Sillicon Valley Bank Collapsed? SVB Silvergate gone, FRC ZION next?

So guys it is uhsvb has basically collapsed here you can see in the image there are loads of people stood outside the bank the bank is obviously telling them that they're closedum because it's basically just collapse right and you know. They have now to seek insurance and the FDIC looking into what to do about it and you know the um Bond Investments and things like that haven't paid off either as the investment money and new startups have been effective badly and t. This will mean well it has meant that this is basically the second bank now in the US to face a collapse and was actually ranked at number 16. 16th biggest bank in the UF and the other one was silvergate now I was actually watching.

Get On The Markets !

Get on the markets um because it just turned up in one of my screeners as as uh when I when I screen for volatile stocks they just showed up and I was like okay what's going on with this one and I didn't pay attention to it I was ju. Just looking at our stock as a stock and then afterwards I found out after I'd uh be looking at me I'd find out okay that's actually what happened and then when I read the news about it it's like okay that's why it probably turned u. Up in my volatility radar um but it um comes to like that obviously silvergate has crashed um collapsed pretty much and so it has Silicon Valley Bank and there are other Banks actually including the collapse of Zion andthe um FRC Ba.

So there is a pretty entire situation going on at the moment because Savers are unable to access their money and I actually was listening to an interview of one um but the servers said you know so you know we've got like seven figure. Or eight figures so the insurance given us you know $250 000 if we've got millions in the bank so some people have actually got more than Millions right I don't know how much but they've got millions and millions around served in the. These Banks and those people will not be gain access to their wealth they're just it's just lost it's gone so you know and you can see these people were told that the bank in the image you can see you know they were told that is is.

Where uh close her business now the effect of what I'm looking at a lot is the do you ricocheting effect ofthese two Banks because if it was just one bank that had collapsed um you would be a you know I would say okay it's an isolat. Incident That's that was my only when I first found out about silvergate I was like that's maybe it's isolated maybe it's just a small Bank maybe it's just just selegation but when then when Silicon Valley Bank went down I was like. Like okay this is a bit more serious why because obviously that's a lot of startups some of which you know small percentage of startups I don't know if the exact figures but a small Cent percentage of them actually come into you know.

They Actually Achieved ?

They the actually achieved Mass Market right you know that come out from from the back ends of all the Investments or the other banking system of these types of situations some of them do you know a very small amount but it's still yo. You know and collectively as well I'm saying I'm thinking about yeah from an economical standpoint collectively as wellyou know that is a case ofthe economic turnover that that can impact and that's going to actually affect the UK a. Well because there were startups here there were s Silicon Valley um Bank was it was in the UK as well um it's going to affect a lot of tech startups and the UK was actually focused um a few years ago heavily focused on Tech startup.

It's also going to affect the like science Industry as well but you know the UK was focused on Tech startups quite a lot sothat to be said you have to see what goes onso what I would say is make sure you keep watching the channel ke. Watching coverage I'm doing all the research into this and the other banks that maybe may be looking at falling over I'm looking very closely at Zionum bank which is all a 150 year old bank but it could just you know it's very close. To just tapping out you know I've heard there's there's been massive queues outside Zion Bank as well massively long queues for people to try and get their cash out of the bank so yeah make sure you subscribe and click the Bell icon.

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