Netflix STOCKS and CHILL

So in this post I'm going to discuss my research stages of looking into what's going on with the rise recently the 14% rise of Netflix in the past month. As in my last video about Netflix I was quite surprised to see the stock price rising by about almost $40.

It's dipped a bit today as I make this video by about a percent not much overall for the data is but the generic trend for Netflix is those rising now. Netflix as a business model is recurring billing, its repeat customers and you could say that it's a mixture of a saas with a broadcaster so yeah it's like a it's well that's what an online streaming service is and Netflix is the number one online streaming service.

It has all the competitors but theres not any metrics, Netflix is the front-runner now having looked into their business model they seem to have hit a good price point which is cheap enough for consumers and very convenient. So like you know it's like paying for additional subscription on sky for example or whatever broadcaster you use, there are your TV box cable I think in the US they've done it. 

The only thing Netflix doesn't have in terms of categories is sports, so I think because Sports is like way more expensive anywhere with all like the sponsorships and things that go on. The money involved and the exclusivity agreements that everyone wants to keep I think Netflix has focus more on exclusivity of content in terms of cinematic dramas and documentaries and I think their number one selling point at the moment is the cinematic documentary style dramas.

I cover are touched on this point like in my last video where I discussed the cinematic dramas that they have like Breaking Bad, power, Gotham ones, that I used to watch myself. Unlike in the UK they got the guys from Top Gear to make a show that was exclusive on Amazon.

So you know these exclusivity deals work out really well because they bring a new range of popularity and a new audience to the platform so a lot of the platforms are doing it like Amazon with the top gear shop but Netflix is the front-runner because it's got the most. I don't watch any Drama Series anymore but I caught myself faster we're having a game of snooker you know watching an episode of power because they had Netflix in the snooker room to private super rules that we were playing in so we were like okay this is let's just watch it I was like I know this series good and watching it again even in season five it was good.

So yeah Netflix is is really engaging and immersive for its users and I think its got huge huge ways to grow. Yeah I think it's just starting and his popularity will increase there are some that say it's capped out in the US. I don't think is anywhere near capped out in the US and i think there's got massive growth markets abroad and i think it's a $600 plus stock six to eight hundred dollars. 

I think it's got potential and I haven't even touched on their financials that came out October I believe in q1 they hit two hundred sixty something million and in by q2 they'd doubled a like to 566 million or something around that region. So they're in profit and they are doing well they are growing strong that's like a double return or a double up on q1. In q2 and that was even despite reporting prior to that that they lost members members and they've still come out with profits I think I still think they've got a massive ways to grow and to figure out how to keep their members engaged longer.

Potentially by looking at their statistics and usage and look why or even asking them ember survey them when they leave or after they've left why did you leave us why did you quit? You know like they need to find out why people are leaving the platform, is it because it's so easy is it because it's just viewed as an online entertainment thing I mean a lot of televisions and like the ps5's and stuff and you can get Netflix on anything so why would anyone want to leave their Netflix membership does.

I've never had one I've always used like a friends to be honest but if I had one I wouldn't see myself leaving and less times were difficult I think there it wasn't that issue with the membership lost but in hindsight they turned a massive profit in q2. So they do well, they're growing gradually and I think it's a strong stock will I be personally investing in Netflix it's a one to watch for me personally it is a one to watch.

I'm gonna continue to watch it and now I'm up to speed with what's going on with his financials I'll keep you updated as well. If you're on the website make sure you subscribe to the email address in comment below tell me what you think about Netflix in general or anything to do with Netflix stock and any other stock. If you're on youtube make sure you subscribe and click the bell icon to make sure you get an alert straight away to know what's going on you soon.