Tesla Truck 200,000 pre-orders are the Stocks safe?

So in this video article I want to cover off how many orders this truck from Tesla is actually getting and why you should not be concerned about the stock price with this or this affecting the stock price negatively because you know. More I look at this truck right and the more news that I'm hearing about this truck for example I think it was a UK paper at the mirror today reported that despite a humiliating launch the Tesla truck has still managed to hundred th. Thousand orders I think that's more than any of their vehicles beforehand actually and they still managed to get two hundred thousand orders out andpre-ordered so I am not concerned at all what is happening with the trust Tesla truc.

I Mean Initially From !

I mean initially from before I looked into what the truck was actually about you know I actually thought that you know the truck looked a bit funny but now when I look back to back within this tug of war image that I found apparentl. There was a tug of war test as well between the trucks and obviously the Tesla trucks got more talk toys going to win and they put a lot more research to their tires and everything that they do so it's I know it won't but anyway loo. At the design next with next to a standard truck which looks better literally I mean you know I wasn't sure about the design of this Tesla truck that's the one thing that I personally wasn't sure about I was like okay this design lo.

Looks different it's out there fantastic market employee but and it's functional you know the funny thing is is that this design here is actually functional it's a very functional design it's very solid it's very it's very functiona. As a design like a is built like a tank like it can take the way that is built you know it can take a beating but which actually which truck looking at these two trucks which truck looks bath I am actually looking at the Tesla truck. As I think of this and think you know what the Tesla truck actually is the better looking truck if I mean first thing is it doesn't even look like a truck it looks like something of well as one of my friends said Ridge Racer but oth.

Than that I just look it just design wise a looks like a truck from the future literally and I actually liked the design now compared to the standard trucks if I was going for a truck right going to buy a truck which somewhere along. My life I may do I may not do but if I was on the market for a truck I would want a Tesla truck I do not want want any other truck right now if I was in the market for a truck I want a transit rock-like design-wise now I'm sold now. I've seen it next to a standard shaped like that's the standard kind of shape for a truck right this is in this image right here now that I've seen it next to a tell the truck I am with the Towser truck design wise as well it's got.

It Sold 200,000 ?

It sold two hundred thousand orders two hundred thousand orders of this thing that is good this this is gonna touch a quarter of a million this Tesla truck is gonna touch a quarter of a million pre-orders that. Is massive for a truck a hundred fifty 24 hours or 48 hours in law after launch you know 150 thousand do not worry about the share price of this company do not worry unless something goes atrociously wrong with this truck it's obvio. Proven that is a winner and Tesla is here to stay if you're on YouTube subscribe and hit the bell icon if you're on the website make sure you subscribe to the email list and leave a comment comment below so you get these updates as.

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