in this video article I'm going to be talking about Neos pullback neo has had a pullback today from the market open you know it had a bit of a bumpy ride last week because of the markets and you know like what was going on with politics and news and economics and stuff like that so that was a generic rocky ride anyway but this we got market open neo has had a pullback had our shift in in the stock price it's gone down to $2 20 I was shocked to find out I'm not too concerned to be honest because it it's still not down below dollar $60 50 so still doing just fine in my opinion but I did go through and check as to why this might have happened and what I found was delivery figures delivery figures very important to a company's stock price especially if the company any company that's offering a product the delivery numbers and output deal is basically your delivery numbers are you a measure of your you know sold now potentially there must have been a forecast I have a looked into the forecast but I do know that they delivered you know mm something vehicles this month right in November last month sorry last month in November 2009 teeny or delivered 2700 vehicles and in 2019 they've delivered seventeen thousand three hundred and nineteen vehicles so I don't understand what the problem is the only I mean for a stock to go down based on delivery numbers like that maybe it's a pump and dump I don't know because the delivery numbers to me they seem positive they're still delivering vehicles like unless they've gone like you know they've missed their forecast by thirty percent maybe they forecast him to deliver like 3500 vehicles but they've only managed to do well I'm not four thousand vehicles but they've only managed to do two thousand and something but although now I can't see why a stock will go down based on delivery numbers unless did mr. forecaster so I'll after looking to the forecast if I can find one if not does potentially what I'm thinking it must be because that's the only news as we now put by them today or that would affect the stock immediately so to stock market ask to absorb that information that the companies put out and then react and then different you know firms and analysts and investors react at different times so there's a staggered release there's an impulse woman was staggered one but they have been selling three well mainly two models of SUV which is es6 in the es eight the es eight is like the better version they've also got the EP 9 which is like looks like a Pagani Zonda or clarin or it's a super sports car or fastest in the world called over 300 miles per hour beautiful car but they seem to be struggling on the stock market and I think they've attached some Baggett's bad stigma stigma to themselves due to this investment that they've had from the Chinese government I think the stock market just is hating on that investment and other than that I can see I still don't understand why it would be a still be a $2.00 stock it's an electric vehicle company that is delivering electric vehicles they are delivering their vehicles their vehicles are nice in demand everyone there's a trend for SUVs at the moment and trucks now actually but there's a massive trend for SUVs across the Western world potentially in China as well everyone loves SUVs like more the trend is moving towards like four by fours and trucks with the Tesla truck coming out but yeah trucks are on trending in the vehicle world but SUVs will become like commonplace like almost like standard cars so everyone wants a nice big SUV these days you know a fuel-efficient that was the only downside bias you've either suppose one of the fuel-efficient but now they're electric so anyway I am going to be watching the stock diligently as per normal a might because of the pull back release a chart video later on today I've also started covering natural gas or you guys Andy gas are on my radar they're ETFs in the natural gas world and utilities world so yeah you'll see more content on that if you like this video or any of our videos you've been watching for a while and you got subscribed yet do it now first time you watching do it now click the subscribe button click the bell icon comment below tell me what you think or your thoughts are anything could be random if you're on the website comment on there let me know what you're thinking let's chat I love reading your comments I love replying to your responding to yourself catch you next time


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