This is a very eventful blog post, I need to go back and find my comments where I said a couple of weeks ago. I said it straight right, I said NIO is gonna hit potentially three to four dollars and it should to be honest with you the way it's gone today might even hit five or six before the years out. So early today I don't know but this is like market out straight after market open I was watching the stock and it was the lack of first point.

I checked again and it was just after the market opened and it opened up by like three dollars twenty went up to three dollars thirty things like that and now I just got an update from trading212 which is the app or one of the apps that I use to trade stocks on.

Make sure you join my email list by the way ASAP links should be on my website on the side go find it So you get these updates by email alerts because remember I bought in this stock at a dollar sixty. The lowest point NIO got to was around the dollar sixty mark and now it's gone three times that. So at the moment you could have tripled your money right if you bought into the dollar sixty mark.

It's at the moment it's gone to almost four dollars thirty right so like this is and it rose up so much by eighty percent I believe that you know trading too old to even sent me an update today saying well this stock has just risen by 80% because q3 owner reports were just smashing everyone's expectations. Only 4 weeks ago everyone dumped on this stock saying it was garbage, I had, no offense to day traders right because obviously I'm looking at their trading again myself but you know day traders like tend to think differently about stocks kind of thing and their strategies are different in terms of how our trades are placed whereas long-term investors you know think differently but I had a few day traders from what I could gather they were day traders.

I didn't ask them if they were or not say that it was a it was a trash stock and it wouldn't go anywhere but I just watched the event and I'm gonna do an update a separate update on the ES6 the new vehicle. I'm gonna have a few videos coming out this week about NIO because there's quite a lot going on in the EV space within China. What happens within China is gonna affect what happens globally in the EV space because China is big grounds in the ev market now because Tesla's just on that.

Nio has just released a new vehicle the ES6 that went exceptionally well they did a and one of the subscribers got this in the comments I believe as on discussing Al's one of the previous videos they've done like a crossover between a coupe and an SUV. I felt that should have been their next logical step so I'm gonna call it a coupe coupes off I'm just going to call it a coupe right now because it's not a fully fledged SUV size-wise right, it's really small, I mean it looks like an SUV but a tiny version so I'm just gonna call it a coupe for now.

Nio has got the stuff the hardware and features of obviously an SUV but I felt that they needed a coupe or a sedan in their offering and they've gone done it. Why they're sticking to SUV's it might be that they've they've I'm hoping it's a consumer demand and by the q3 reports by what I'm gathering I believe it is consumer demand the Chinese consumers must love SUVs at the moment they must of SUVs. That's why they're producing more SUV style cars the es6 I think personally is the best looking car that they've produced so far.

There are other cars the es6 and the ES8 a fantastic cars looks wise as well look beautiful perform great customers are loving them customers love the events the nio puts on are all like quite extravagant with their events it's like a concert kind of thing. People love it so yeah that's quite a bit like that going on in their favor but also as well as the es6 they've started releasing new upgraded batteries that can be switched out easily. To replace the old batteries, they released a hundred kilowatt hour battery during the event as well announced a and this battery is exactly the same size and spec dimensions wise to and scale wise to the existing battery in the ES8 vehicle that they have.

But it can be easily swapped out so this is amazing grounds like you know basically what they're giving the existing consumer base, and when and they offered finance on this battery as well and when they mentioned this battery could be upgraded to their existing customer base and the crowd just went wild.

So you know there's  a lot of potential for neon right now, I mean there's no other you know obviously you've got software upgrades right you know .Tesla's upgrading their system all the time but they not offering their existing customer base upgrades on their actual vehicles right you know the EE c6 is set to compete with the model y and I believe it will because it's got a similar range and you know people are talking about the only thing that's left right but there has to be one company out of all of them that solves this problem and it was going to be elon  musk because he was in first and he thinks big right bigger than most entrepreneurs.

He was going to be the one to solve this problem which is what I'm talking about Giga factories right yeah the other manufacturers car manufacturers might just stay car manufacturers and still be successful they may not need to make.
Giga factories Tesla might solve that problem for them Leon most probably thought ahead and thought you know what that problem solved I'll take care of it I want to own that market I want battery technology.

I know batteries are going to be the future power source of the world potentially and I want to or nothing and he's probably more bothered about the gig factory  than he is the actual vehicles because he knows he's got more competition with the vehicles then he has with the Giga factory right so he's taking that market . I doubt there'll be other competitors there might be some copycats in China obviously like that no offense to China not copycats I'm saying like you know.

China is very manufacturing orientated so yeah there'll be other smaller potentially anyhow do what are you out get your factories man why are you why are you looking at Giga factories did a car manufacturer all stations why are you worried about the fuel source man you know don't worry about the fuel source an electric vehicle company will remain an electric vehicle company anyway stocks are flying high if you haven't subscribed to my channel right now if you were to bought the stock dollar 60 you would have triple your money I send out alerts for that price that once that price is gone it is gone right.

I use Nio is an example I'm using it right now it's tripled if you haven't signed up to my email list right now click the link below go find it on my website it's on the sidebar subscribe right now make sure you don't miss the next price we'll catch you in the next video Nio's on the way up.
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I want to talk to you about NIO stocks and what's been going on with them more recently. I haven't checked the market today as yet because it just opened about an hour ago so I'm gonna let trading activity continue before a corral for right now but as for my nio investment i was saying congratulations to me and everyone who else went in on this two dollars sixty. Plus I got a two dollar 62 two dollar sixty three which is fantastic news and I have been waiting for that to happen this year I was hoping for it to happen.

