Netflix Stocks up by $40 this month?


in this video article I'm gonna talk about a stock that I don't think many people talk about and that stock is Netflix Netflix stocks now Netflix Netflix as a platform is a video / movie / drama series streaming platform is basically the internet version of on-demand TV and they struggled quite a bit I remember when they first died off they had like server issues streaming issues quality issues customer demand issues stuff like that but what I've noticed is that the the share price has been gradually rising in the past few days and I've been watching it like and then when I looked into the charts today the share price has gone up by 14% in the last month at this point in time I haven't investigated what the reason is specifically but I will look into that I make another update video because I want to start looking into why and how in the past month so 14% is quite a large increase because it's gone from two hundred and eighty dollars well not two hundred and seventy six dollars all the way up to three hundred and fifteen dollars so it's had like

thirty-eight thirty-nine dollar increase in the past month that's very interesting to me because when a stock goes up by fourteen fifteen percent in a month that means it's being the the average right and it's not a small stock and it's not a small company it's not like it's a brand-new stock either so if it goes up by that margin that gets me immediately interested into researching and obviously laying you guys know what that stock is doing what's going on with that stock why has it jumped all of a sudden and just like with the Tesla stocks the other day like the Tesla truck unveiling like tank was stopped for some reason even though I think now the Tesla truck is fantastic but back to Netflix it can't be what I think is which is they have all of this all of a sudden got a massive heap of new membership signups or they've got a new flamboyant marketing strategy there's like to call them Lodge members there must be a deal going on someone and it and it can't be or maybe it's the rising popularity of more award-winning series like they had Breaking Bad I'm sure they've continued to make more like for example oil stocks on there yeah so I've ever looked at Netflix for a long time to be honest I in fact yeah I was watching Power I watched an episode or two of Power on there so yeah they they do seem to have all the latest drama series

that are out and are popular and what I'm noticing not more and more with these serious types like breaking bad and like power and like all the other ones is that they are very very cinematic and I mean like they are like every episode is like watching a movie it's not like a drama drama episode anymore it's like you're watching an actual movie and that makes it more like immersive and compelling and people just get hooked on that stuff like I know I I used to be hooked on like stuff like scorpion stuff like power Gotham I used to be hooked on that stuff I used to watch it like constantly every day but now I'd always much anymore so I understand the appeal now if they've gone out and found more viewers and grown their viewership through these very immersive series dramas that are like basically episodes of a movie or a movie broken up into episodes or however you want to put it that's how they are these days there they are really good mr. robot I got into that quite a bit up until season two but that's a different topic Netflix I think is outperforming its competitors at the moment is the number one for video streaming online content of dramas and Ottomans mainstream series and things like that

so yeah Netflix is one to watch I need to look into now that I've made this video into what and why Netflix stock price has gone up by fourteen fifteen percent in the past month and whether it will continue to rise in coming months fourteen percent up in the past month and it's about eight percent up in the past three months so it is on the rise but why and its gradual why I need to answer those questions in the next video about Netflix so make sure you look out for that if you haven't already subscribed to the channel and click the bell icon and leave a comment below tell me what you think about Netflix what do you think what do you think like is going on with Netflix do you do you like it does anyone in your family friends like it are they always going on about said like the series they're watching and stuff like that I know I did and when I was watching power the other day exact for example I have my friends I was with my friend and I was like selling it to them ago like yo you got to watch this he's really good but you know if you're on the site though make sure you subscribe to our email list to get regular updates of what the stocks doing that I'm watching and which ones I think are good which ones I think are not good leave a comment below on the blog as well if you reading this article and I shall see you next time

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