue wise I don't think when you're talking almost four billion in revenue. I don't think 50 million is anything to worry about they are investing heavily in securing a technological position and I imagine this is this is the thinking behind what the leadership is doing they're investing heavily in securing.

A technological advantage of position in the marketplace with alternative or related investments I know that looking into the grocery industry and all they were looking into like some flying car technologies and so that's like our D. D stuff will they find something that's as destructive of what they are at the core I'm not sure but if they find something is because they came into taxis right you've got to think of it this way uber came in as a disruption to the. Taxi industry right and the ride sharing industry initially but then they kind of like use the exact same technology and applied it to food delivery right which is what I'm actually doing right now right it was like I don't like say.

About the house all day so this like helps me get out I love Buber of the company I love that I could just go out and make catch some air and like work at the same time and I'm shooting this video at the same times also it's great f. For me but yeah they also caught on to the food industry in a big way like it was just like in the taxi industry was destructive it was destructive in the fast food industry as well I mean like I'm sat in McDonald's right now waitin. To deliver food for someone right that's how destructive it was McDonald's delivering food like that was unheard of five years ago McDonald's I don't even probably thought of it maybe they do you think of it but it's probably dismis.

But Uber Expanded ?

But uber expanded so fast that they had through the their technology and through the servicing and their platforms expanded so fast that they just accommodate they can just now there with every fast-food chain almost the competitors. As well so yeah uber and then then in the taxi industry they've just done exactly the same thing the comma into the taxi industry they've disrupted the taxi industry they've had issues legal problems everywhere like in London in dif. In different states in the u. S. In EU in you know Asian countries and stuff like Thai in the Arab world like they've been competing with was a comma I can't move the Arabs are called cream yes that's one of them they've been competi.

With Kareem and they had some legal issues because the laws are different and stuff like that but they've got through everything right they've even done a deal in Saudi and they've they've got some kind of partnership agreement with. Kareem so like they've done astonishingly well and the law and I mentioned that because Saudi Arabia the laws are tough right so who buzz got through it they've done a deal in London so I'm well haven't under dealing with them but l. Like the legal case is still like being foreign gonna be quite tough you know there had quite a tough a tough time but they've got through it and they are making tons of revenue like they're not even that old and you talk it almost.

Billion in revenue so I don't think they're gonna go anywhere fast I bought the shed now this is obviously the Kochs of the video right let's get into that I recently because of the slightly hundred and fifty million on four billion. Is like I said nothing right and I'm rounding up massively right three point seven two billion right hundred fifty billion is nothing the you Bashar price because of those earnings and because of was investment they're reinvesting i. In themselves strategy the Yubel stock price tanked slightly and I think it's just I don't know what types of investors will take that information and just pull out shares or sell but I believe it would be ones that fluctuate around.

Or Make Decisions !

Or make decisions based upon the news I personally when people are going that way and I know a company strong right uber is a strong company right now right all they need to do is in the 2020 2021 stop investing in themselves focus. On maximizing profit margins and that's it as soon as they're in profit they're a solid company I don't think they're going anywhere I mean what I cannot imagine a technology or a competitor coming out and taking over uber right now. I just carry my German and I don't know what they could do differently unless they bought machines all right and somehow got drawn licenses passed in every state and country in the world which would be near impossible right now for.

The Next Ten Years ?

The next ten years I can't see any company competing with uber directly at scale I'm on about everywhere that they are they might have individual competitors like in insert countries and areas region but on a mass scale I can't see. Happening and because of that I think Ober is underpriced and it dropped to 26 dollars a share recently and I was watching a few other analysts and one of them stated that you know he would go in at $26 I was hoping for 25 but I nev. Get what I want so like as soon as I seen at 26 I was like you know what right now I don't personally feel that it's gonna get anywhere lower than 26 and I call you at 26 so I went in at 26 and today I think he's hovering somewhere. .


NIO Stocks Surging Tesla Of China

NIO stock is on the rock right now 

It is rocking right now and if you look at my last video I bought in just because I thought that you know what their figures that look the problem back in June NIO is the Tesla of China by the way let you know that quickly they've got the auto driving and functionality.

I've seen the car being tested and stuff like that it's good but yeah back in June they had delivery problems now they've managed to iron out those delivery problems they started delivering more vehicles this quarter and the stock seems to have rolled back right the stock seems to a rollback which is excellent.

