Peloton PTON stocks gradually rising is it a Winner or Loser?

In this video I want to talk to you about a stock that I've been looking at for a while but I I it's one of those stocks that I do not know how I actually feel about whether it's a buy whether it's a sell whether it is I suppose I'm. It's a neutral pick is the best way for me to describe it particularly because I feel it's not a stock that I can get really excited about like I get excited about Tesla or get excited about uber I get excited about Facebook or Goog. Google or AMD I need to do a video about MD actually article by MD so yeah that's one thing but and this stock is palliative interactive and the ticker is piton pto n the US stock is a company that does like interactive inclusive im.

Fitness Sessions Via !

Fitness sessions via streaming and via their customized equipment in your home now they have a treadmill customized treadmill does like has the all the interactive features and they have a bike the bike is I think selling out better. Better than the treadmill but it's it's one of those markets whereI believe they want their customers to get involved and have a different type of option to having to go to the gym so they offer this as a service and it's in your ho. And you have like some of the best fitness instructors in the world and you know personal trainers in that you've got some of the best personal trainers in the world so overall it's it's a great offering in terms of immersion in ter.

Terms of inclusion and you got all your tracking and everything going on with how you're doing and stuff like that and it is the closest I suppose you can get to being in a training session with a personal trainer face to face so an. They have built you know a target they have they do have a lot of customers they are you know expecting to be profitable the stock has risen in the last month by 38 percent so everything so far in terms of how good the stock is is a. Positive but but I mean looking at the charts look if we look at the charts the stock started at just under the $26 mark and is now at the $29 mark and it's only been out since like September when is Harris I see your buttthe stock.

Is a difficult one for me to predicate in terms of what the outcome of performance will be over the next few years mainly because of the price this is what gets me with this stock right with this company in fact I'm pretty sure it's. A it's a viable product it is a premium product they have a customer base established and things like that but and right now they're doing incredibly well and they're trying to buy like some distribution of manufactured manufacturin. Chains I believe they're buying to buy they're going to buy or they have bought one of the bike manufacturers because our trade was it treadmills it'll either be bikes or treadmills because there wasn't much innovation done in that.

Space And They Want ?

Space and they want to actually innovate with the equipment so these are all very positive things but how much can they do with the price point because this stuff is like at the you know like $2,000 mark and one analyst I I heard po. Out that the first thing to go when times get tight or if there's a recession or if you know there's a budget problem in a household is the gym membership that goes first right that's one of the first things to go so it's one of tho. Those things where you know how they're gonna have their memberships cancelled how does that work and stuff like that but they've definitely got a market I think there's definitely in terms of the product offering in the immersion t.

They have got a viable business model their price points I believe they can find enough customer base out there and build upon enough customer base and generate enough balls and stuff to create viable and profitable business bur how. Do they then take this viable profitable business and apply it toreaching out to the customers who are on gym memberships because that's your target market right whereas right now they're going for the premium audience they need I t. They're going to go through a phase where they've developed the technology now then they probably what they need to be actually doing not they're probably gonna do either what they need to be doing is to try and bring out a cheaper.

Offering for example I don't know maybe just an an app as well that you can sign up to that has an option for you to not buy the equipment for example so an app maybe that or maybe a custom tablet or like a smaller equipment or like. A cheaper version of the recruitment where they can buy it for a cheap the customers can buy it for a cheaper price point but I don't want to get into like tug you know that's if or maybe as ease right now how much can they reduce c. Cost how profitable can they be and the main thing for me is how big is their target market how big is their potential consumer base because you can't compare it to a gym membership that they've got although they are trying to go af.

That Market They're !

That market they're trying very hard by doing monthly installments so I think that's they attacked their selling this is expensive equipment and the charging monthly installments on it so in that how those memberships are going is w. What I really need to look into so I will be doing an update on peloton and mainly I think now that I've worked out through this video is looking at how they are going towards increasing their customer base especially with that memb. Price point that they have so it's a $2,000 product they're charging like 40 $50 $60 I don't know where exactly the prices per month over a few years for you so a monthly installments on that product for example and that's how I bel.

I Believe They're ?

I believe they're trying to go after the gym membership market because that works out in the customers mind as the same price that the paying for your gym membership whereas they can have this equipment our home so it's interesting. How they're gonna how they're gonna compete in the market and it's one to watch in fact make sure you hit the bell icon subscribe leave your comments what you think about this company do you think they are a winner do you think they. Gonna do well I'm not so sure as yet but I'm not they're gonna have to market a well I know they've done well so far but I think with their mum the the only chance they've got at the moment completely with standard gym memberships w. .

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