NIO Stocks Surging Tesla Of China

NIO stock is on the rock right now 

It is rocking right now and if you look at my last video I bought in just because I thought that you know what their figures that look the problem back in June NIO is the Tesla of China by the way let you know that quickly they've got the auto driving and functionality.

I've seen the car being tested and stuff like that it's good but yeah back in June they had delivery problems now they've managed to iron out those delivery problems they started delivering more vehicles this quarter and the stock seems to have rolled back right the stock seems to a rollback which is excellent.

What this means for NIO Stocks

Right, what that means is that there will be a case where there's a stock growth I feel anyway that's my personal opinion right I bought the stock this is the last two days. What's happened in the previous two days right? I purchased the stock dollar sixty yeah I thought that was cheap, and because of the company's roll in a few years I could not see it getting any less expensive than that.

Hopefully, if you think you could get lower than that, but let's see what happens, they could crush out the China economy supports it, and there's enormous demand there's going to be the most significant demand there than in anywhere else in the world. So like compared to what's happened is, it's gone from a dollar sixty which is where I bought it or where I started like trucking in because I was like there yesterday here up to a resistance level.

NIO's Support and ressistance?

Now to give you guys a bit of education on support resistance skip this bit if you already know so I'm going to think about thirty seconds but for those who don't know support and resistance right resistance is when you see a chart going up in that direction and it hits like a resistance level up here. I'll use a subscribe button so you've hit there and it's just like dilly-dallying up and down up and down up and down this resistance level so it's not going any further right so yesterday's resistance level was one point eight dollar eighteen.

Right, support is like when a stock dips down and doesn't go any lower right so that's your support and resistance hopefully all goes wrong but yeah that's your support and resistance right today though NIO went above the dollar eighty which I didn't expect it to do so quickly or on the next day of market open. But It went above a dollar eighty and stayed hovered around the two dollar twenty mark so I was like okay this is like I I call actually rising about two dollars like five or something or two dollars ten and it just carried on going in then start hovering around there and then dip down tiny bit and then I was like you know what this is a new like resistance level.

Could NIO fall even Further

It's not like it seems to be hovering around there so it's not gonna like drop anytime soon so I hate like around the two dollar twenty mark, I still need to double check it to see why finishes on but yeah that's what yeah so we set a new resistance level. This must be a relief for the stock now because obviously it's had a Down isais don't nothing but go downwards for such a long time this is a three-month high for the stock. So that means that you know for the past three months the stock has been on a downer going lower lower lower or hovering around the dollar inside the dollar mark.

Or both just above the dollar to dollar seventy mark but now its shot up above two dollars that's in the last three months so the stock hasn't been up that arranged for the last three months so this means a great positive thing for the stock. Its rising for the past two days I've already mentioned that so yeah I mean I'm all in on NIO I think I think it's gonna be watched and I love trading it out right now turn this trading up if NIO just hangs on. 

My Personal Opinion on NIO Stocks

I think they could quite easily match that stock price and happens right well a lot three hundred percent but about two hundred thirty five percent which is like you know a great return kind of thing right now but so that's what I'm hoping for. But remember some analysts predict Tesla stock price to go also above four thousand per share which you know massive companies can do these things as you can see with like Google stock for example is above a thousand so like you know big companies can make those big numbers happen. 

The Potential is with you NIO

But just to see it go I think NIO's got the potential to go into the few hundred dollars range which gives it a massive massive open end market cap for how much you put increase in how much of a return you can gain on it kind of thing. So I hope you enjoyed this Article about NIO Stocks and I hope this is proof that I kind of know what I'm talking about when it comes to stocks because obviously I've picked a stock I've gone in it myself you see me rise in front of your eyes this is video to results video you know it could go down tomorrow but I've clicked a stock in the last two days that is gonna open up into profit so that's the major thing I need to realize and I will capitalize on.

I'm not a financial advisor but why I'm saying is I do tell you about what my opinion is and what I feel is a good shop myself and I just share that with everyone you should seek especially here in the UK right you should seek specialist independent financial advice before making investment decisions. Disclaimer boring and over anyway forget all that remember it but you know don't forget but anyway remote what to remember before all that right is do this subscribe to our email alerts because then you can get my posts and videos as soon they come out so like my hot stock pics. 

Like I got yesterday, you could know straight away, and you could get in if you want to your choice. I'm not telling you to I say, but anyway yeah, you know you can still today with videos; hopefully, my videos are going to be entertaining educational informative. You can also see my other article of how much I purchased NIO Stocks for.

I got something free for yourself for those who read to this point you can get a free share worth up to a hundred pounds dollars or euros right now if you go to the link to Trading212 sign up to it using my link you get a free share I get a free share everyone's a winner.



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