2 Banks Collapse in US, What Next?

So basically the the latest update is that two Banks both silvergate and uh Silicon Valley Bank have collapsed in the U. S and this is obviously gonna have negative effects on the localized economy where the banks were because obviously. The servers that you use the branches live locally and they were trying to withdraw money and obviously that's gone a bit you know not good kind of thing so it obviously has caused a bit of not far away you know there might be processed. And you know things like that I don't know it gets pretty bad in these situations because we've seen them happen in other parts of the world where you know other Banks who've gone under and it's just drives people crazy right becaus.

That's Obviously All !

That's obviously all of their money now the thing is is thatSilicon Valley Bank and silver game havenot been able tostay afloat long enough because I was actually watching the market on Friday silverger actually came up as a volatil. Stock in my in my so dashboard andI didn't pay much attention to it then until afterwards like later in the day late in the evening where I found the use of of the bank collapsing and then the next day I think it was it was Saturday. So yesterday I actually found out yesterday morning I actually found out about Silicon Valley Bank collapsing and I was just looking into more details about what went on there and what is it's pretty much the same reasons and to be.

Be honest one of them was crypto geared and you know crypto enablement stuff going on which is just a a big fast to be honest is crypto was isjust a transactional modality similar to um PayPalbut I don't see is any differently it's. None is not a store of value so I don't know why economists and Banks and things that I saw are even thinking about crypto other than transactional enablement system that's it it's not a store of valueso yeah that's that story right. That's that so any of the banks that are doing the same thing and trying to enable crypto you know just be known that you know put it in the highest risk bracket if you want to go down that road put it in the highest put it in the h.

Risk bracket that you've got right higher than I don't knowderivatives higher than uh higher risk Investments higher than penny stocks that's a good example right it's penny stocks we everyone on the super high risk right higher tha. Than penny stocksthan that I don't know the call option all right something another penny stock I don't know I don't know how high risk it goes right but where is the highest rate right oh don't even do it at all is what I'd say but. Anyway umyou know that that's some of the stuff that I found out obviously and you know maybe isn't the cryptos that directly caused what's going on but obviously they've played a part even if it's a small part small parts hurt even.

On The Way Down As ?

On the way down as well not to ourselves but anyway um so yeah that's the end of Bitcoin again uhwhat I would say isnext week is going to be where we're gonna get to see possibly more images hopefully not like this because obviously. This was an extreme situation this actually really happened this image that you're seeing here this actually happened um in Lebanon where the banking system was completely collapsed all over like every banco's pretty much collapsed. Nobody could get access to that money anyway but um this is an image of an actual situation I'm not saying it's going to get like this but certainly there will be queues of depositors um outside svb they might even be protests I thi.

I don't know maybe there could be you know they could it depends how strongly feel about people feel about their money because I know that people some people have lost Millions literally overnight just gone through the bankso you kn. Know it's one of those things whereyou have to just keep a watch out I mean Silicon Valley Bank and silvergate are just the two that have gone down and again like I've said this in my other videos as well actually if it was just one. I may not have you know thought much about it I could have caused the cold and isolated incident because it was too Banks in pretty much I mean there was some news about them you know there's some concern but yeah that's you know co.

News is just like you know you don't know if something's actually gonna happen and I didn't it would that wouldn't prompt me to go look at the stock straight away either but now I think me and everyone else was interested in this ty. This type of stuff especially a lot of Traders and institutions will be looking very closely and they have been actually looking very closely at all the banks and obviously selling them they've been selling Banks like crazy to be hon. And I'm also looking at FRC Bank and the collapsible Zion Bank Corporation soumI think from the two like the more likely one again I don't know if if it will collapse or not but I think the more likely you want to collapse out from F.

FRC And ZION Banks !

FRC and silicon I mean from FRC and uh Zion Bank is probably Zion Bank because I've looked at some of this Investments I've looked at some of this you know fundamentals and done some technical answers on uh Zion Bank Corporation and. They look like they're ready they really negatively geared in this situation which is why they're showing up on these markers and obviously the investors know that the Traders and all that so yeah I'm going to be covering FRC and u. Zion as well to see if oh which one will collapse I think Zion Bank operation looks like the weaker one very negatively here in terms of his own personal Investments interest rates accrual revenues it's not looking healthy so it could.

Collapse Zion Bank ?

Collapse Zion Bank could collapse Zion the fall of Zion could happen out of the two so yeah bringing you these updates you know I'm gonna stay stay up to date quite a lot of videos with any developments that are happening um I've. Got to do a video about the UK as well svb UK and um because yeah gotta cover the content and bring you guys some latest updates with the uh stock prices um and what's happening yeah let me know if you were a part of these Banks or i. If you know anyone who was a part of these Banks or in any way either working for them or one of us working for one of the star hopes are working oh you know invested in the bank saving with the banks or anything like that let me know.


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