What this means for NIO Stocks

Right, what that means is that there will be a case where there's a stock growth I feel anyway that's my personal opinion right I bought the stock this is the last two days. What's happened in the previous two days right? I purchased the stock dollar sixty yeah I thought that was cheap, and because of the company's roll in a few years I could not see it getting any less expensive than that.

Hopefully, if you think you could get lower than that, but let's see what happens, they could crush out the China economy supports it, and there's enormous demand there's going to be the most significant demand there than in anywhere else in the world. So like compared to what's happened is, it's gone from a dollar sixty which is where I bought it or where I started like trucking in because I was like there yesterday here up to a resistance level.

NIO's Support and ressistance?

Now to give you guys a bit of education on support resistance skip this bit if you already know so I'm going to think about thirty seconds but for those who don't know support and resistance right resistance is when you see a chart going up in that direction and it hits like a resistance level up here. I'll use a subscribe button so you've hit there and it's just like dilly-dallying up and down up and down up and down this resistance level so it's not going any further right so yesterday's resistance level was one point eight dollar eighteen.

Right, support is like when a stock dips down and doesn't go any lower right so that's your support and resistance hopefully all goes wrong but yeah that's your support and resistance right today though NIO went above the dollar eighty which I didn't expect it to do so quickly or on the next day of market open. But It went above a dollar eighty and stayed hovered around the two dollar twenty mark so I was like okay this is like I I call actually rising about two dollars like five or something or two dollars ten and it just carried on going in then start hovering around there and then dip down tiny bit and then I was like you know what this is a new like resistance level.

Could NIO fall even Further

It's not like it seems to be hovering around there so it's not gonna like drop anytime soon so I hate like around the two dollar twenty mark, I still need to double check it to see why finishes on but yeah that's what yeah so we set a new resistance level. This must be a relief for the stock now because obviously it's had a Down isais don't nothing but go downwards for such a long time this is a three-month high for the stock. So that means that you know for the past three months the stock has been on a downer going lower lower lower or hovering around the dollar inside the dollar mark.

Or both just above the dollar to dollar seventy mark but now its shot up above two dollars that's in the last three months so the stock hasn't been up that arranged for the last three months so this means a great positive thing for the stock. Its rising for the past two days I've already mentioned that so yeah I mean I'm all in on NIO I think I think it's gonna be watched and I love trading it out right now turn this trading up if NIO just hangs on. 

My Personal Opinion on NIO Stocks

I think they could quite easily match that stock price and happens right well a lot three hundred percent but about two hundred thirty five percent which is like you know a great return kind of thing right now but so that's what I'm hoping for. But remember some analysts predict Tesla stock price to go also above four thousand per share which you know massive companies can do these things as you can see with like Google stock for example is above a thousand so like you know big companies can make those big numbers happen. 

The Potential is with you NIO

But just to see it go I think NIO's got the potential to go into the few hundred dollars range which gives it a massive massive open end market cap for how much you put increase in how much of a return you can gain on it kind of thing. So I hope you enjoyed this Article about NIO Stocks and I hope this is proof that I kind of know what I'm talking about when it comes to stocks because obviously I've picked a stock I've gone in it myself you see me rise in front of your eyes this is video to results video you know it could go down tomorrow but I've clicked a stock in the last two days that is gonna open up into profit so that's the major thing I need to realize and I will capitalize on.

I'm not a financial advisor but why I'm saying is I do tell you about what my opinion is and what I feel is a good shop myself and I just share that with everyone you should seek especially here in the UK right you should seek specialist independent financial advice before making investment decisions. Disclaimer boring and over anyway forget all that remember it but you know don't forget but anyway remote what to remember before all that right is do this subscribe to our email alerts because then you can get my posts and videos as soon they come out so like my hot stock pics. 

Like I got yesterday, you could know straight away, and you could get in if you want to your choice. I'm not telling you to I say, but anyway yeah, you know you can still today with videos; hopefully, my videos are going to be entertaining educational informative. You can also see my other article of how much I purchased NIO Stocks for.

I got something free for yourself for those who read to this point you can get a free share worth up to a hundred pounds dollars or euros right now if you go to the link to Trading212 sign up to it using my link you get a free share I get a free share everyone's a winner.


NIO Stocks I Bought Today at $1.60 HOT!

