NIO Stock over $2 Tesla of Competitor?

Hey guys so this video today we are gonna discuss what is going on with your neo stock neo is the Tesla of China for those of you that don't know I have been tracking Neos talk for a while now I seems like he's doing pretty well I mean. Like I've got in a week ago our dollar 60 and from there I managed to see the stock go up way above the $2 mark and then I shot back to the $2 mark like three times this month so I believe is trying to create a new support level for. Yourself above the $2 mark it wants to go above $2 as far as I can see so what that means the company's doing well the company is getting their deliveries out on time on schedule they are heading towards building up a stable company.

That's Got A Huge Demand !

That's got a huge demand it's got the biggest demand in China like well China will have the largest electric vehicle demand in the world so neo is apparently I heard some rumors that they not even making all the cars themselves and. Like stuff like that so I need to like check into like details of those of that nature but they definitely are a frontrunner to become the next Tesla especially in China and if you looked at Tesla stock recently tell the stock is sh. Shot three hundred sixty dollars a share now a mad drone if nio went from the dollar sixty though I've got a two $350 per share amazing right obviously to do that you've got to be Tesla they are trying to be Tesla but only really T.

Tesla can be Tesla but then you've got the other story of like for example the war between Intel and AMD AMD was was not a front-runner for like they they they were B in Intel for quite a long time right but now AMD is gonna struggle. To catch up to Intel I mean sorry Intel's gonna struggle to catch up to AMD because of how far along AMD has come in their production in manufacturing in the store you know yeah so like you never know neo could just take off in a big. Big way with electric cars they could come out with electrical I mean I've seen that electric cars they are high quality good grade electric cars they seem to have very similar technology to Tesla and they are pretty much up to spee.

In terms of having this technology and stuff in place inside their vehicles I'm talking about the auto driving I'm talking about the battery technology I'm talking about the build quality and the usage yeah they've got some kinks an. Stuff um they've got their you know charge a network Estonia these are all problems that Tesla has already gone through so because Tesla has already gone through these problems I'm not too concerned that neons going through through. Similar challenges because that is just how things though in the electric car world I mean if I hadn't have seen Tesla go through similar challenges like however you know the charger Network fulfillment problems manufacturing issues.

Costs And Distribution ?

Costs and distribution problems operational cost fluctuation if I hadn't have seen Tesla go through the exact same things then I would be thinking well I would be a little slightly concerned with me on and be thinking okay what's go. Happen with the stock isn't gonna go up down left right or which way is it gonna go you know it's just one of them things like but because I've seen Tesla go through these issues and hopefully the leaders the inside neo will will ta. Take note from how Elon Musk dealt with these things when they happen to him they need to now focus on mimicking how Tesla got are these situations and how Tesla Guerard these situations was by Elon Musk just using that small brain.

Of his and figuring out ways to I mean well figuring out ways to reduce costs to improve efficiency and and that's what he's been doing all the way through I'm sure he tried to do at the start but then when he's got problems that he. Facing he knows how to fix them so they just need to copy what he did in these situations when they come up in their circumstance and this should be right as rain just like they're copying him anyway like thoughts and stuff you know. But but he's all fari he was that competitor he wants the competition he wants he because well really because Tesla owns like the biggest battery manufacturing firm factories in in the world which is all cause he wins either way the.

Because of his leaves in the land or the battery technology contracts for the cars so he's not concerned about that even if there are more electric car manufacturers heels Tesla's will always sell because of the type of brand that t. They've built andyeah I just won't touch on telling the stuff actually for now Mito so Neil's doing well but in this same video I'm a toucher I want to make a separate video about Elvis stuff because I think they are on a boost mold. At the moment and I need to find out why and I think their stock gets excited the stud I'm noticed that Tesla share price increases slightly I'm talking about like obviously now cuz a larger share price per share so I'm talking abou.

Slight Increases Anywhere !

Slight increases anywhere between one to three percent when they announced a new factory so like people get excited when it tells my expands like that's an exciting time so I mean Tesla has opened up a new factory and the share pric. Has gone up slightly I mean I got in I mentioned on my youtube channel as well I got into Tesla I got into near $1 60 per share and I got into Tesla at $26 per share and no I'm sorry I didn't get into Tesla I voted to uber $26 per s. Share I go in to Tesla far before that but Tesla could be a four thousand three to four thousand per share stock within the next 10-15 years the way is the REA is grow I've seen it go up by like a hundred dollars since I'll be watch.

It It Could Be A Massive ?

It it could be a massive stock and neo I'm hoping we'll follow suit with Tesla even if Neil goes up to like $400 like and you buy now when NIO lured cheap you know you are going to be in the money not a financial adviser this is jus. Just my opinion I'm showing you what I'm looking at researching and if you you should seek for an independent financial advice especially if you read the UK I don't want to get here with none of these non disclaimer raw loss or you. Know like this is my disclaimer for you hope you enjoyed the video make sure you hit the like button subscribe hit the bell icon when you subscribe are going on and if you're on my website make sure you join our email list if you're. .

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