I was hoping for NiO stock to go above the two dollar sixty marker. That was a milestone for me personally because I went in on nio stock at a dollar sixty after having researched the company. Mind you only got picked up with the company about a month or two ago so I researched NIO stocks and found that they were a viable company they were doing quite well and they had you know been struggling with fulfillment of orders beforehand.

But then they started to do pretty well and pick up things and do better and so on so forth but what I also realized is that they have the biggest market demand for electric vehicles potentially compared to any other country in the world within China. That is the market they were going after and all the things that I've discovered going forward is that SUVs generally more difficult to produce than sedans coupes or roadsters.

Where as Tesla went the other way with a roadster potentially, they had to do that, make that decision because Tesla was the first full on company that went mass-market EV. But because NIO had Tesla to fall back off or to learn from they went straight into vehicle types of the Model X type from Tesla.

So they went straight and made the ES6 and ES8 but before that they had made a supercar called EP9. Now that supercar was one of the fastest electric cars in the world and it did exceptionally well but then they still went into SUVs. So if you look back at Tesla's timeline, Tesla did the Roadster which was ep9 comparison wise and then Tesla did the Model S which NIO doesn't have a comparable to as yet. But I am going to discuss that in a second then neo did then Tesla did the Model X which NIO's comparison is the es6 and the ES8.

I would say they both caused the SUVs in the EV market to increase and I'm hoping that NIO did all the research to find out what's the most popular on trend demand in China. Because at the moment in the Western world I mean here in the UK SUVs got really popular two years ago but in the last two years or last year trucks have gotten more popular so and in the US as well and potentially UK & Europe, trucks are now the craze.

They are the new thing in on the mass market before it was SUVs now its trucks. Everyone is driving a truck even though they have no functional use for it, so that's just the way the market goes but China must have had a demand I'm guessing for them to start with suvs first.

But the fact that NIO started with SUVs first is a good thing because SUVs are a more difficult vehicle type to produce as a manufacturer and get delivered than sedans or coops or something like the model 3. Thus that is, manufacturing wise I imagine unless somebody wants to correct me a much easier simpler vehicle to make.

And the thing with that is when they do make something like the Model S or the model 3 it will be good in terms of build quality and sales. So I have no concerns I think they're gonna do exceptionally well now I'm extremely happy to see that's the stocks of got past the $2.60 mark thus far. Even before the launch of the third model now the third model is launching in about nine days 28th of December and that a launch event is happening I'm gonna be watching that launch event potentially covering that a launch event on the channel, like doing a commentary on it maybe maybe not.

But I definitely will post like some crucial updates about the launch event because obviously I cover NIO quite a bit on the channel it's quite popular on my youtube channel. My subscribers like to see it so yeah why not. The third model I am hoping it is something like the Model S or something like the model 3 that is my hope for it unless they just go crazy and bring out a something that looks like a total truck but from the image like I what I don't hope is for another SUV.

Unless there is extreme demand in China that's what I do not hope for I don't really want to see NIO bringing out another SUV. I want to see them moving to the coupe sedan type market the model 3 the Model S type market and I feel that that is where they can start to grow and potentially have their vehicles expanding to UK & Europe.

That's my update for now guys welcome to neo hame past the $2.60 mark and I shall see you in the next video make sure if you're on the site or on the YouTube channel subscribe to the channel hit the bell icon subscribe to the email newsletter

If you're on the site comment below I want to see where you are abd hear what you think. I love replying to your comments look at my other videos look through my other videos if you want to find out more, if you want to find out more about particular companies that I cover have a look, watch my videos watch all of them I shall see you in the next time.
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Tesla Stocks Soaring EV Grant Extension News?

In this article, I want to update you on some recent news on Tesla activity that's been going on in the stock market. It's due to some update in regards to there being an extension of the electric vehicle allowance. Now everyone thought up until now believed that the electric vehicle allowance was going to be disbanded by 2020, and then that was it.

That would necessarily make the price of electric vehicles much more expensive, so that wasn't a good thing for the electric vehicle market. What was better, in fact, for the electrical vehicle market is for them to continue with the credit system that has applied to electric vehicles because sometimes it works out to about five maybe seven or eight thousand dollars better off that you're saving on an electric car with these grants.

The government gives them, and I'm hoping that it expands, because it's happened in the U.S. it will occur in the rest of the world like Europe, would stuff as well so that will make it more appealing around the world and will also help out in China if they've got credit-based system there?

Tesla Stocks went up about five to six percent today, which obviously because Tesla is a few hundred dollars per share anyway like it was three hundred fifty dollars a stock, and it's gone up to three seven nine to three eighty. Well, it's high today the markets just been open for like a couple of hours by its high today so far was $383, so based upon that, the stock is doing exceptionally well.

That and with the news and its soaring quite well for the first day that the news has come out and I don't believe that the news has got to everyone everywhere as yet, but I do feel that when it does, Tesla stock is going to hit the roof. I am confident that Tesla stock could run over $400. So just on this news, that's what I feel the college system is gone up to $380 today. 

I feel that it could well go over $400 maybe my take off until January for them for the rest of the stock market caught on is initial traders & initial investors will be looking at it today. Like day traders swing traders things like that you've got looking at potentially today this week then you've got the investors who are looking at it as a long-term play like what happens with the stock how does it move and then they'll go in and invest so that interval brings a case of the stock being very close to the $400 mark.

