NIO Stocks I Bought Today at $1.60 HOT!

Hey everyone so I am gone on don't be inevitable I was gonna say and that is I've bought some stock in neo and I bought the stock today because I researched the company now right and I've been looking at their financials I'll be looking. At their history I'll be looking at you know they've had a few quarters where they've lost money obviously its new company right only from 2014 10 no sell to 2003 right but neo is quite new yeah so what you've got to understand is t. That the profit margins are not gonna come through on a company right you know a car manufacturing company five years to profitability you know I know a big man like uber for example they reach profitability yet even though it's got.

Like Worldwide Market Capitalization !

Like worldwide market capitalization right in a few different service areas as well but you know it takes time to reach profitability so I'm not worried about that for neo what I was concerned about was what the CEO thinks everything and from. An interview that I saw of him speaking he was talking about things like lifetime value of you know building up new customers and that's what you really need to be doing at the moment which is building up your LTV with new customers. Because that is where you build your branding and at the moment Tesla's got the branding so their stock price is following you kind of know what's going on with them right but neo doesn't have that branding in place as yet it's new.

To the market it's much newer than Tesla we all know Tesla's history Neil's just come on no way it's like the Tesla of China but the crucial thing is in this casino understands lifetime value a last crucial because he understands th. He needs to build that brand in the consumers minds now what happens with that is when a leader has an understanding of lifetime value they know that yeah we might not be profitable right now but we are building a solid brand for th. Future next comes so I'm happy with that that gives me confidence in in the leader I'm looking at the leader because they're in China our car look at the mushroom team they don't produce a lot of news and still Tyco and like come se.

See you on that so I've just got to go by the operational cost figures manufacturing cost figures profitability of the last few years exact to go on so what I have got to go on is what to see you see your thinks that tells me what t. Management structure and team is like and what they're thinking he wasn't too concerned about the stock price back in June July anyway so that was a good thing because he understood lifetime value that you've got to build a good bra. The next thing is the actual product itself now if you look at Neos cars I've seen some videos now do more research and due diligence before investing into the stock I do not know what the stock price is gonna do becausethey were sa.

Saying That It Was ?

Saying that it was going down some of the analysts are saying that it's going down based on them not being able to deliver the vehicles but hold on a second they just did a whole bunch of deliveries but then you've got the argument. Of saying like are they gonna be profitable deliveries or not well why are you looking at profit in year three or year four on a car manufacturer and you know giant China is set to have the biggest demand in the world for electric c. So why are you looking at that there were things about the car that stood out first of all it's not self-driving capabilities that from the I mean a grouper well as I watched did a test for a full day and it continued through with w.

Without any issues they did not come claim of any self driving issues along like my rodeo stuff which is fantastic that is a great place to be in to say that they've come out and done that in three years four years five years you kn. That is amazing right but the other thing is they had some sat-nav problems I think that's minor I've heard that happened with loads of cars that could be a GPS thing could be a network thing for be out are the control of the actual. Company themselves you know cause you have to partner with all the other GPS so I'm not too concerned about that that issue that came up as far as the comfortability in the car and stuff when they were happy with it they did have no.

Now when I'm thinking about these problems that have arisen like they have the the manufacturing and distribution problem and the supply chain problem and now the next problem we're gonna mention is having enough charging points ava. But hold on a second didn't Tesla have the same problem I think that this that neo is being shunned too harshly because they are expected to be the Tesla of China already but hold on a second Tesla got a lot more time than that they. They've been going since 2003 yeah Neil's got teszler to like roll on myself but shouldn't get more time for it you know and I think I think they're aware I like the design of their cars I like the way that they position package the.

Cars For The Consumers !

Cars for the consumers and stuff and I like what I've seen so far about the quality of product and that is always a big thing with me is there a quality product there they sell it at one point five times they've got operational cost. At the moment they're slightly higher than they should be but they are selling up price points that are 1. 5 times the cost so somewhere down the line when they iron these internal operational cost kinks out they will be profitable b. But you need to give them a chance so yeah I'm with the company I think the leaders smart I think the demand is there because they selling vehicles at the end of the day look if you said to me a company's come out and is it's not se.

Vehicles It'S Just ?

Vehicles it's just you know it's just not profit it's not something because and it's not profitable no well then yes yeah right but these guys are delivering vehicles and just need a bit more time to get to profitability and that wi. Will come down as the more vehicles they sell and so on the price of that cars which is the goal again what Tesla has already gone through these problems Tesla has already gone through these problems so it's a careful one a careful. Issue to consider now I would say New York as an electric car maker has got a big standing on the market it's got the biggest global market in at the moment the share price I just bought a 160 just recently one dollar sixty right it.


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