Hey everyone so I am gone on don't be inevitable I was gonna say and that is I've bought some stock in neo and I bought the stock today because I researched the company now right and I've been looking at their financials I'll be looking. At their history I'll be looking at you know they've had a few quarters where they've lost money obviously its new company right only from 2014 10 no sell to 2003 right but neo is quite new yeah so what you've got to understand is t. That the profit margins are not gonna come through on a company right you know a car manufacturing company five years to profitability you know I know a big man like uber for example they reach profitability yet even though it's got.

Like Worldwide Market Capitalization !

Like worldwide market capitalization right in a few different service areas as well but you know it takes time to reach profitability so I'm not worried about that for neo what I was concerned about was what the CEO thinks everything and from. An interview that I saw of him speaking he was talking about things like lifetime value of you know building up new customers and that's what you really need to be doing at the moment which is building up your LTV with new customers. Because that is where you build your branding and at the moment Tesla's got the branding so their stock price is following you kind of know what's going on with them right but neo doesn't have that branding in place as yet it's new.

To the market it's much newer than Tesla we all know Tesla's history Neil's just come on no way it's like the Tesla of China but the crucial thing is in this casino understands lifetime value a last crucial because he understands th. He needs to build that brand in the consumers minds now what happens with that is when a leader has an understanding of lifetime value they know that yeah we might not be profitable right now but we are building a solid brand for th. Future next comes so I'm happy with that that gives me confidence in in the leader I'm looking at the leader because they're in China our car look at the mushroom team they don't produce a lot of news and still Tyco and like come se.

See you on that so I've just got to go by the operational cost figures manufacturing cost figures profitability of the last few years exact to go on so what I have got to go on is what to see you see your thinks that tells me what t. Management structure and team is like and what they're thinking he wasn't too concerned about the stock price back in June July anyway so that was a good thing because he understood lifetime value that you've got to build a good bra. The next thing is the actual product itself now if you look at Neos cars I've seen some videos now do more research and due diligence before investing into the stock I do not know what the stock price is gonna do becausethey were sa.

Saying That It Was ?

Saying that it was going down some of the analysts are saying that it's going down based on them not being able to deliver the vehicles but hold on a second they just did a whole bunch of deliveries but then you've got the argument. Of saying like are they gonna be profitable deliveries or not well why are you looking at profit in year three or year four on a car manufacturer and you know giant China is set to have the biggest demand in the world for electric c. So why are you looking at that there were things about the car that stood out first of all it's not self-driving capabilities that from the I mean a grouper well as I watched did a test for a full day and it continued through with w.

Without any issues they did not come claim of any self driving issues along like my rodeo stuff which is fantastic that is a great place to be in to say that they've come out and done that in three years four years five years you kn. That is amazing right but the other thing is they had some sat-nav problems I think that's minor I've heard that happened with loads of cars that could be a GPS thing could be a network thing for be out are the control of the actual. Company themselves you know cause you have to partner with all the other GPS so I'm not too concerned about that that issue that came up as far as the comfortability in the car and stuff when they were happy with it they did have no.

Now when I'm thinking about these problems that have arisen like they have the the manufacturing and distribution problem and the supply chain problem and now the next problem we're gonna mention is having enough charging points ava. But hold on a second didn't Tesla have the same problem I think that this that neo is being shunned too harshly because they are expected to be the Tesla of China already but hold on a second Tesla got a lot more time than that they. They've been going since 2003 yeah Neil's got teszler to like roll on myself but shouldn't get more time for it you know and I think I think they're aware I like the design of their cars I like the way that they position package the.

Cars For The Consumers !

Cars for the consumers and stuff and I like what I've seen so far about the quality of product and that is always a big thing with me is there a quality product there they sell it at one point five times they've got operational cost. At the moment they're slightly higher than they should be but they are selling up price points that are 1. 5 times the cost so somewhere down the line when they iron these internal operational cost kinks out they will be profitable b. But you need to give them a chance so yeah I'm with the company I think the leaders smart I think the demand is there because they selling vehicles at the end of the day look if you said to me a company's come out and is it's not se.

Vehicles It'S Just ?

Vehicles it's just you know it's just not profit it's not something because and it's not profitable no well then yes yeah right but these guys are delivering vehicles and just need a bit more time to get to profitability and that wi. Will come down as the more vehicles they sell and so on the price of that cars which is the goal again what Tesla has already gone through these problems Tesla has already gone through these problems so it's a careful one a careful. Issue to consider now I would say New York as an electric car maker has got a big standing on the market it's got the biggest global market in at the moment the share price I just bought a 160 just recently one dollar sixty right it.