Facebook Stocks rising slowly why?

Hey guys welcome to this article video about Facebook stock no one's talking about Facebook stock recently and like I'm like and I'm seeing it slowly creeping up and up on Facebook the social media network that took social media by storm. The web to doll that was like just changed the game in the social media space it was like medes all online and connected to each other has the most users active on the interweb ever and it's probably bigger than most countries if you. Amassed the number of people has been through a few security details recently with mr. Mark Zuckerberg in the course against the US and you know they've ironed out a few things obviously Facebook holds the most intricate data on Oz.

Bar None They're Probably !

Bar none they're probably on a mass scale alarms I'm saying Google probably owns a lot of data on us but in terms of Facebook stocks I've seen them creep up above the $200 mark recently and whenever any type of stock creeps up above. A mark that gets me to pay attention to it in ways that I wouldn't normally and now the stock is doing pretty well in terms of market capitalization and Facebook is making some interesting investments they need to get right they Fac. You know Mark Zuckerberg walks into this virtual reality soft and all things like how far away VR is true like prime adoption who knows but what I would say I have to speak like this because like this cat that doesn't let me get the.

The light in but at the same time I want you to I think I'll just keep it this wayyeah at the same time Marc is investing heavily in Facebook's investing heavily in video technology and that is where I think they need to make the bi. Biggest play they've got like the most active users going on any social media platform remember YouTube the search engine or social media platform although YouTube you see this little bezel I see has a bit of a geek that I am and fr. My personal experience I see them copying each other like whatever features are working good on facebook to instagram youtube has now got them all like versions of them unlike I remember Facebook as well when snapshot was doing well.

With the filters you know like you become a puppy and your tongue sticks out stuff like that all these filters that came out on that snapchat popularized Facebook immediately got them now it seems like they're they are copying popul. Features and adopting them for their own and you know I imagine the same is going to happen we talk you know tick-tocks going to get copied on to Instagram Facebook YouTube if it goes that big guys I mean a lot of us happening and b. Because these the user base is you know you talking almost a billion on Instagram a few billion on YouTube and Facebookbecause the user base is so large they're not concerned with creating standalone products for these features but.

They Will Take Adoptions ?

They will take adoptions of them and use them to engage with their own users so in this digital space I would say Facebook is profitable now Facebook was profitable and has been profitable for quite some time which is a really good. Standing which means their ad platform and their data is working how it should be working and being a user of their our platform in the past they're our platform does up optimize the ads for you you can find your target audience on. And you can get results in terms of ROI return on investment because look you can only get so far with branding right you you know most businesses they're SMEs need ROI so if a platform can return ROI like Facebook YouTube cam and I.

Instagram to some extent especially with the e-commerce products then it's going to be a viable business model and you're gonna be in profit just engagement will not get if you put loads of funny videos on just to get engagement on. Through our cheap advertising you're gonna hit a plateau what you really need to be to be profitable and stick your position like Google did with Google ads on Facebook has done is solidified their position in terms of data how much. Data they have on individuals then they got the immersion and activity levels up by the end of scroll and all the psychological triggers that they use on social media sites of users they just need to improve their video platform I t.

Think can make it more I haven't seen actual figures myself like how many views videos get I know there's views on that you know videos get millions of views but now they're actually copying YouTube and creating a create and I've ac. Looked into this myself as well cuz I'm on YouTube they're making a creators platform that's similar to like youtubers so all of all the creators that are on YouTube that creating videos and video content will now also be able to do. To do the same on Facebook so they're competing hard so they won't they want to give revenue back ad revenue back to publishers is what they're saying video publishers so they're going hard after video and I think rather than VR Fac.

Next Big Play Should !

Next big play should be video and that's why they put in so a concerted amount of effort they're trying to attract publishersonto the platform so that they get them creating you know great content that goes viral that gets viewed lo. Loads on Facebook they were very picky with the video before but I think they need to develop the platform in the direction and what they also approves as a video platform for Facebook is if they can afford to pay contributors and p. Publishers and creators of content then they're making enough revenue from advertising right me personally I'm sticking to YouTube for now because I don't have at least I've got a bit of a following on YouTube I don't have any follo.

On Facebook Whatsoever ?

On Facebook whatsoever but in terms of the how that all relates to the stock price once Facebook get video going and I think if they the way that they're going as long as they attract enough good quality creators to onto the platfor. They will be able to up their profit margins and higher profit margins will then in turn turn into more higher share price so I would saying Facebook's in good standing I would say that I could see Facebook becoming a potentially a. A $500 stock in the future I don't know when but I think Facebook has the potential once its ironed out all the security issues to become a $500 stock the more they grow their video and I think the video platform will be a huge part. .

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