NIO Stocks Today Edging to $2.50


in this video article I want to talk about my favorite your favorite New York stocks right as a company for electric vehicles I know there's possibly other options out there but in terms of stock that has a huge amount of potential in the electric vehicle space it has got to be new in my personal opinion Neil has been doing some interesting things the past week or so and I had envisaged that this would be happening but it seems to be happening a very gradual steady pace which you'll notice a lot of my videos stay the word gradual in them which is a very indicative positive sign for me in a stock when I'm analyzing a stock I want to see gradual indicative growth over a period of time and what that shows me is stock suit stability now this doesn't work for a for every type of stock you know it could do could do growth for you know a certain amount of time take Bitcoin for example and then fall off the cliff all of a sudden right but Bitcoin was like majorly volatile so not a very good example but it's just the first thing that came to mind to give you an accurate example of what I'm trying to say that this doesn't apply to every single stock it's not a one-room-fits-all kind of thing but for me personally I do look at stocks that like to increase on a gradual basis and maybe on a week-by-week or a day-by-day basis just like a Drupal Elder edged up a little bit thus what I'm looking for and neo at the moment seems to be doing exactly that it doesn't seem to be doing anything else all it seems to be doing is gradually growing and is I believe the last video I made like he was hovering over two dollars and then he's gone to to two dollars 20 and then his new support resistance levels when it's got there and his continue to do so on today it's gone above the $2 for mark and then it stays I believe gonna touch two dollars 50 very soon to those 60 so you know when it does that means it's grown by $1 per share okay and when it does that means it's grown by 30 something percent so if you invest as I've invested a 40 percent almost when it goes over to 60 as I've invested 160 when it goes over to 60 it will have grown by you know four times the stock market average which is like 10% so you know that's a great spot to be in and I feel that neo has got a long way to go I could talk about them every single day I'm going to be going over more of their like actual vehicles like showcasing or analyzing what they actually offer in terms of products and vehicles and like go through a more in-depth kind of

because I want you to understand why I feel that the neo is potentially the best electric car company in China which in fact is and China will have the biggest demand of electric vehicles so

neo is the Tesla of China as far as I'm concerned now the Tesla of China has to be somewhat at the level of Tesla to be called Tesla of China by me and looking at their vehicles they have got the auto driving technology yes Cisco's kinks that need to be ironed out so does Tesla so how's Tesla before you know Tesla's been testing there or driving technology for a very long time so like everyone got like things to iron out they've got operational costs that need to calm down that will happen so did Tesla and everything you'll that every issue that you know I'm going through or seeing Tesla go through as a company neo is gonna go through and so I will always be referring back to Tesla for neo like okay Tesla went through this Neil's gonna saw how Tesla went through this Tesla saw it out Neil's gonna saw how that's it's just simple where they have got an already established electric car company to model all they need to do is model that electric car company in China and I say they'll do absolutely fine that there won't be any need for

reinventing the wheel or anything like that they're just they're just copying an or a model that already works I haven't seen their launch process because the Tesla truck was just launched recently cyber truck I haven't seen their launch processes and how they launch their vehicles but if they copy Tesla doing that as well maybe not as outrageous designs as Tesla because only Tesla I think at the moment could pull that off and get a quarter of a million orders so far for the cyber truck drop the line man but yeah I think golly tells I can do that but if they keep the vehicles legit and they keep them like you know to the design specifications that consumers really desire in China which they would obviously do the market research for that for like what kind of looking or design vehicles are in demand in China and produce vehicles that look akin to that the vehicles look really good though already from what I've seen

so yeah positive news on Neo stock gaining a lot of ground which I'm very happy with and I've but it's just the beginning is it's just the beginning I what I want to see what I personally want to see is yeah it may drop again a bit here and there go back up again hopefully I don't know but what I want to see is gradual growth just as I've seen in the past week a month gradual growth just edging up every day or two edging up every week and hitting a new like support or resistance level depending on how you look at stocks but yeah hit new levels every single day just edged up grow gradually month on month I want to see it grow by about 10% six to ten percent month on month and I want to see it become a $300 III I feel it's a $300 stock I don't know what the company can do after that I don't know how the GDP economics competition stuff like that will work for them in China as Neil stands now I believe it could reach three hundred dollars in the stock market that's my personal opinion if you're on the YouTube channel make sure you subscribe and click the bell icon and make sure you leave a comment below tell me what you think about neo or Tesla or any electric vehicles that you may have seen that you may like and also if you're on the website make sure you leave a comment below subscribe to the email so you get alerts about hot stocks that I'm looking at catch you soon

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