If Tesla does do over $400, then what's next?.. $500, right? Then some will say here's $500 then it could hit a thousand. But I think the crucial point at the moment is its count to as the pushover $400 if you can push over 400 they'll hit five during next year. I believe so anyway it's got influential sales figures it's a strong company. It is doing very very well and it can hit good levels so yes.

That is my update on Tesla today, so I hope you enjoyed it; the stock has gone up by about +$30, so if you roll up in at about 350-355, it's gone up to like three 385 around that range to the support. Its hit its yesterday's resistance levels and back today's so it's done exceptionally well I feel that it's stalling. 

So guys, if you enjoyed this video/article & enjoyed the news, make sure you like subscribe on the youtube video. It helps me out and makes sure you leave a comment below let me know what you think about Tesla what do you think about NIO or electric vehicles, in general, are there any other companies that you're watching?

And also a lot of you are watching like new companies, for example, sorry I mean older companies established fossil fuel-based car manufacturers, for example. That make existing vehicles and all a lot of you arriving a lot of them and like to bring out future technologies and things like that are they better than Tesla let me know what you think in the comments make sure you subscribe to my email alerts and there you will get also learn how to get portfolio slide.

Five percent, which is like you know an excellent return kind of thing right now, but so that's what I'm hoping for, but remember some analysts predict Tesla stock price to go also helped four thousand price per share which you know massive companies can do these things. As you can see with like Google stock, for example, is above a thousand, so like you know, big companies can make those big numbers happen, but yeah, just to see it go.

I think NIO's got the potential to go into the few hundred dollars range which gives it a massive, massive open-end market cap for how much you put increase in how much of a return you can gain on it kind of thing so yes I hope you enjoyed this video article I hope this is proof that I sort of know what I'm talking about, when it comes to stocks because I've picked a share I've gone in it myself you see me rise in front of your eyes this is video to results video you know it could go down tomorrow. 

But I've clicked a stock in the last two days that is going to open up into profit, so that's the primary thing you need to realize and capitalize. I'm not a financial advisor, but why I'm saying is I do tell you about what my opinion is and what I feel is a good stop myself. I just share that with everyone you should seek, especially here in the U.K. right, you should seek specialist independent financial advice before making investment decisions disclaimer dull and over. 

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In this article, I want to talk about UGAZ velocity natural gas, the chart specifically. It has been another volatile day but on an upward trend.

I loved that there were some analysts who were suggesting that there might be a dip in velocity and natural gas and natural gas stocks in general. But UGAZ has done what I anticipated it would do.

It's gone up from a low of eight dollars fifteen eight dollars then up to nine dollars for since almost he added almost a dollar today to the stock price, so that has done the opposite of what analysts predicted. I don't know what's going on with DGAZ as I'm not covering it because it doesn't fit my criteria right now of being a dollar stock, but it is proof that this stock can and the stock market, in general, can do the opposite of what some analysts might predict.

I did think it was going to go off because the weather's going to get colder, but there's a report on natural gas that comes out every Thursday. In that, you can use to research as that depicts what the temperatures are going to be for the coming week or two weeks, and based upon that report; the stocks will fluctuate.

Because natural gas is mostly used for utility applications, so that's where the stock price is valid from and why isn't it fluctuates a lot best around these reports of what the temperatures are predicted to be in the near future. So the markets still open, but most of the trading days done; it's almost about to close in about an hour or two.

So most of the trading day is done, and I feel that your gas has a lot of potential this week to go up based on what the how the shareholders take the reports. I don't think all of them are consuming them as yet, but there has been like a lot of negativity around the shares before the report came out.

I think a lot of analysts like tried to make out like it was a buying point in time because the stock was gonna just tank, and to me, it's done the opposite is risen by almost a dollar. I believe its dipping a little now because it's almost market close, so yeah, that is interesting to see how, but look, there's still whether it's going up or whether it's going down there's volatility all the way through the stock.

There's always like five or ten cents on there like day traders couldn't do. I'm talking about day trading again, but I'm not dabbling in it as yet. Although I've been considering it quite a bit, yeah you guys, I feel, is a strong performer. I think the outlook should be cold weather going forward for the coming months, so generally, this stock should rise up a few dollars.

I think based upon the yearly chart I saw again, anything can and will happen, but I think it could go to in the next three months depending on the weather. It could go up as high as about $15 but could also dip as low seven dollars or settle at a flat line which is anywhere in between there.

I can't say all the way there's just too much volatility on this stock to predict what could potentially happen, but a good term to use or a good foundation to use is the weather reports that come out on Thursdays. If the report is showing cold weather ahead, then generally there should be a rise in the stock price although it could do opposite if there's a huge sell-off that rarely happens. The China U.S trade deal had an effect on the stocks as a whole this month anyway.

So that's the end of this short article/video I hope you enjoyed it leave me a like, helps me out and a comment definitely helps me out also subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon if you're on the website, then please leave a comment below too I shall see you in the next video article.

Also make sure you sign up to my Free Stock Alerts Email I have put together a free resource that will help you get $500 to $3000 to start stock trading with. I got started in stock trading for free to and have been addicted ever since.



So in this article, I want to talk about NIO's (Tesla of China) big news and stock chart performance. At the chart analysis, there isn't much in terms of activity from NIO, and mostly the price has been holding quite well for quite a while now.

It's been holding at the $2 around the $2 30 marks I would have preferred it to hold around the $2 50 marks personally, but the fact that is holding somewhere is great news to me. Now we'll go into the chart in a second first of all I want to cover some news of some — very very important updates.

I'm gonna be going through the background of the company on the channel/blog any way you know as we go. But I felt that this news was highly important to making decisions on the stocks for NIO.

