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in this article I want to talk to you about Neil stock primarily because is serving my bias at the moment because twofold I am genuinely interested in the stock because it's the only indirect or direct competitor that I feel the Tesla house in the purely V's marketplace I know those are the car manufacturers that are trying to bring our vehicles to compete with Tesla but Neil is now five years old I'll be checking actually tell it's quite a bit older than that but neo is five years old and they are doing pretty well in terms of the company they are producing and delivering vehicles they seem the vehicles seem to be getting positive amount of feedback from the people are buying more and more people are buying them they have recently been surging in the stock markets if you watch my other videos there was a recent poll back last week that was quite a bit of a rise last week actually but there was a slight pullback down to around about a two to six mark two to five mark per share and but it went all the way up to two dollars 48 50 somewhere about there and I bought in dollar 60 buy a video you can watch on my channel as well it's comfortable neo videos and I found now that neo has been a stockless being performing fairly good for me so far and from the research that I've been doing into the stock and is how it's progressing and gradually gaining traction and moving up and how what the company is doing in terms of expansion and targets and delivering the vehicles cuz when the pullback happened first of all I had a rough ride when he debuted on the stock market and after a debutante start walking and they're just like crushed badly I just feel that the company is producing and delivering beautiful vehicles that people in China want to buy I believe the business model is substantially positive and geared towards growth and I was recently checking out an update from them this month in fact that they opened up 25 like they call them like info info rooms or the basically like show rooms where people would come and learn about the vehicle and learn about what it's about and things like that so they seem to be very geared towards they've identified that maybe in their market in China people need to be educated on electric vehicles and they've definitely made efforts now in 25 cities I believe they were opened these showrooms for their electric vehicles in China to educate the market on their vehicles and their technology

that is not only just an expansion in their showroom that their business model and exact as an expansion in their marketing macedon an expansion in their advertising Dassin ii in an expansion in their market penetration and that's an expansion in their branding so those twenty five sites should if they function correctly and they generate those and they generate a type of clarity in people's minds who have questions about electric vehicles and they're educating forum they've gone them that's the way they're not calling them showrooms so the way that they've gone is the education route so that they're they want to educate the Chinese population which I find quite interesting and it's possibly something that I'm thinking that they may be identified or they understand how the market their works differently like remember else well maybe they've found they've done some studies or something to show that you know the market needs educating on this technology and having benefits like the environment cuz they've got this blue vision blue sky vision and stuff like pro green and stuff like that so it is an interesting cuz there's a lot of problems in China as always like you know you see people always like this sometimes they've gone that route of being a problem solver for the population as well so I think they are going a positive route and I think they know it's a very long term game with electric vehicles is still new to the mass market the mosque market here in the UK and the US are like more akin to electric vehicles like it is something before it was like something from the future and now if you talk about electric vehicles to like anyone they know what electric vehicles are they know that the companies are trying to bring them how the normal car manufacturers are trying to bring them out everyone's looking electric I think if not now probably by next year everyone in the Western world will be you know expecting electric vehicles to be everywhere in the coming few years so it's getting to that stage now I believed that that would happen three or four years ago to be at this stage around about now anyway where electric vehicles will be coming into the market you know be quite common as they are going as they are becoming and as they are going to be in the next few years but the thing with that is in the Chinese market will it work the same I don't know the market near those they've got the education route is that just a play from them as a company and what their vision is or is it what the market requires in China to be educated because if it's a requirement of the market in order to sell more vehicles the yeah that's a win-win right but if it's just from a vision standpoint and they might have been better off staying offshore rooms with lots of vehicles in ready to sell and you know be a bit informative and educational at the same time then it may not be as good a business move as opposed to a vision but I I do feel that because of what you just showed you with the tissue you know I covering the mouth and stuff because of emissions of the problems and pollution in China they most probably have

picks the correct route for why I can gauge so yeah that's just an up day they opened up 25 showrooms in China and that was this month I believe the completed them and they are expanding they they are not regressing like the stock has been I believe pushed into Russian on the new york stock exchange but they have positive outcomes going on in the company so I am still bullish on them as some of you will be mentioning in the comments yeah two reasons for that is from all the videos I've made I think obviously yes I'm excited about Tesla have always have been I like but Elon Musk produces I like his output and yeah those are the companies that I'm quite bullish on but near the first thing is neo is a stock that I feel can become the next Tesla or at least it has there China and also increases stock price so that's why I'm bullish on it mainly but also right now neo because I'm a small Channel he's getting me views to my youtube channel more than any other video because if I make a video about Tesla that doesn't get me any views and if I make a video I'll just like being open and honest it doesn't get me as much views if I make videos about other stocks at the moment so very bullish twice over on me oh because one attracts more people to my channel too it produces content for my channel and three it helps me focus on a stock where I fear I feel like it's kind of a it's not a penny stock I call it a dollar stock right I call it a dollar stock thus I believe undervalued and I believe can become a three $400 share price that's it see you in the next video make sure you comment below if you're on youtube or the website and subscribe click the bell icon if you're on youtube subscribe to the email list if you're on the website I shall see you next time

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