In this article I want to talk about Neil stock and how he's been doing today I hope you could meet me okay I'm gonna do like I'm gonna try out this like driving video anything see how it works and also check the auto audio quality so he goes Neil stock today has been a style of hovering around the $2 20 inch mark and to be honest with you I really did think that it was gonna make another drop right I thought it was gonna drop down to $2.15 probably the way it was going right but he did a bit of a u-turn and I'm uncertain as to what may have caused it and why here we've caused it at such a late time in the day like it it may be messy like differentials of the lights it may have been like at different times during the day I didn't see the same types of opt-ins in the market in general so I can't see anything that may have affected Neos op turned from 2.22 to 2.28 I would think that there may be something that many shoe right need them because it because the stock price for Neal rolls right at the end right near the market close so stocks at that point usually only rise if there's some last-minute news or if there's a last-minute upturn in the stocks and rally for some reason but I can't see that with a stock saw it must be something specific to know I'm going to look into that possibly for when I make the chart video because I have to get a chart but I feel like the d what the new york stock did today from what I anticipated it to do now a little bit more because for some reason is though that I wanted it to decrease in price but for some reason the market took the shareholders took and I believe some dear traders from what I can gather are just using it as a continent stocked for day trading so that might be having a large effect on this stock and especially these price fluctuations between two 22 mm like that so there could be a number of reasons now back to my point is I'm going to be making a video on the jar for Neil stocks because it's a good one to look at what do I think the stocks going to do in the coming year December is pretty much a fairly stagnant pull that kind of month generally in the stock market our sales figures and stuff released there has to be some kind animals taking that into account so why I would suggest with me on the moment well what I'm going to be doing no I suggest what I'm going to be doing with New York forward is keeping the stock long term and ensuring that you for watching it and I might even start decorating it might even stop Nick I think it's a solid stock class spoke to are using for day trading looking back into day trading at the moment I don't know if I'm going to do it full-time more on long-term place where I can see a company neo is making beautiful vehicles exceptional prices and there's just no reason why the stock should be turning down completely so yeah that's the end of this video guys so I hope you enjoyed it make sure you leave a like subscribe and comment below and I shall see you in the next video you can make it a chart video later on once I'm gonna be covering you guys make sure you go over on over to the website check out the articles there as well it really helps me out love your support catch you soon

Watch on YouTube here: NIO STOCKS TODAY TINY RALLY $2.??

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