So what I'm suggesting is the news is just broken from NIO about this vehicle they are currently before launch calling the third model. And to be honest with you what it reminds me of TESLA is their third model, so they seem to be leaning towards exactly what I wanted them to do which is like they're going for it like Tesla's role for the model 3 and NIO's marketing this as the third model.

A mass-production model and because Tesla did the Roadster than the model S the Model X first and then they went on to the model 3 and now NIO is gonna make this third model they're calling it. But I hope that's not the name of it call it like ES3, or something like that also some somewhere along those lines because they've got the ES8 they got the es6 hopefully this is the ES3, and it's more like a model three.

But it depends what the market in China wants as well, like do they want model three, that's the thing if there's a demand for model threes in China then that's what they should produce but this I mean I can't tell what this is it looks like.

It looks like, like when I first saw it, it looked like a Model S slightly, and obviously, we can't tell what it is from this very darkened picture in this video here, but I'm sure it will look beautiful there on the DEC 28 2019. I've noticed a comparison actually of what their SUVs look like, and they look very similar to say outfit whereas here in the UK they have SEAT Vitara's I think in the US and Europe as well SEAT Vitara's.

They look like those quite a bit, they are beautiful SUVs, and I feel that whatever this model is and how the supercar was will be a beautiful car and will sell because they're selling five to six thousand vehicles a month, so why wait.

That's the NIO news; they're very important that's going to be your date, which is the 28th of December. Which is at the end of this month, gotta watch out for that it's gonna be great.

Now let me take you into the chart, so here we've got the chart for the day again started off with a dip early on and then not much activity through the remainder of the day. NIO Stock went up to $2.33, had a low of $2.26 and stayed around $2.29 unless the market is still open at the moment it's probably got about an hour or two left.

Yeah, the price is holding strong. I do not think that this news has been picked up by the shareholders as yet, or the market is slow. I don't think there's been much activity along these lines. But I think that there should be more pickup in the stock very soon.

I believe it depends on like the stock Tesla stock that I'm comparing this to Teslas or the Tesla truck launch. The stock dipped quite a bit because of some broken glass, so it depends how well NIO's launch goes as to what happens with the stock it might tank for a week or two, but now if you look at it.

I need to make a Tesla stock video to make a comparison of what really happened to the stock after the Tesla truck and the three probably 300k to 350 thousand pre-orders the truck got because it's not laughing Matter 3 250 to 300 thousand pre-orders is no small deal that's a large number of vehicles being pre-ordered not sold pre-ordered in the first 72 hours. Thus masses like I don't know if some companies generate that on normal vehicles but Tesla did on a track which looked like what some people said out of reading dresser with doing graphics turned down, you know.

I think it's beautiful now having looked at a few times well if NIO does somewhere similar like NIO does a decent launch. I think the stock price will go up for the coming weeks and months. I don't know that obviously, but I think that's based upon what I found with happening with Tesla because it will depend on the numbers.

 I don't know if NIO will near those pre-sales, but if they're anything like Tesla, they need to be copying Tesla. It seems which is a good thing to do. NIO just, if you can hear me ever! Just copy Tesla; don't do anything else. Just copy Tesla everything you do. Just copy them, and you'd be fine.

Because no one else is copying them, Samsung copied Apple to an extent they were all already established, but to an extent, Samsung's Stocks and within business in the mobile phone industry exploded because they copied what Apple was doing. And they ended up outstripping sales compared to Apple Stocks when compared to the number of iPhones there were more Samsung's being sold than iPhones at one point.

They were charging similar prices to it wasn't like there was some half price of our iPhone, you know so it was it can be done. Just carry on copying Tesla. That's my video news on and chart analysis on what's going on with NIO today.

I would have liked to have seen a bit more activity and maybe volatility at least with NIO Shares today regarding the news because I believe it's been out for about a few hours came out before the market open. I don't know why that hasn't been picked up. I think shareholders might be reserved until the actual launch of the stock launch of the vehicle, which I don't know I don't know what it's gonna be called?

I've got a feeling it could be called ES3, and if it's called ES3, then yeah, my prediction was right. Now we'll have to wait and see if you like this article/video make sure you subscribe click the bell icon on youtube & comment below. Let me know what you think of NIO stocks Tesla stocks any stocks, or if you want to talk to me in the comments I love talking engaging with you, and I shall see you in the next blog post or video if you're on the website comment on the below as well and make sure you sign up to the email list to get Stock Alerts + $500 to $3000 + updates from me catch you soon.

Watch on YouTube here: NIO STOCKS TODAY, AND BIG NEWS?

NIO STOCKS Today Holding Pace?

So as in this video article I want to talk to you about NIO stocks and what they've been doing today, it's gonna be a drive along a video because I need to start creating more content on the channel very soon and have time to edit the site and the articles on the site which take quite a long time. So I need to like do drive along with videos in order to achieve that.

I'm going to check these videos today I hope the sound quality is okay and you don't hear the rattling of the car and traffic and stuff like that but what I'm going to do is discuss NIO and how it's been doing today and as the title should say if I title it correctly and remember NIO Stock has been holding out well so the price that is holding up they came up from a dollar sixty. Roundabout when I was looking at it like intensely. I have continued to cover NIO on this channel because I feel that it's good to stock to be watching.

Let me first discuss the vehicles; I like the electric vehicles ES6, ES8, and EP9. I like the company as a whole its an electric vehicle company. Some would call it the TESLA of China.

