So guys in this video article I want to talk about Neil stocks and how they're doing today's markets just opened and I want to talk about how they've been doing. In general as well and to be honest there's been like a slight fluctuation going on in the market again today in general and that has been because of some management changes some reporting's are saying you know some things fluctuating up and down. 

The Dow Jones added 200 points today they're just quick oversight look here again fourth day where stocks are like up and down and it seems like some of the companies that were up yesterday have come back down again and some of the ones that were down yesterday come back up again and you know NIO. Somewhere in the middle trying to hang on there's doing a pretty good job again market should just open literally now and there's usually always a pullback when market opens because like some traders I feel believe that the stock should be lower then to allow room for in this shorting and selling and trading and their traders and all sorts and stuff going on. 

So that can affect all kinds of stocks in all sorts of ways but I will get into that last too much information and I was just refreshing myself on scalping and day trading yesterday so that's why it's fresh in my mind and it also gives me a better insight into what could be going on in when market opens kind of thing so NIO stock was pulled down on market open today to two point three four dollars. I am NOT concerned whatsoever I feel it's going to either of two things power around the 230 mark or hover around and push back up to over the two for a month today I think that's what the stock is gonna do two-thirty mark might drop down to two to five it depends how it feels about what's going on with the rest of the stock now NIO on the whole if you'd be watching my videos has been doing very strongly.

The markets however have been very volatile this week some reports I was reading said the markets are incredibly volatile as a whole at the moment and I said like there's been some changes in alphabet in key management and stuff like that which is that that stock fire but Tesla was down today as well which is competitor so whatever affecting manufacturing businesses is potentially affecting most of them they didn't have a management change planned either. I would not be concerned with dropping down to two to five today if it does it's not a worry I think he can make it back up if he gets a clear week look where it we're in December now and it's the time of the month where the stocks do pull back quite a lot I have noticed from previous years and you start seeing you know when I'm watching Bloomberg for it for example and everything on the bottom stock lines the Dow Jones Indexes and all that look red so yeah I know that this time of year is the time of year when it happens. Because there's a lot of you know q3 q4 reports coming out there's a lot of trading activity there's a lot there's a lot of sales forecasts that dog get hit that companies make for Christmas like the past few years a lot of companies not be doing well so there's a lot of things like that going on in terms of NIO though that's general market talk and what I'm trying to a point of this video is is that I feel NIO at the moment is just being affected by the general market pullback. 

But it's still holding out the reason I can say still holding out well because I can't really put into percentages because percentages can be different according to massive volume in terms of shares so you know ten percent then one company might be the equivalent of four percent in neon for example because of the liquidity in the shares and the share price itself different types of factors but what I can say is that if I look if I analyze the charts and look for algorithmic patterns in the stock pullback. Then I can see our competency patterns or matching pounds I can see similarities to the rest of the stock market in terms of performance from NIO and that's from that compared to popular companies so what I'm trying to say in simple terms there is to clarify things. When I look at a chart and it looks like this right then Neil's chart should look similar like that kind of thing so this is my pullback char example one or two look like that he looks like that similar charts similar patterns but different percentages okay and it could obviously mean more in monetary value but generically it's following the same pattern of the rest of the stock market. What I'm trying to say that is what you something you can build up from experience analyzing that's me so NIO is doing well still markets just open I'm gonna make an update video on the chart so I'm gonna go through the chart later on today so make sure you watch that and to see an update of what actually happens throughout the day and I shall be covering more information about NIO going in-depth. 

If you're on YouTube hit subscribe and click the bell icon to make sure you get the updates on NIO I'm gonna be looking into some of the stocks with all that I'm gonna be covering and introducing onto the channel but I feel are I'm gonna try and find similar picks to New York yeah I'm gonna try my best and if you're on the website and leave a comment you tube leave a comment below the video as well and subscribe to the email list so you get updated alerts and you know what's going on in my world that's you soon.


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