Tesla Stock Price Today is Pulling back up with a Truck Load?

In this video I'm going to discuss Tesla stocks what happened in the past week why Tesla stock has dropped from like 350 marked down to three dollars 33 andshould we be worried I've looked into the problem I've looked into why it happened. And first because I didn't know enough about what was going on I was like slightly concerned like as Tesla like what's happened to Mia but as I got more informed as of which I'm gonna inform you now four so you don't need to worry m. Make sure you stay subscribe so you always stay informed but click to buy like off but with Tesla's new truck unveiling is what caused it right and all over the armoured class because a steel ball about this big right so no small th.

Thing But A Steel !

Thing but a steel ball that was quite large and heavy and like you know would burst through most things didn'tgo through but it did kind of smash the armored glass windows on the Tesla truck and then later on Elim most released vide. About or showing the Tesla truck class not smashing but in this actual unveiling unfortunately the glass did slash now look they tested the body of the vehicle with a sledgehammer like at the unveiling as well and the body will soli. Right we're talking about steel ball this this this big yeah all steel and okay you know you might get a pair in a glass that isn't like dancing offic might have hit the glass right at the right precise spot to penetrate the glass l.

Like it did damage the glass like I did it didn't penetrate it didn't go through like he loved most said it didn't go through which is still good right you don't you know if it's steel ball being thrown full pelt at your window for. Example you know those true most windows is gonna go through if it doesn't go through that saved you a beer right it's still a great thing but and I was I after watching the unveiling I didn't watch it straight where I just died jus. Read the news and I just thought what's going on and just shot a video straight away because the stock price was falling and like it fell falling from like three hundred and fifty eight dollars down to three hundred and thirty three.

Dollars I was like shocked I was like what's going on with the Tesla stock was what's causing this to happen so the Tesla truck unveiling with the armored glass being shattered is what caused the stock price to fall because the nega. News papers this is how news the news can sometimes unfortunately negatively affects the you know outcome of a company bur in hindsight now like a couple of days after the unveiling the truck has had two hundred thousand pre-orders. At this moment in time the figure stands at two hundred thousand three orders now that in terms of in an anon of itself is proof that the truck has huge demand and at first to be honest I loved the fee the truck the functionality of.

Of The Truck Is Amazing ?

Of the truck is amazing is the best it is going to be the best truck on the market like full stop is gonna be the best truck on the market but I would say I didn't like the design straightaway until if you watch my last video it sho. Be linked somewhere I should see it she watched my last video I talked about an image there in the video of a tug of war test that they did and the truck compared to a standard truck I would go for the Tesla truck design-wise nine o. Out of ten times that's how good I think the design is compared to a standard truck now would there be a case of me wanting to purchase a truck at the moment personally no but if I was in the market for a truck and at the forty thou.

This is the other thing what they've done amazingly well and I think what accounted for firm load the pre-orders coming through we're talking about a truck the base form right of the truck without any additional extras extras we're. Talking about a truck that is just a few thousand dollars more than the model three so I think what that also says to me is that really underneath it's like a model 3 or a Model S but the shell of the truck is costing them less to p. To produce because functionally they just needed a solid body that can take a lot damage like they've achieved looks-wise there in the future with that truck it just looks like it's from the future and they've come in on cost $40,00.

For a truck like that us us what is the model three like thirty thirty-five thousand dollars and he said that's without any incentives forty thousand dollars without any incentives for a truck that comes on a lease in the UK I might. Be on that straightaway Mike I might actually consider that I'm actually considered considered the truck over the model three like five grand more am i doing but yeah so the stock price I do not think and I don't know why it hasn't. Bounced back after seeing the pre-orders for the vehicle two hundred thousand pre-orders like were the shareholders thinking what do they want they they called it a fail right this the the shareholders of who was sold off to make th.

Stock Price Calm Down !

Stock price calm down thought the unveiling was a fail right failed unveilings dog at two hundred thousand pre-orders that doesn't happen like that's not a failure that's big numbers and we're only talking like 48 72 hours after the. Unveiling right now two hundred thousand orders that's a hundred thousand orders a day that's massive that stock should be heaving I'm still saying it's a $3,000 $4,000 stock well I personally don't think that I think it might be li. A two thousand dollar stock but I think in the next 10 to 20 years anyway is my outlook for it based on performance current assets that they're creating right now and what the future is I believe is going to be electricbut right now.

I Think The Stock ?

I think the stock is underpriced I think the teletrac unveiling was positive it was a huge addition to the company's offering and they will continue to do amazingly well catch you in the next video if you article if you're on the we. Website comment below subscribe to the email alerts that I send out about hot stocks like the Neo stock about for one dollar sixty Tesla of China that was amazing it's gone up to like two dollars ten at the moment that the room for. Could be another Tesla $304 stock but anyway what I'm saying is if you're on the YouTube channel make sure you subscribe hit the bell icon so you get the updates of the videos and leave a comment below tell me what you think what do. .

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