It has huge amounts of potential, in my opinion, a large shareholder to take; otherwise, I've had a few people comment and say its a  dead stock and stuff like that. They're entitled to their opinion I do not believe that, I believe they're making new for electric vehicles and their ES6 & ES8 vehicles now SUVs.

It's interesting they went straight to SUV? First of all, there's an upward trend on SUVs, especially in the Western world, and I imagine China, which is why they selected that type and potentially did market research and selected to make those vehicles electric.

Because I mean if you can make an SUV into an electric SUV, which is a larger frame, a larger body. A larger everything, more weight more everything.

The goal against an electric vehicle that's what an SUV is right, so if you're talking about gravity and inertia, speed differentials, and things like that, then the SUV is a big car. So once you've got the SUV going well, in my mind, you can make any smaller car like a sedan or a two-seater coupe.

You can make any car after that, a roadster? They've already made like one of the fastest electric cars in the world which at the EP9 so you know it's one of those things that you've just got to realize that there is a market for electric vehicles in China. It's going to be one of the biggest demands for electric vehicles in the world, so in any single country.

They might actually outstrip the demand of the world for some time. It depends on what happens there while the price is what it is as it happens the prices and the margins of things.

But country-wise they've got the greatest demand for electric vehicles, so that's saying something you know you should that's a big reason for me to invest in a company like that. Which is why I personally went in with them for the long haul, that was my play on long haul I'm looking for big returns not now but further down the line in the future.

And you know I started off I feel like I got in at $1.60 that's good but how they performed this week is it's been alright at $2 20 to dip it slightly below $2 20 today has gone up to like $2 30 mark $2 29 as you read this right now and it's just holding strong. It's not gone back up to $2 50, and you will see a video that I made about that on my channel.

But it hasn't really dipped any much further than the $2 50 mark $2 30 marks so to finish the video off so for me it's still holding strong, so I'm going to title the video like that though that's an update on NIO stock shares for today.

The market hasn't closed yet, but I don't imagine anything terrible happening that delivery numbers have been out for like over a week now, and the shareholders reacted how they should have done so yeah, I think it's gonna stay stagnant possibly shift up slightly, I'm hoping. Right if you enjoyed this video article make sure to comment on any of my videos make sure you leave a like comment below subscribe to click the bell icon on youtube leave a comment on the website if you're on the website and I shall see you in the next video.

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UGAZ STOCKS TOday Day Trading

in this video that's gonna turn very dark very soon I'm going to discuss D gas so no you guys okay so you guys at the moment is starting to I've just checked the stock markets just start to trail quite a bit it is it moved up above the $8 $58 60 market some of the market opened and has moved down now to below the $8 40 mark at the moment and I'm not quite sure why I believe it's day trading again you know when we're talking about these natural gas stocks you're gonna hear me talking about day trading quite a bit because I feel that they hold their price and don't fluctuate too much from where they are which makes them ideal for day trading makes it so that there are an attractive investment what I would be looking at with you guess today is whether the price is going to continue falling because it started up okay but it started dipping down after a few peaks and troughs quite rapidly and I don't see any further so at the moment he seems like he's going down right that's not really much further lower than $8 I am looking for a point for an entry point to be honest and I feel the entry point is gonna be around the $8 mark I missed the $7 one I wish I got in at the $7 an hour hours I was looking because I was new to the stock I hadn't heard of and heard about before natural gas stocks but hadn't looked into you gas and tell his more recent popularity this just happened recently so looking into you guys which is an ETF I've now found that I have the types of criteria that I look for in the Stockman so I'm personally looking for the eight dollar mark to get an entry point then I'm looking for a potential pullback you know part of me is great why did I get into seven dollars but it happens sometimes go with the flow then the other part of me is thinking shall I date rail with this stock just because everyone else is if people are day trading the stock and it's quite popular for day trading it may be unlikely that I'd say long term I do feel that because the companies that I as an ETF invest in combines are generally long-term stocks I'll Cardosi natural gas going our business in the future I don't see lecture replacing everything in its entirety natural gas will most likely be around around for decades to come so in that regard that's what my viewpoint is yes there is D gas as well which is quite popular I think you guys gets more attention because it's more of a knowledge stock why Holland or something to the $10 mark anything single single digit price so I am looking at you guys today and thinking you know what he's starting to dick just now I might make a child a video later on today just to show you what happened it opened up a nice shop and I thought okay is are we gonna see $9 today I started to drop back down again and it looks like it's gonna drop back down to $1 40 bucks so I'm gonna see what happens with that market Clause potentially a child there's not really much news going on in the natural gas industry again it's based on temperatures merely which the outlook for the next few weeks generally you know different parts of the US and wherever the company's inclined operate set to be colder for the next few months as they jet and I'm just talking historically generally how they are some reports come out like showing you what the next two weeks is going to be like I've seen some day traders looking to and I say it's that's the way it's just gonna go off so that's where we need to be looking my personal play will be by a few shares you guys when the price is right by the timeframe very soon on replace trade things like that I will enter in price right I'm still reluctant to place a trade because I'm still trying to learn what the stocks are doing because at the moment there's a lot of ups and downs that I during a day on the stock that I need to try and understand and if it comes out from my analysis that is just to do with the weather just to do with company news and management changes and just to do with their traders because popular trading then I'm all set I understand the stock I can't go in but I am I analyze things in these areas so I hope you enjoyed this video if you are on you make sure that you comment and like the video if you're on the website make sure you join the email list and comment on that as well but most importantly subscribe and hit the bell icon the bell icon is very important when I buy into a stock I release the video like I did with the orb or into a dollar sixty the stocks trading up much higher than that right hand at the moment you know you will know what I know so make sure you do that

