This is a very eventful blog post, I need to go back and find my comments where I said a couple of weeks ago. I said it straight right, I said NIO is gonna hit potentially three to four dollars and it should to be honest with you the way it's gone today might even hit five or six before the years out. So early today I don't know but this is like market out straight after market open I was watching the stock and it was the lack of first point.

I checked again and it was just after the market opened and it opened up by like three dollars twenty went up to three dollars thirty things like that and now I just got an update from trading212 which is the app or one of the apps that I use to trade stocks on.

Make sure you join my email list by the way ASAP links should be on my website on the side go find it So you get these updates by email alerts because remember I bought in this stock at a dollar sixty. The lowest point NIO got to was around the dollar sixty mark and now it's gone three times that. So at the moment you could have tripled your money right if you bought into the dollar sixty mark.

It's at the moment it's gone to almost four dollars thirty right so like this is and it rose up so much by eighty percent I believe that you know trading too old to even sent me an update today saying well this stock has just risen by 80% because q3 owner reports were just smashing everyone's expectations. Only 4 weeks ago everyone dumped on this stock saying it was garbage, I had, no offense to day traders right because obviously I'm looking at their trading again myself but you know day traders like tend to think differently about stocks kind of thing and their strategies are different in terms of how our trades are placed whereas long-term investors you know think differently but I had a few day traders from what I could gather they were day traders.

I didn't ask them if they were or not say that it was a it was a trash stock and it wouldn't go anywhere but I just watched the event and I'm gonna do an update a separate update on the ES6 the new vehicle. I'm gonna have a few videos coming out this week about NIO because there's quite a lot going on in the EV space within China. What happens within China is gonna affect what happens globally in the EV space because China is big grounds in the ev market now because Tesla's just on that.

Nio has just released a new vehicle the ES6 that went exceptionally well they did a and one of the subscribers got this in the comments I believe as on discussing Al's one of the previous videos they've done like a crossover between a coupe and an SUV. I felt that should have been their next logical step so I'm gonna call it a coupe coupes off I'm just going to call it a coupe right now because it's not a fully fledged SUV size-wise right, it's really small, I mean it looks like an SUV but a tiny version so I'm just gonna call it a coupe for now.

Nio has got the stuff the hardware and features of obviously an SUV but I felt that they needed a coupe or a sedan in their offering and they've gone done it. Why they're sticking to SUV's it might be that they've they've I'm hoping it's a consumer demand and by the q3 reports by what I'm gathering I believe it is consumer demand the Chinese consumers must love SUVs at the moment they must of SUVs. That's why they're producing more SUV style cars the es6 I think personally is the best looking car that they've produced so far.

There are other cars the es6 and the ES8 a fantastic cars looks wise as well look beautiful perform great customers are loving them customers love the events the nio puts on are all like quite extravagant with their events it's like a concert kind of thing. People love it so yeah that's quite a bit like that going on in their favor but also as well as the es6 they've started releasing new upgraded batteries that can be switched out easily. To replace the old batteries, they released a hundred kilowatt hour battery during the event as well announced a and this battery is exactly the same size and spec dimensions wise to and scale wise to the existing battery in the ES8 vehicle that they have.

But it can be easily swapped out so this is amazing grounds like you know basically what they're giving the existing consumer base, and when and they offered finance on this battery as well and when they mentioned this battery could be upgraded to their existing customer base and the crowd just went wild.

So you know there's  a lot of potential for neon right now, I mean there's no other you know obviously you've got software upgrades right you know .Tesla's upgrading their system all the time but they not offering their existing customer base upgrades on their actual vehicles right you know the EE c6 is set to compete with the model y and I believe it will because it's got a similar range and you know people are talking about the only thing that's left right but there has to be one company out of all of them that solves this problem and it was going to be elon  musk because he was in first and he thinks big right bigger than most entrepreneurs.

He was going to be the one to solve this problem which is what I'm talking about Giga factories right yeah the other manufacturers car manufacturers might just stay car manufacturers and still be successful they may not need to make.
Giga factories Tesla might solve that problem for them Leon most probably thought ahead and thought you know what that problem solved I'll take care of it I want to own that market I want battery technology.

I know batteries are going to be the future power source of the world potentially and I want to or nothing and he's probably more bothered about the gig factory  than he is the actual vehicles because he knows he's got more competition with the vehicles then he has with the Giga factory right so he's taking that market . I doubt there'll be other competitors there might be some copycats in China obviously like that no offense to China not copycats I'm saying like you know.

China is very manufacturing orientated so yeah there'll be other smaller potentially anyhow do what are you out get your factories man why are you why are you looking at Giga factories did a car manufacturer all stations why are you worried about the fuel source man you know don't worry about the fuel source an electric vehicle company will remain an electric vehicle company anyway stocks are flying high if you haven't subscribed to my channel right now if you were to bought the stock dollar 60 you would have triple your money I send out alerts for that price that once that price is gone it is gone right.

I use Nio is an example I'm using it right now it's tripled if you haven't signed up to my email list right now click the link below go find it on my website it's on the sidebar subscribe right now make sure you don't miss the next price we'll catch you in the next video Nio's on the way up.
Watch on YouTube here: NIO STOCK TODAY ROARS HATERS AWAY? $4..
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