So I was looking at uh some updates for SVD bank and the Ripple effects of the collapse that they've just suffered now one of the things that's gonna come out of this is a large list of companies that are potentially affected in different. Ways to buy SUV Bank uh collapsing now I just heard an update that the director actually sold like a few million dollars worth of shares about 12 days before the actual collapse so yeah that's news the other thing that I just found. Out is the amount of cash for these companies some of the major name companies actually had for example this must be called Roku at about 25 of their financial activities going through SBS Silicon Valley Bank so you know that's some.

I Don'T Think Every !

I don't think every company was as exposed I was real cool because Roku was just like the big example in terms of exposure um from Big names there's also Roblox there's an example that was very like it's a lot of money but a company. Company size of Roblox it's not a lot 150 millionum still gonna hurt if it's gone but the exposure has quite limited compared to other companies there's also Circle Etsy Etsy may have had some of their proportional amount of their t. Going through umsvb but foreignwe don't actually know how much exposure every company's got so and there's also something like um other companies I heard about um that hadthings going on with svb werezip recruiter so like uh you kno.

Uh you know recruitment company uh something about bill. Com something about um what was the other oneit was another company that I forget that's his appropriate yeah you just go with those but anyway yeah that's the exposure that's. The types of companies that are going to be affected the thing is when investors Traders you know analysts find out about this and these amounts of money they're gonna immediately quantify those into stock price value right because. The end of the day lost revenue is a business fundamental right Revenue whether it be you know earned or asset based wellFinancial loss right whether it's Revenue based or it's asset based there's this hour I should say to explain i.

It properly right is a loss nonetheless right so that's going to need to be Quantified into stock price so these companies say for example 150 million roadblocks loss well if that equates to a two percent uh stock price drop then th. What potentially is going to have to happen if you know what I mean because obviously if someone is lost from the company then that's how it goes potentially more than that in fact because then there's the Fear Factor on top okay ho. How does it affect the company actuallyum so you've got the for each one of these uh companies you've got that look you know banking with fpv svbum you've got the actual loss that's that loss Financial loss which will have an effect.

On The Stock Price ?

On the stock price and you've also got the Fear Factor the operational impact you know loads of things if you know that will affect so in fact that two percent could easily turn into a five percent loss I'm just giving an example I. Don't know the exact what it will be and what I want I'm just giving you an example so there is gonna actually be I think maybe not straight away because everyone's focused on the bank bank right now but it might be straight away be. Some Traders are quick right and they've all got to look at all this information and view it like do a do a you know another re-analysis fundamentally on these uh companies based on what their positions are and assets are at the mom.

Moment and the financial losses that they've incurred which is what is going on constantly anyway in the market but that has to happen again re-evaluations have to happen again and you know we'll see some prices going up and down ne. Week it's just gonna be but these companies will be wants to watch like how much does it actually affect their actual stock price off the back of this very heated and very interesting news updates there for you on the uh with some B. Bank collapse so uhbio Works holding actually I just read the so yeah I'll catch you in the next video make sure you subscribe and click the Bell icon see you later.

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