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In this article I want to talk about Neil stock and how he's been doing today I hope you could meet me okay I'm gonna do like I'm gonna try out this like driving video anything see how it works and also check the auto audio quality so he goes Neil stock today has been a style of hovering around the $2 20 inch mark and to be honest with you I really did think that it was gonna make another drop right I thought it was gonna drop down to $2.15 probably the way it was going right but he did a bit of a u-turn and I'm uncertain as to what may have caused it and why here we've caused it at such a late time in the day like it it may be messy like differentials of the lights it may have been like at different times during the day I didn't see the same types of opt-ins in the market in general so I can't see anything that may have affected Neos op turned from 2.22 to 2.28 I would think that there may be something that many shoe right need them because it because the stock price for Neal rolls right at the end right near the market close so stocks at that point usually only rise if there's some last-minute news or if there's a last-minute upturn in the stocks and rally for some reason but I can't see that with a stock saw it must be something specific to know I'm going to look into that possibly for when I make the chart video because I have to get a chart but I feel like the d what the new york stock did today from what I anticipated it to do now a little bit more because for some reason is though that I wanted it to decrease in price but for some reason the market took the shareholders took and I believe some dear traders from what I can gather are just using it as a continent stocked for day trading so that might be having a large effect on this stock and especially these price fluctuations between two 22 mm like that so there could be a number of reasons now back to my point is I'm going to be making a video on the jar for Neil stocks because it's a good one to look at what do I think the stocks going to do in the coming year December is pretty much a fairly stagnant pull that kind of month generally in the stock market our sales figures and stuff released there has to be some kind animals taking that into account so why I would suggest with me on the moment well what I'm going to be doing no I suggest what I'm going to be doing with New York forward is keeping the stock long term and ensuring that you for watching it and I might even start decorating it might even stop Nick I think it's a solid stock class spoke to are using for day trading looking back into day trading at the moment I don't know if I'm going to do it full-time more on long-term place where I can see a company neo is making beautiful vehicles exceptional prices and there's just no reason why the stock should be turning down completely so yeah that's the end of this video guys so I hope you enjoyed it make sure you leave a like subscribe and comment below and I shall see you in the next video you can make it a chart video later on once I'm gonna be covering you guys make sure you go over on over to the website check out the articles there as well it really helps me out love your support catch you soon

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so guys how's it going in this video today I'm gonna be talking about you guys natural gas ETF and you know what today the thing I just started watching you guys recently it's a mixture of natural gas stocks and it was fairly low price I'd call it a dollar stock you know I say so it's in the dollars right it's it was under $10 right and I don't know but I got a feeling for me there might be a buy opportunity today the video is gonna be titled negatively right and the article on the site it's gonna say something like cuz I haven't thought the time yeah I was gonna say you guys falls off a cliff today but sounds really negative right sells baby gets views maybe it's the reason you're watching the video right now I'll read in the article on the site but the truth of the matter is is that is in actual fact an opportunity now let me get into the detail of what's been going on with you guys waiting you guys there has been a drop from like nine dollars thirty six all the way down into the seven dollar range 75077 it was on last my last check I might even do because it's such a drop on a dollar stock I might even do a video on the chart toe so we can have a look at the chart like is like I'll give you like an example it is like a normal chart flexing up and down and then it's just over a cliff downwards like that straight down colossal drop that's it and I believe there's something going on in the natural gas market just the temperatures gone up all of a sudden you know it could be anything but it could be a mixture of things the market is not been doing so well last week but did like recover from is pullback last week on I'd on a general thing so I believe that you guys have something specific to itself going on in the natural gas industry most likely temperature based but the last I heard temperature outlooks were looking good but you never know the weather you can have temperature outlooks but still not know the weather so you know is one of them things where you've got to keep your eye out now I'm feeling I'm feeling that same feeling that I felt with new your stocks when they went down to $1 60 and I'm thinking that this these stocks on you girls are a point at the moment where I might feel like buying in because I feel like utilities are not going anywhere anytime soon right there shouldn't be any reason for the stock to tank a massive amount although I have seen it happen before so I'm gonna do more a bit more research on it I'm not gonna buy too many shares in you guys right now but I do need something just to do a bit of day trading with so like maybe place a few trades on up and down in a day and you guys is quite popular for that at the moment so cuz there's a lot of volatility so I think I might just get a little handful and just like for my dabble into day trading to see how how I can do with that side of things so yeah I'm gonna check out you girls for day trading there is de casas all but digas is an ETF that is expensive it doesn't fit my criteria right now I like at the moment I'm very bullish on stocks the below $50 per share just a personal reasons at the moment that may change in the future where I go after stronger companies which are usually at the bigger levels not always but usually so yeah that is my outlook on you guys at the moment I think it's reasonable stock to double in for day trading just whilst I'm trying to keep myself occupied during a day when I've got some free time like I have now there's only you know so many videos I could make in a day where I don't build up a backlog of the articles that I have to write from them as well for the site because at the moment I've got a backlog for the site so you may not see you these articles come out straight away they do take time for me to put together but they'll be coming out and they'll be on the site and the game texting Google things like that so yeah I do want to dab a little bit of dirt reading here and there myth I just want to keep it - maybe just placing two or three trades a day on a small hand see if I can do on my mobile which I've been told against but you know it might still be possible this deer trading right you know a couple of trades a day let's see how it goes you guys I'm not really gonna be covering I'm going to cover you guys just like I've been covering neon Tesla things like that as in terms of what's going on with you guys because I feel that it's quite a volatile and if it's my criteria or dollar stock going forward but today yes today it has fallen off a cliff I feel as if it's a buy opportunity I feel that I need to know more I need to look at more of the charts in terms of its long term history a lot of each yesterday I seen before generally seemed pullback over a long term and I don't want digas to be like that I want there to be like a bring upwards or even like if a if d gals were to have as much volatility as its had today on its pullback for example and tomorrow it goes back up to nine $10 per share and it does that a few times a week I would really really enjoy that to be honest like that's like a three dollar differential each time so yeah that would be quite fascinating for me as to do their trades with but and I yeah that's what I'm gonna do digas yeah calm guys if you're watching the video on YouTube make sure you like subscribe and hit the bell icon and so that you get updates on my videos make sure you leave a comment below what do you think about natural gas ETS in general any stock listen it doesn't need to be relevant to this any stock you're thinking about watching right now comment below I want to speak to you in the comments I want you to talk to me on engage with you I love you reading your guys comments they're really good like when you telling me I'm buying so many shares of this I buy so many shares of that when you asking me questions things like that I love helping out as much as I can obviously I restricted because I'm not a financial adviser but I can tell you from my experience of why I feel about things you should always seek independent financial advice so they'll come after me with any legal stuff anyway if you're on the site leave a comment there say hi you know come see me everywhere I shall see you next time



