NIO STOCKS Today Holding Pace?

So as in this video article I want to talk to you about NIO stocks and what they've been doing today, it's gonna be a drive along a video because I need to start creating more content on the channel very soon and have time to edit the site and the articles on the site which take quite a long time. So I need to like do drive along with videos in order to achieve that.

I'm going to check these videos today I hope the sound quality is okay and you don't hear the rattling of the car and traffic and stuff like that but what I'm going to do is discuss NIO and how it's been doing today and as the title should say if I title it correctly and remember NIO Stock has been holding out well so the price that is holding up they came up from a dollar sixty. Roundabout when I was looking at it like intensely. I have continued to cover NIO on this channel because I feel that it's good to stock to be watching.

Let me first discuss the vehicles; I like the electric vehicles ES6, ES8, and EP9. I like the company as a whole its an electric vehicle company. Some would call it the TESLA of China.

It has huge amounts of potential, in my opinion, a large shareholder to take; otherwise, I've had a few people comment and say its a  dead stock and stuff like that. They're entitled to their opinion I do not believe that, I believe they're making new for electric vehicles and their ES6 & ES8 vehicles now SUVs.

It's interesting they went straight to SUV? First of all, there's an upward trend on SUVs, especially in the Western world, and I imagine China, which is why they selected that type and potentially did market research and selected to make those vehicles electric.

Because I mean if you can make an SUV into an electric SUV, which is a larger frame, a larger body. A larger everything, more weight more everything.

The goal against an electric vehicle that's what an SUV is right, so if you're talking about gravity and inertia, speed differentials, and things like that, then the SUV is a big car. So once you've got the SUV going well, in my mind, you can make any smaller car like a sedan or a two-seater coupe.

You can make any car after that, a roadster? They've already made like one of the fastest electric cars in the world which at the EP9 so you know it's one of those things that you've just got to realize that there is a market for electric vehicles in China. It's going to be one of the biggest demands for electric vehicles in the world, so in any single country.

They might actually outstrip the demand of the world for some time. It depends on what happens there while the price is what it is as it happens the prices and the margins of things.

But country-wise they've got the greatest demand for electric vehicles, so that's saying something you know you should that's a big reason for me to invest in a company like that. Which is why I personally went in with them for the long haul, that was my play on long haul I'm looking for big returns not now but further down the line in the future.

And you know I started off I feel like I got in at $1.60 that's good but how they performed this week is it's been alright at $2 20 to dip it slightly below $2 20 today has gone up to like $2 30 mark $2 29 as you read this right now and it's just holding strong. It's not gone back up to $2 50, and you will see a video that I made about that on my channel.

But it hasn't really dipped any much further than the $2 50 mark $2 30 marks so to finish the video off so for me it's still holding strong, so I'm going to title the video like that though that's an update on NIO stock shares for today.

The market hasn't closed yet, but I don't imagine anything terrible happening that delivery numbers have been out for like over a week now, and the shareholders reacted how they should have done so yeah, I think it's gonna stay stagnant possibly shift up slightly, I'm hoping. Right if you enjoyed this video article make sure to comment on any of my videos make sure you leave a like comment below subscribe to click the bell icon on youtube leave a comment on the website if you're on the website and I shall see you in the next video.

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