WHAT THE TESLA TRUCK IS THIS ? Tesla stock price?

So as promised I am covering what is happening with the Tesla stock price after the Tesla truck unveiling okay so first of all most right is obviously what got me first before anything else before even what happened to the stock price. Or anything else was how the truck looks right now I'm looking at it as I'm making this video article and it looks like the rooftop corner of a house taken from an angle mixed with a base line of a tank so and you know that's just u. The view of car of it just now I imagine everyone who was viewing it at first must have seen it as like a Back to the Future type of vehicle and like Elon Musk must've just like gone for it to get it like even more publicity but aft.

After Looking Deeper !

After looking deeper into its functionality and looking past the Back to the Future Star Wars futuristic type of design when I actually looked looked into some of the reviews that people are done on the videos that people made I can. See that the Tesla truck inside because this was right now it's difficult I know but it's what's on the inside that counts and to be honest yeah there was an issue with the armored glass being smashed by a steel ball a close-range a. To be honest I am not too concerned with the with that I think Tesla will work out a solution for that they said they've run all the tests so I might just be known anomaly that that glass broke with a steel ball but I mean they're t.

Trying to make I imagine a type of what looks like a futuristic tank and giving it to the public but other than that they tried to hit the body of the Tesla truck with a hammer and that was done live as well and that didn't even cau. A dent so that just shows you what I've been talking about in the past that Tesla does know how to make really solid long-term vehicles that will be robust and resilient towards basically damage now there are different levels of dam. That come from where and things like that but you know this is this is this Tesla truck has been developed in a way and I - distinctively focus on durabilityso I mean from the inside it looked astonishing it looked you know it's got.

Got all the space it's gone in enormous amount of space I think it can carry like a three and a half thousand pound load whereas an average truck or the best-selling truck in the US can do like two thousand four hundred or two thous. Seven hundred pounds and it can't or fourteen thousand pounds whereas the best-selling truck can do less than that if you'd put into tri-motor mode so there's three motors on this thing as well that's another thing to know and also. There is a cover to cover up the the loading bay at the back let me see if I can show you an example right here in this video it's not this one it's this is this is kind of like what I mean so they so there you can see what the func.

Of The Truck Is Like ?

Of the truck is like so I basically can lower its back suspension so you can literally load something onto it and then a cover goes all over if that bike wasn't over these ridges here cover would also cover that so you can actually. Actually and I imagine it'd probably be the same cover to be honest as dips so they did say strong enough to stand on even when it's covering the back top roof of the vehicle so yeah overall it's a functional vehicle I wouldn't be t. Too concerned because obviously cons this is a concept design the test is unveiling here and I believe ill in in Elon Musk's mind this will have been a PR stunt kind of thing like people will be saying exactly as I'm saying right no.

Are they really gonna release this thing looking like it does which is definitely not going to happen I think it's just in concept form and this is potentially far from what it will look like when it's actually unveiled of released. To the public as a consumer version so I just wanna show you a picture of the lights as well because I think the lights were really good see if I can find one there we go no that's not goodyeah let me show you just show you where th. Lights are on this vehicle and I think they look really cool so like they're brighter than this like in the dark which is really cuz if you think of a truck it has lights at the top here and it has light lights there as well whereas.

This is just like a bar going across or I do hope they keep the lighting design I really think that's really cool but yeah as far as the truck design goes is come on it's obvious it's not gonna look like this you know unless you're. You know an average star wars fan or something like that I wouldn't imagine this design is gonna sell to the masses but as a concept yeah yes it's perfect and it's perfect for PR as well cuz it got my attention is like whoa I need t. Look at instead of actually gonna release something that looks like this or not but obviously still in concept stages the truck is due to release 2021 and I don't understand again I'm still gonna go with why did the shareholders or.

Why Did The Stock !

Why did the stock price fall over windows you know you can make come on they're making futuristic cars they can make a rocket land itself again and you telling me they can't fix a bulletproof window or an armored window come on and. It wasn't just like a rock being thrown I it was a steel ball the density of a steel ball moving through space and time took from a close distance full range you know if it's gonna cause a lot of things to shatter never mind a car w. That's armor proof it Ilan did say though I didn't go through it actually didn't go through so that's still a good thing anyhow that's the Tesla run over with I hope those come out looking a bit more like this which this is like I d.

I Don'T Know Who'S ?

I don't know who's made this but Tesla rocky of modeless I think but yeah I hope it does come out looking like this and I shall speak to you guys in the next video make sure you hit the like and subscribe buttons and leave a comment. Below telling me what you think about the Tesla truck do you think it's any good what do you think of it if you're on the website subscribe to the email subscription so you can get alerts when stock prices move up and down you can s. What I'm doing with them. .

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