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in this article I want to talk about Neil stocks and they're not falling off a cliff that I anticipated it's not happening yet and the stock all stocks seemed to be sliding down a hill if not falling down a cliff so I mean Facebook stalk a bit of a tumble recently alphabet Inc was back up today actually but you know down a little I'm talking about what the stocks in general like they've been falling like down on a downward trend more stocks but knee on the other hand has been yeah it's down a bit it's not still at the 250 mark but just checking the stock what the stocks been doing today is it's been between two three eight two four four it's holding at the moment at two forty and two dollars forty is it seems to be a point where neo is comfortable at the moment and seems to be hovering around that mark and I believe that is possibly the drop the 8 to 10 cent drop in the past few days I would say was potentially the stock market in general there was a pullback in the stock market in general and a lot of instances for other stocks and and this is important to take into account when I'm watching a stock like this after nor is it something specific to the stock itself or is it the market in general or is it another economical factor or is it some news factor or is it you know gold prices suddenly gone down so everyone shifting over to gold drawer like stuff like that so I need to know any potential variances that could affect the stock price outside of the actual company itself for example with Neil it could be something to do with Chinese manufacturing I wouldn't say that about many other countries but because China is one of the biggest manufacturers in the world of a lot of things I would say if there's anything big going on in the manufacturing sector in China that could have indirect effects on a stock price for a company from China but very complex that is to analyze and to go into detail with and they were probably taking a few hours or yeah probably quite a few hours of footage to go through that complexity with you but that's one example another one example would be China's economy another factor would be the global economy and of course this factor I narrowed it down to the generalization of something going on in the stock market in general there's a pullback on more stocks by a few percentiles MA percentiles percentages one to five percent maybe six percent across the major or the popular stocks so that's in the past few days potentially that's some thing based around the news or something like that some scarcity factors and things to do with the US economy I imagine mainly the global economic outlook things like that can affect the stock market as a whole but these intraday type of and daily types of videos that I'm producing about Neo stock have to take all these things into account I have to know these factors before I proceed you try and explain what could be going on with the stock so so what neo is actually doing is yes like every other like a lot of other stocks it is affected so it's pulling down from the $2 48 $2 50 mark down to $2 40 or around and it's and it's just bouncing up and down and it's it's in that like support resistance level so it's a pullback but it's not a pullback for neo I don't believe I believe it's a generic pullback for from the stocks as a whole share prices are across a range of companies that I've been looking at are just I just glanced over the charts like quickly the app I use our link either below in this video of LinkedIn you can find it in some of my other videos to do I prefer to look at like stocks and buy stocks with you know I I just look I just glanced over that because I've been an analyst before I can look at charts and and know kind of like what's going on so I can't it I can say that with confidence that yeah this the stocks but generically having a pullback this it seems to be this week in fact it may be because of the Christmas period the stocks generally sometimes tend to have a pullback near the end of the year what I've not noticed historically so it may be a pullback at the end of year fall back I call it which carries on sometimes into January February but yeah Neos a stock is holding out quite well still still very strong nothing to worry about for me and I think that is I am going to continue with it is become quite popular on this channel like it gets the most views you guys love watching updates about knee knee or make sure you subscribe like comment below tell me what what you watching what you enjoying in my videos what else do you want me to cover about neo I'm gonna make more in-depth videos about New York covering what the company is doing and stuff like that what vehicles they're working on what technology be working on I've got stuff to cover coming up you know to do with their new AI technology the self-driving technology they're going from level 4 their showrooms I already made a video about the educational fact I'm gonna dive deeper into you know and the types of vehicles that they have and you know what market areas they apply to all those videos are coming soon so I'm gonna be diving deep into neo because it's hit a surge of popularity on this channel and when I look at my statistics cuz I'm an analyst so that's what I do it seems to be neo videos you guys seem to watch the longest and prefer the most off so I'm gonna be producing more of them I'm still gonna be covering all the stocks for now as all because you know I'm just I'm not you can't be just a one stock person you need to have slack diversification not too much remember is my philosophy on it so I'm gonna believe Warren Buffett's as well but you know you gotta have a slight diversification I feel personally if you're on the website make sure you comment on the posts subscribe to the email list so you get alerts about you stock star looking at and subscribe to the youtube channel as well and click the bell icon to make sure you get all 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