I want to talk to you about NIO stocks and what's been going on with them more recently. I haven't checked the market today as yet because it just opened about an hour ago so I'm gonna let trading activity continue before a corral for right now but as for my nio investment i was saying congratulations to me and everyone who else went in on this two dollars sixty. Plus I got a two dollar 62 two dollar sixty three which is fantastic news and I have been waiting for that to happen this year I was hoping for it to happen.

I was hoping for NiO stock to go above the two dollar sixty marker. That was a milestone for me personally because I went in on nio stock at a dollar sixty after having researched the company. Mind you only got picked up with the company about a month or two ago so I researched NIO stocks and found that they were a viable company they were doing quite well and they had you know been struggling with fulfillment of orders beforehand.

But then they started to do pretty well and pick up things and do better and so on so forth but what I also realized is that they have the biggest market demand for electric vehicles potentially compared to any other country in the world within China. That is the market they were going after and all the things that I've discovered going forward is that SUVs generally more difficult to produce than sedans coupes or roadsters.

Where as Tesla went the other way with a roadster potentially, they had to do that, make that decision because Tesla was the first full on company that went mass-market EV. But because NIO had Tesla to fall back off or to learn from they went straight into vehicle types of the Model X type from Tesla.

So they went straight and made the ES6 and ES8 but before that they had made a supercar called EP9. Now that supercar was one of the fastest electric cars in the world and it did exceptionally well but then they still went into SUVs. So if you look back at Tesla's timeline, Tesla did the Roadster which was ep9 comparison wise and then Tesla did the Model S which NIO doesn't have a comparable to as yet. But I am going to discuss that in a second then neo did then Tesla did the Model X which NIO's comparison is the es6 and the ES8.

I would say they both caused the SUVs in the EV market to increase and I'm hoping that NIO did all the research to find out what's the most popular on trend demand in China. Because at the moment in the Western world I mean here in the UK SUVs got really popular two years ago but in the last two years or last year trucks have gotten more popular so and in the US as well and potentially UK & Europe, trucks are now the craze.

They are the new thing in on the mass market before it was SUVs now its trucks. Everyone is driving a truck even though they have no functional use for it, so that's just the way the market goes but China must have had a demand I'm guessing for them to start with suvs first.

But the fact that NIO started with SUVs first is a good thing because SUVs are a more difficult vehicle type to produce as a manufacturer and get delivered than sedans or coops or something like the model 3. Thus that is, manufacturing wise I imagine unless somebody wants to correct me a much easier simpler vehicle to make.

And the thing with that is when they do make something like the Model S or the model 3 it will be good in terms of build quality and sales. So I have no concerns I think they're gonna do exceptionally well now I'm extremely happy to see that's the stocks of got past the $2.60 mark thus far. Even before the launch of the third model now the third model is launching in about nine days 28th of December and that a launch event is happening I'm gonna be watching that launch event potentially covering that a launch event on the channel, like doing a commentary on it maybe maybe not.

But I definitely will post like some crucial updates about the launch event because obviously I cover NIO quite a bit on the channel it's quite popular on my youtube channel. My subscribers like to see it so yeah why not. The third model I am hoping it is something like the Model S or something like the model 3 that is my hope for it unless they just go crazy and bring out a something that looks like a total truck but from the image like I what I don't hope is for another SUV.

Unless there is extreme demand in China that's what I do not hope for I don't really want to see NIO bringing out another SUV. I want to see them moving to the coupe sedan type market the model 3 the Model S type market and I feel that that is where they can start to grow and potentially have their vehicles expanding to UK & Europe.

That's my update for now guys welcome to neo hame past the $2.60 mark and I shall see you in the next video make sure if you're on the site or on the YouTube channel subscribe to the channel hit the bell icon subscribe to the email newsletter

If you're on the site comment below I want to see where you are abd hear what you think. I love replying to your comments look at my other videos look through my other videos if you want to find out more, if you want to find out more about particular companies that I cover have a look, watch my videos watch all of them I shall see you in the next time.
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