Tesla Stocks Still rising Will NIO make a comeback?

I was going people so right now Tesla stock is still on the up I made a video the other day about Tesla stock talking about how it got up from like $300 per share price point no sorry the 250 mark up to the 300 dollar mark which was. Rise of around 20% and I've just checked the stocks again and Tesla is still rising so it's up by about 28% now and the price on the stock is about three hundred and twenty-eight dollars around about and we're still obviously wait f. For the US market to open because it's early in the UK yeah but I believe is still going to continue to rise because there are reports out now of Tesla like turning profits and things like they've been a strong outlook some investor.

Are Actually Predicting !

Are actually predicting that the stock might even go to $4,000 per share now if it goes to $4,000 per share that is a huge increase of like a thousand percent kind of things so what how long that will take is again I always compare. Tesla to like a slower version of Apple so Tesla is - the car industry that what Apple was to mobile phones or even smartphonesso I think yeah they're gonna do it but they're gonna take slightly longer than I hold it so there's a ma. Of watching that space and finding out what actually happens so what I would suggest is that you invest in Tesla now and hold a long term I'm not a financial advisor by the way but that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna invest into Tesl.

Tesla now early on and hold it long term just write out the highs and the lows like say if it don't start to drop you know there could be problems with there are other models but I think the crucial thing here to take into account i. That Tesla's term profits or Tesla's is doing positive stock wise whilst is bringing out a mass production vehicle so whilst is bringing out a mass production vehicle to turn a positive profit whilst doing something at mass scale is. A really strong thing to do so this is a crucial point in time for Tesla because the model 3 was supposed to be their mass market vehicle and if they turn in profits whilst they're trying to get their mass-market vehicle up and out.

There that is a really strong position to be in they've had some production issues andmanufacturing provider issues and I believe I read that the car has more than 1,000 parts that they have to put together so there's more bits and. That they need to put together and the build quality of the vehicles as far as I have seen and as far as being tested including down to the safety of the vehicle and is really good so to be able to turn a positive on the stock price. With all that going on he's a really great thing should you be looking to invest in Tesla I definitely am myselfget independent financial advice because I'm not a financial adviser I've just got stock market experienceI love managed.

Investments Before ?

Investments before butwhat about Neil cuz I spoke about Neos Oh usually and to be honest I haven't I I am going to buy I haven't as yet purchased any shares in New York but I need to actually take up some share the Neil I'm sure you. You guys how's performing because they could well be another Tesla depending on how good they are and how well they start to produce this is here a law from ten dollars is gone down to about just above a dollar but it's not I mean I. Set an alert like one dollar ten to see if your shorts out to one dollar ten but is it gonna reach that low or not should I just buy a 1. 5 it's not much of a risk I'm just gonna buy a handful of shares to see how they perform it cou.

To be honest any solid electric vehicle company is gonna do well in the next five to ten years anyway so as long as they can deliver on what they promised then you be safe to invest with them in my opinion so yeah how to get investi. You can click the link below there should be a link to trading - or - which is why I use which I find to be one of the simplest platforms to star in vest in with at the moment it works really well for me I could just check my shares. On my form I can invest from my phone it's just on my phone like everything sit down on a laptop watch what the stocks doing and stuff like that they've got different types types chime tools and things so yeah trading - one two of t.

The best best to go with also I'm going to be starting a newsletter so make sure you subscribe actually and click the bell icon I may be starting a subscription newsletter via email I will point out hot stocks that I'm looking at wh. I'm doing saw like an insider newsletter kind of thing near future but yeah if you're not subscribed leave a comment below tell me what you think about Tesla tell me what you think about New York or any other stocks that you're look. At today or this week to invest in and you just like thinking should I should I know or even if you're new to investing ask me questions I can try and help you out catch you in the next video.


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