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in this video that's gonna turn very dark very soon I'm going to discuss D gas so no you guys okay so you guys at the moment is starting to I've just checked the stock markets just start to trail quite a bit it is it moved up above the $8 $58 60 market some of the market opened and has moved down now to below the $8 40 mark at the moment and I'm not quite sure why I believe it's day trading again you know when we're talking about these natural gas stocks you're gonna hear me talking about day trading quite a bit because I feel that they hold their price and don't fluctuate too much from where they are which makes them ideal for day trading makes it so that there are an attractive investment what I would be looking at with you guess today is whether the price is going to continue falling because it started up okay but it started dipping down after a few peaks and troughs quite rapidly and I don't see any further so at the moment he seems like he's going down right that's not really much further lower than $8 I am looking for a point for an entry point to be honest and I feel the entry point is gonna be around the $8 mark I missed the $7 one I wish I got in at the $7 an hour hours I was looking because I was new to the stock I hadn't heard of and heard about before natural gas stocks but hadn't looked into you gas and tell his more recent popularity this just happened recently so looking into you guys which is an ETF I've now found that I have the types of criteria that I look for in the Stockman so I'm personally looking for the eight dollar mark to get an entry point then I'm looking for a potential pullback you know part of me is great why did I get into seven dollars but it happens sometimes go with the flow then the other part of me is thinking shall I date rail with this stock just because everyone else is if people are day trading the stock and it's quite popular for day trading it may be unlikely that I'd say long term I do feel that because the companies that I as an ETF invest in combines are generally long-term stocks I'll Cardosi natural gas going our business in the future I don't see lecture replacing everything in its entirety natural gas will most likely be around around for decades to come so in that regard that's what my viewpoint is yes there is D gas as well which is quite popular I think you guys gets more attention because it's more of a knowledge stock why Holland or something to the $10 mark anything single single digit price so I am looking at you guys today and thinking you know what he's starting to dick just now I might make a child a video later on today just to show you what happened it opened up a nice shop and I thought okay is are we gonna see $9 today I started to drop back down again and it looks like it's gonna drop back down to $1 40 bucks so I'm gonna see what happens with that market Clause potentially a child there's not really much news going on in the natural gas industry again it's based on temperatures merely which the outlook for the next few weeks generally you know different parts of the US and wherever the company's inclined operate set to be colder for the next few months as they jet and I'm just talking historically generally how they are some reports come out like showing you what the next two weeks is going to be like I've seen some day traders looking to and I say it's that's the way it's just gonna go off so that's where we need to be looking my personal play will be by a few shares you guys when the price is right by the timeframe very soon on replace trade things like that I will enter in price right I'm still reluctant to place a trade because I'm still trying to learn what the stocks are doing because at the moment there's a lot of ups and downs that I during a day on the stock that I need to try and understand and if it comes out from my analysis that is just to do with the weather just to do with company news and management changes and just to do with their traders because popular trading then I'm all set I understand the stock I can't go in but I am I analyze things in these areas so I hope you enjoyed this video if you are on you make sure that you comment and like the video if you're on the website make sure you join the email list and comment on that as well but most importantly subscribe and hit the bell icon the bell icon is very important when I buy into a stock I release the video like I did with the orb or into a dollar sixty the stocks trading up much higher than that right hand at the moment you know you will know what I know so make sure you do that

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