Uber Stock will it tank further ?

Hey so this is about Uber, Uber is a company that I'll be watching I'm sure a lot of the world has been watching very closely over the past few years generally because of the impressive growth and involvement in our now very daily involvement. In our lives is upset industries worldwide and especially like the taxi industry the food delivery industry those are the two main arms of uber Running Room ride sharing industry you want to call that a third one we do barracks I th. I think is gonna be a big hit especially with some in some cities that have a lot of traffic and the people are either you know you're picking between and again in an uberx or bike a lot of people would rather get on their bike but.

Some Equally Or Even !

Some equally or even more would would rather get an uber X so costs working out cheaper so uber is really fundamentally and that and those as far as I've looked into was financial activity they valued anywhere between 45 to 75 billi. They are and the last financial activity that they had theydid about three point seven two billion and it was a hundred and fifty million short of target revenue wise I don't think when you're talking almost four billion in revenue. I don't think 50 million is anything to worry about they are investing heavily in securing a technological position and I imagine this is this is the thinking behind what the leadership is doing they're investing heavily in securing.

A technological advantage of position in the marketplace with alternative or related investments I know that looking into the grocery industry and all they were looking into like some flying car technologies and so that's like our D. D stuff will they find something that's as destructive of what they are at the core I'm not sure but if they find something is because they came into taxis right you've got to think of it this way uber came in as a disruption to the. Taxi industry right and the ride sharing industry initially but then they kind of like use the exact same technology and applied it to food delivery right which is what I'm actually doing right now right it was like I don't like say.

About the house all day so this like helps me get out I love Buber of the company I love that I could just go out and make catch some air and like work at the same time and I'm shooting this video at the same times also it's great f. For me but yeah they also caught on to the food industry in a big way like it was just like in the taxi industry was destructive it was destructive in the fast food industry as well I mean like I'm sat in McDonald's right now waitin. To deliver food for someone right that's how destructive it was McDonald's delivering food like that was unheard of five years ago McDonald's I don't even probably thought of it maybe they do you think of it but it's probably dismis.

But Uber Expanded ?

But uber expanded so fast that they had through the their technology and through the servicing and their platforms expanded so fast that they just accommodate they can just now there with every fast-food chain almost the competitors. As well so yeah uber and then then in the taxi industry they've just done exactly the same thing the comma into the taxi industry they've disrupted the taxi industry they've had issues legal problems everywhere like in London in dif. In different states in the u. S. In EU in you know Asian countries and stuff like Thai in the Arab world like they've been competing with was a comma I can't move the Arabs are called cream yes that's one of them they've been competi.

With Kareem and they had some legal issues because the laws are different and stuff like that but they've got through everything right they've even done a deal in Saudi and they've they've got some kind of partnership agreement with. Kareem so like they've done astonishingly well and the law and I mentioned that because Saudi Arabia the laws are tough right so who buzz got through it they've done a deal in London so I'm well haven't under dealing with them but l. Like the legal case is still like being foreign gonna be quite tough you know there had quite a tough a tough time but they've got through it and they are making tons of revenue like they're not even that old and you talk it almost.

Billion in revenue so I don't think they're gonna go anywhere fast I bought the shed now this is obviously the Kochs of the video right let's get into that I recently because of the slightly hundred and fifty million on four billion. Is like I said nothing right and I'm rounding up massively right three point seven two billion right hundred fifty billion is nothing the you Bashar price because of those earnings and because of was investment they're reinvesting i. In themselves strategy the Yubel stock price tanked slightly and I think it's just I don't know what types of investors will take that information and just pull out shares or sell but I believe it would be ones that fluctuate around.

Or Make Decisions !

Or make decisions based upon the news I personally when people are going that way and I know a company strong right uber is a strong company right now right all they need to do is in the 2020 2021 stop investing in themselves focus. On maximizing profit margins and that's it as soon as they're in profit they're a solid company I don't think they're going anywhere I mean what I cannot imagine a technology or a competitor coming out and taking over uber right now. I just carry my German and I don't know what they could do differently unless they bought machines all right and somehow got drawn licenses passed in every state and country in the world which would be near impossible right now for.

The Next Ten Years ?

The next ten years I can't see any company competing with uber directly at scale I'm on about everywhere that they are they might have individual competitors like in insert countries and areas region but on a mass scale I can't see. Happening and because of that I think Ober is underpriced and it dropped to 26 dollars a share recently and I was watching a few other analysts and one of them stated that you know he would go in at $26 I was hoping for 25 but I nev. Get what I want so like as soon as I seen at 26 I was like you know what right now I don't personally feel that it's gonna get anywhere lower than 26 and I call you at 26 so I went in at 26 and today I think he's hovering somewhere. .

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