in this video article I'm going to be talking about Neos pullback neo has had a pullback today from the market open you know it had a bit of a bumpy ride last week because of the markets and you know like what was going on with politics and news and economics and stuff like that so that was a generic rocky ride anyway but this we got market open neo has had a pullback had our shift in in the stock price it's gone down to $2 20 I was shocked to find out I'm not too concerned to be honest because it it's still not down below dollar $60 50 so still doing just fine in my opinion but I did go through and check as to why this might have happened and what I found was delivery figures delivery figures very important to a company's stock price especially if the company any company that's offering a product the delivery numbers and output deal is basically your delivery numbers are you a measure of your you know sold now potentially there must have been a forecast I have a looked into the forecast but I do know that they delivered you know mm something vehicles this month right in November last month sorry last month in November 2009 teeny or delivered 2700 vehicles and in 2019 they've delivered seventeen thousand three hundred and nineteen vehicles so I don't understand what the problem is the only I mean for a stock to go down based on delivery numbers like that maybe it's a pump and dump I don't know because the delivery numbers to me they seem positive they're still delivering vehicles like unless they've gone like you know they've missed their forecast by thirty percent maybe they forecast him to deliver like 3500 vehicles but they've only managed to do well I'm not four thousand vehicles but they've only managed to do two thousand and something but although now I can't see why a stock will go down based on delivery numbers unless did mr. forecaster so I'll after looking to the forecast if I can find one if not does potentially what I'm thinking it must be because that's the only news as we now put by them today or that would affect the stock immediately so to stock market ask to absorb that information that the companies put out and then react and then different you know firms and analysts and investors react at different times so there's a staggered release there's an impulse woman was staggered one but they have been selling three well mainly two models of SUV which is es6 in the es eight the es eight is like the better version they've also got the EP 9 which is like looks like a Pagani Zonda or clarin or it's a super sports car or fastest in the world called over 300 miles per hour beautiful car but they seem to be struggling on the stock market and I think they've attached some Baggett's bad stigma stigma to themselves due to this investment that they've had from the Chinese government I think the stock market just is hating on that investment and other than that I can see I still don't understand why it would be a still be a $2.00 stock it's an electric vehicle company that is delivering electric vehicles they are delivering their vehicles their vehicles are nice in demand everyone there's a trend for SUVs at the moment and trucks now actually but there's a massive trend for SUVs across the Western world potentially in China as well everyone loves SUVs like more the trend is moving towards like four by fours and trucks with the Tesla truck coming out but yeah trucks are on trending in the vehicle world but SUVs will become like commonplace like almost like standard cars so everyone wants a nice big SUV these days you know a fuel-efficient that was the only downside bias you've either suppose one of the fuel-efficient but now they're electric so anyway I am going to be watching the stock diligently as per normal a might because of the pull back release a chart video later on today I've also started covering natural gas or you guys Andy gas are on my radar they're ETFs in the natural gas world and utilities world so yeah you'll see more content on that if you like this video or any of our videos you've been watching for a while and you got subscribed yet do it now first time you watching do it now click the subscribe button click the bell icon comment below tell me what you think or your thoughts are anything could be random if you're on the website comment on there let me know what you're thinking let's chat I love reading your comments I love replying to your responding to yourself catch you next time



