in this video article I want to discuss a new stock that I want to include on the channel and is a stock that I've been looking at very recently it seems to be getting a lot of attention in the stock market it's a very secure viable business investment in terms or as far as stocks go now the stock that I'm discussing you will have seen in the title is you gas also dig adds two very different stock prices one is like around the nine dollar mark and the other one is about $100 dollars so the under $10 one fits my current criteria of dollar stock which is for me anything that's in single digit stock under $10 between like one and ten dollars is my single-digit stock and I'm looking for like dollar dollar breakouts big dollar breakouts a big pound breakouts in you gals is an interesting stock because it is at the or below the $10 mark which is where I want it to be is raging in popularity at the moment because of some futures reports that have come out in the weather industry cuz obviously more gas is sold and utilities when the weather's cold saw and the report for the next two weeks is quite cold which is why I'm thinking I haven't looked into why this stock is performing so or catching so much attention it's had a little volatility as far as I can tell but it is catching attention and today there was a report out about the weather for the next two weeks and it looks as there will be a cold spell and that this is a stock that's affected by the weather so that's excellent for me to find because any stock that's affected by the weather which leads to more sales of gas supply and demand type stocks are very interesting to me because they provide a different field of analysis and research that one can do to try and figure out what the stock may do in reaction to weather conditions that makes for I would imagine interesting their trends and swing trades and things like that that also makes good for researching a stock that may be a long-term hold you might want to sell off before or after bad weather spell or a good weather spell good weather would possibly mean a fluctuation downwards Paul bucks bad weather would potentially mean bullish Kona stock so it depends how you want to work to work the stocks but I would suggest that you take a look at you guys see what you think I I think is I'm gonna start producing content on it I'm covering it on the channel because it is a stock I can analyze in the real world and I've got some real information that is very supply and demand based although yeah you get loss of supply and demand best delivery figures and things but from other companies but utilities is something that is always going to be a requirement I'm always going to be in demand so therefore I feel it's an interesting stock one worth watching that is my you guys update the forecast is showing for the natural gas industry it's gonna be cold so sales will be up I should see you next time if you're on the YouTube channel make sure you click the like button below for comment below tell me what you think about you guys degauss natural gas in general or the utilities industry secretary and general stocks in general let me know when you're playing with what you're dealing with what you're looking to buy looking to sell dare trading anything like that let's chat in the comments I love reading your guys comments make sure you hit the subscribe button click the bell icon and if you're on the site make sure you comment on there as well I shall see you next time

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