Tesla stock rolls Down a Hill after Tesla Truck Unveiling?

A people so this video is about Tesla stock right tell the stock I just shot another video right and I was like saying tells the stock is doing quite well and you know you should be all by in terms of stock uh stuff like that but what. Just happened Tesla stock has just fallen off a cliff whoa not falling off a cliff but you know like it's just taking a tumble on a slippery slope just to be right it's basically dropped fifteen twenty dollars per share right as we. Speak it's still dropping right now cuz I was looking at I was like even in my last video and my last video was only about an hour ago yet you can check when it was in the last hour it's just gone down from three hundred and fifty f.

Dollars Per Share !

Dollars per share I think I saw all the way down to three hundred and thirty four so that's like a $20 dropped like in an hour you know I literally looked at my share Dylan approves links below based on free share like an hour ago a. And it was a 3/5 cuz I because I wanted to talk about when I was talking about Neil and then all of a sudden I got an update an alert saying it's gone down and I like what but what happened is Tesla were like uber is going into logi. You know logistics is a big game there's a lot of money in logistics you know there's a lot of everything all goods need to be transported even when everybody goes online and there's no more Walmart's and there's no more as days and.

And Tesco's and there's no more Walgreens and you know stuff like that which will never happen kind of thing but you know in a futurist world right you know this stuff still needs to be for it from one place to another and that's wh. The logistics industry comes in now uber did this as well I'm talking about today because Obama - and they they want to go into logistics they've actually made big investments in towards logistics so that they're going down that shi. Shipping logistics kind of channel and so is Tesla but the thing is Tesla have launched their truck Tesla truck today and the Tesla truck has not been as impressive as we first thought it might be now I don't know why that is why wo.

It not be impressive I'm not looking enough into the were like what the actual truck is but my imaginationknows what I should have been right so I'm probably making up their videos as to why is and why what I think it should I'll te. Tell you now what I think it should have been right it should have been tons of batteries right like I'm saying if you know I'm talking like 500 kilowatt battery right per truck because obviously you ain't got fuel tanks you don't n. Fuel tanks anymore you don't need other things you know to do with the engine and the and stuff like that with a truck you know there's a lot of things big big parts that go in a truck right with the engine and everything so you got.

Got All That Space ?

Got all that space you have got much more space in fact they're a Model X underneath the truck to fit more batteries as well so you got all the engine bay you've got all the space and I'm sure you can like do some engineering and fi. Like batteries all over the truck but anyway that's my imagination going off that's what I believe it should have been I believe it should have been long-haul machine that you either you charge with a rapid charger for an hour maybe. Two hours and it just gets you a long distance that's all I'm thinking with these trucks my mind is thinking the battery is so big they I guess you a long distance per charge right but there's a problem and I'm not sure what that pr.

Is and apparently shareholders definitely don't like the problems because they were not impressed by this stuff they were not impressed by any of this stuff so what I would say in this situation is Tesla is still a strong company ri. Right and another thing Iwould say this is a great opportunity because no one had village-like even I was thinking today Tesla hasn't had any bad news recently in anything that their stock price looks strong and I think it's just go. Gonna Connie I'm going up but hold on then comes an opportunity right so this is not Tesla's course set business right this is not a battery technology and this is not the vehicle we standard marketplace vehicles this is Tesla's log.

Arm right it's a new investment new channel that tells us going into so I'm not too concerned I think this is actually a you know anything under 3:30 or around that mark is a buying opportunity because I think Tesla's gonna go way b. Way back up again I'm not a financial adviser so make sure you seek financial advice independent especially from UK I don't often subscribe as well and hit the bell icon and make sure if you're on the website you subscribe to the em. We have to show you what stocks I'm picking or why and when and alerts like this is just come out right this has just happened right now and I'm making a video by right now that's why you're gonna keep watching me remember neo stock.

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