in this video article I want to discuss a new stock that I want to include on the channel and is a stock that I've been looking at very recently it seems to be getting a lot of attention in the stock market it's a very secure viable business investment in terms or as far as stocks go now the stock that I'm discussing you will have seen in the title is you gas also dig adds two very different stock prices one is like around the nine dollar mark and the other one is about $100 dollars so the under $10 one fits my current criteria of dollar stock which is for me anything that's in single digit stock under $10 between like one and ten dollars is my single-digit stock and I'm looking for like dollar dollar breakouts big dollar breakouts a big pound breakouts in you gals is an interesting stock because it is at the or below the $10 mark which is where I want it to be is raging in popularity at the moment because of some futures reports that have come out in the weather industry cuz obviously more gas is sold and utilities when the weather's cold saw and the report for the next two weeks is quite cold which is why I'm thinking I haven't looked into why this stock is performing so or catching so much attention it's had a little volatility as far as I can tell but it is catching attention and today there was a report out about the weather for the next two weeks and it looks as there will be a cold spell and that this is a stock that's affected by the weather so that's excellent for me to find because any stock that's affected by the weather which leads to more sales of gas supply and demand type stocks are very interesting to me because they provide a different field of analysis and research that one can do to try and figure out what the stock may do in reaction to weather conditions that makes for I would imagine interesting their trends and swing trades and things like that that also makes good for researching a stock that may be a long-term hold you might want to sell off before or after bad weather spell or a good weather spell good weather would possibly mean a fluctuation downwards Paul bucks bad weather would potentially mean bullish Kona stock so it depends how you want to work to work the stocks but I would suggest that you take a look at you guys see what you think I I think is I'm gonna start producing content on it I'm covering it on the channel because it is a stock I can analyze in the real world and I've got some real information that is very supply and demand based although yeah you get loss of supply and demand best delivery figures and things but from other companies but utilities is something that is always going to be a requirement I'm always going to be in demand so therefore I feel it's an interesting stock one worth watching that is my you guys update the forecast is showing for the natural gas industry it's gonna be cold so sales will be up I should see you next time if you're on the YouTube channel make sure you click the like button below for comment below tell me what you think about you guys degauss natural gas in general or the utilities industry secretary and general stocks in general let me know when you're playing with what you're dealing with what you're looking to buy looking to sell dare trading anything like that let's chat in the comments I love reading your guys comments make sure you hit the subscribe button click the bell icon and if you're on the site make sure you comment on there as well I shall see you next time


So guys in this video article I want to talk about Neil stocks and how they're doing today's markets just opened and I want to talk about how they've been doing. In general as well and to be honest there's been like a slight fluctuation going on in the market again today in general and that has been because of some management changes some reporting's are saying you know some things fluctuating up and down. 

The Dow Jones added 200 points today they're just quick oversight look here again fourth day where stocks are like up and down and it seems like some of the companies that were up yesterday have come back down again and some of the ones that were down yesterday come back up again and you know NIO. Somewhere in the middle trying to hang on there's doing a pretty good job again market should just open literally now and there's usually always a pullback when market opens because like some traders I feel believe that the stock should be lower then to allow room for in this shorting and selling and trading and their traders and all sorts and stuff going on. 

So that can affect all kinds of stocks in all sorts of ways but I will get into that last too much information and I was just refreshing myself on scalping and day trading yesterday so that's why it's fresh in my mind and it also gives me a better insight into what could be going on in when market opens kind of thing so NIO stock was pulled down on market open today to two point three four dollars. I am NOT concerned whatsoever I feel it's going to either of two things power around the 230 mark or hover around and push back up to over the two for a month today I think that's what the stock is gonna do two-thirty mark might drop down to two to five it depends how it feels about what's going on with the rest of the stock now NIO on the whole if you'd be watching my videos has been doing very strongly.

The markets however have been very volatile this week some reports I was reading said the markets are incredibly volatile as a whole at the moment and I said like there's been some changes in alphabet in key management and stuff like that which is that that stock fire but Tesla was down today as well which is competitor so whatever affecting manufacturing businesses is potentially affecting most of them they didn't have a management change planned either. I would not be concerned with dropping down to two to five today if it does it's not a worry I think he can make it back up if he gets a clear week look where it we're in December now and it's the time of the month where the stocks do pull back quite a lot I have noticed from previous years and you start seeing you know when I'm watching Bloomberg for it for example and everything on the bottom stock lines the Dow Jones Indexes and all that look red so yeah I know that this time of year is the time of year when it happens. Because there's a lot of you know q3 q4 reports coming out there's a lot of trading activity there's a lot there's a lot of sales forecasts that dog get hit that companies make for Christmas like the past few years a lot of companies not be doing well so there's a lot of things like that going on in terms of NIO though that's general market talk and what I'm trying to a point of this video is is that I feel NIO at the moment is just being affected by the general market pullback. 

But it's still holding out the reason I can say still holding out well because I can't really put into percentages because percentages can be different according to massive volume in terms of shares so you know ten percent then one company might be the equivalent of four percent in neon for example because of the liquidity in the shares and the share price itself different types of factors but what I can say is that if I look if I analyze the charts and look for algorithmic patterns in the stock pullback. Then I can see our competency patterns or matching pounds I can see similarities to the rest of the stock market in terms of performance from NIO and that's from that compared to popular companies so what I'm trying to say in simple terms there is to clarify things. When I look at a chart and it looks like this right then Neil's chart should look similar like that kind of thing so this is my pullback char example one or two look like that he looks like that similar charts similar patterns but different percentages okay and it could obviously mean more in monetary value but generically it's following the same pattern of the rest of the stock market. What I'm trying to say that is what you something you can build up from experience analyzing that's me so NIO is doing well still markets just open I'm gonna make an update video on the chart so I'm gonna go through the chart later on today so make sure you watch that and to see an update of what actually happens throughout the day and I shall be covering more information about NIO going in-depth. 

If you're on YouTube hit subscribe and click the bell icon to make sure you get the updates on NIO I'm gonna be looking into some of the stocks with all that I'm gonna be covering and introducing onto the channel but I feel are I'm gonna try and find similar picks to New York yeah I'm gonna try my best and if you're on the website and leave a comment you tube leave a comment below the video as well and subscribe to the email list so you get updated alerts and you know what's going on in my world that's you soon.