Why are Tesla Stocks Elon Musk 20% higher should I Buy or Sell?

Hey guys it's I'm just shooting this quick video just to speak about Tesla stock it's just gone through the roof at the moment the earnings reports come through and it's just smashed expectations it's been up by 20 25 percent it's gone. Up from like $250 to all the way above touching $300 in over some points but I just want to talk through about why that's happened and also things that you've got to be a bit worried about with Tesla as Tesla as a company the first. Thing is is that the reason it happened is because Tesla's actually got his manufacturing started at the moment and not only as he got started it's got the ball rolling and it's got more production line in place and it's got more Gi.

Factories For The !

Factories for the battery technology going on we're gonna talk about that in a second but what has been happening is Tesla had a period ofshocks stock market wise whereby they had a massive amount of bad press and a lot of concern a. And stress about whether they were going to be able to deliver these model threes which I'm quite certain they've been through before Tesla especially with the roadsters in the Model S but I think because the model 3 had such a wide. Mass appeal because it's it's the family car kind of thing the family affordable car has such a big appeal and needed such massive amounts of production to meet demand eel almost turned it around in time and he actually beat expecta.

Then and has again on the stock price q3 earnings be expectations again so overall things are looking very very positive but the thing with Tesla is thatgloom can always be round the corner with them now what I mean by that is if Te. If Tesla had another episode we'd say the battery technology or the gigafactory is around the battery technology just opened a new one in Shanghai if they had any issues around they're producing the batteries then you know that woul. Cause some kind of upset with the stock or cause it to fall in short if they had any further but I don't believe they've got any further problems with production line and model threes so yeah there's nothing going on that whereas th.

Solar roofs corner where the battery the in-house battery is gone still ongoing I suppose but we're looking at their car production and mostly their battery cell production which i think is is the strongest market that they have the. Cars and their batteries as a car brand they are the number one electric car brand that you know and they're likely to remain that way for a long time their car build quality is excellent I'm a fan of them so yeah I think the the ye. Yearnings are positive and I think Elon is gonna be able to keep up with the demand and I think the stock price will potentially hold out for quite a while and I'm very I'd be very cautious though for some shots or pitfalls or or do.

Comings In The Future ?

Comings in the future of where I would say they just hiccups because Elon is pragmatic enough and Tesla for a program pragmatic enough to overcome slumps in obstacles or slumps obstacles so like if they had a production problem if t. They had a supply chain problem they had any type a problem like that Elon would do what needs to do to overcome that problem so you know I'm fairly confident that the company is on the up-and-up it went up by a massive amount I mea. Like 20% plus so yeah it's a good one to watch and keep watching during the end of 2019 and through 2020 and obviously I love Tesla so I'm gonna be covering them over and I just wanted to give you an update on what's going on why an.

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