so guys how's it going in this video today I'm gonna be talking about you guys natural gas ETF and you know what today the thing I just started watching you guys recently it's a mixture of natural gas stocks and it was fairly low price I'd call it a dollar stock you know I say so it's in the dollars right it's it was under $10 right and I don't know but I got a feeling for me there might be a buy opportunity today the video is gonna be titled negatively right and the article on the site it's gonna say something like cuz I haven't thought the time yeah I was gonna say you guys falls off a cliff today but sounds really negative right sells baby gets views maybe it's the reason you're watching the video right now I'll read in the article on the site but the truth of the matter is is that is in actual fact an opportunity now let me get into the detail of what's been going on with you guys waiting you guys there has been a drop from like nine dollars thirty six all the way down into the seven dollar range 75077 it was on last my last check I might even do because it's such a drop on a dollar stock I might even do a video on the chart toe so we can have a look at the chart like is like I'll give you like an example it is like a normal chart flexing up and down and then it's just over a cliff downwards like that straight down colossal drop that's it and I believe there's something going on in the natural gas market just the temperatures gone up all of a sudden you know it could be anything but it could be a mixture of things the market is not been doing so well last week but did like recover from is pullback last week on I'd on a general thing so I believe that you guys have something specific to itself going on in the natural gas industry most likely temperature based but the last I heard temperature outlooks were looking good but you never know the weather you can have temperature outlooks but still not know the weather so you know is one of them things where you've got to keep your eye out now I'm feeling I'm feeling that same feeling that I felt with new your stocks when they went down to $1 60 and I'm thinking that this these stocks on you girls are a point at the moment where I might feel like buying in because I feel like utilities are not going anywhere anytime soon right there shouldn't be any reason for the stock to tank a massive amount although I have seen it happen before so I'm gonna do more a bit more research on it I'm not gonna buy too many shares in you guys right now but I do need something just to do a bit of day trading with so like maybe place a few trades on up and down in a day and you guys is quite popular for that at the moment so cuz there's a lot of volatility so I think I might just get a little handful and just like for my dabble into day trading to see how how I can do with that side of things so yeah I'm gonna check out you girls for day trading there is de casas all but digas is an ETF that is expensive it doesn't fit my criteria right now I like at the moment I'm very bullish on stocks the below $50 per share just a personal reasons at the moment that may change in the future where I go after stronger companies which are usually at the bigger levels not always but usually so yeah that is my outlook on you guys at the moment I think it's reasonable stock to double in for day trading just whilst I'm trying to keep myself occupied during a day when I've got some free time like I have now there's only you know so many videos I could make in a day where I don't build up a backlog of the articles that I have to write from them as well for the site because at the moment I've got a backlog for the site so you may not see you these articles come out straight away they do take time for me to put together but they'll be coming out and they'll be on the site and the game texting Google things like that so yeah I do want to dab a little bit of dirt reading here and there myth I just want to keep it - maybe just placing two or three trades a day on a small hand see if I can do on my mobile which I've been told against but you know it might still be possible this deer trading right you know a couple of trades a day let's see how it goes you guys I'm not really gonna be covering I'm going to cover you guys just like I've been covering neon Tesla things like that as in terms of what's going on with you guys because I feel that it's quite a volatile and if it's my criteria or dollar stock going forward but today yes today it has fallen off a cliff I feel as if it's a buy opportunity I feel that I need to know more I need to look at more of the charts in terms of its long term history a lot of each yesterday I seen before generally seemed pullback over a long term and I don't want digas to be like that I want there to be like a bring upwards or even like if a if d gals were to have as much volatility as its had today on its pullback for example and tomorrow it goes back up to nine $10 per share and it does that a few times a week I would really really enjoy that to be honest like that's like a three dollar differential each time so yeah that would be quite fascinating for me as to do their trades with but and I yeah that's what I'm gonna do digas yeah calm guys if you're watching the video on YouTube make sure you like subscribe and hit the bell icon and so that you get updates on my videos make sure you leave a comment below what do you think about natural gas ETS in general any stock listen it doesn't need to be relevant to this any stock you're thinking about watching right now comment below I want to speak to you in the comments I want you to talk to me on engage with you I love you reading your guys comments they're really good like when you telling me I'm buying so many shares of this I buy so many shares of that when you asking me questions things like that I love helping out as much as I can obviously I restricted because I'm not a financial adviser but I can tell you from my experience of why I feel about things you should always seek independent financial advice so they'll come after me with any legal stuff anyway if you're on the site leave a comment there say hi you know come see me everywhere I shall see you next time


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