Tesla VS NIO Stocks which one should you buy?

A huge thing in this country since its IPO now what's happened is early on in the quarter 2019 there were orders going through up to the aka margin and they were predicting like a huge growth in sales but what happened then is they tanked and. This is a similar scenario that happened with a Tesla Tesla went from this what happened with it took a while and everyone thought at the time Elon Musk is the new house he's not gonna make it but they managed to pull through a nila. About with even better figures and then that made tell the stock bounced back but you know do the same to me what looks to be there are beautiful cars but under electric electric vehicle company the stock is tanking badly at the mom.

And That Is Due To !

And that is due to them not being able to fulfill the orders as they thought they could or as fast as they thought they could which is exactly the same problem or case study as Tesla went through now Tesla turned around can you do t. Do the same that's a story to tell if they can do the same during 2020 when we think this major recession is gonna happen again like all the big investors are saying if they can't do that then it's a whole stop to buy but that is a. Question because there's a supply and demand going game going on in the electric vehicle industry and if you're not a big player you're gonna struggle make it numbers profit margins you've got new technology you've got batteries whi.

Are mass in mass production as yeah I mean tells what is the biggest factories to to to meet the demand for the vehicles themselves in polish and Panasonic but production thank you has to be a lot higher and my mother has to be a lo. A lot higher for electric vehicles which i think is coming and i think companies GM that's why blue things like that that's face to know if your jeweled vehicles because they've already gone a lot of people know they're buying but n. Coming in as a new company or is on a tangent or and half attempt but especially with fulfilling their production orders if they can turn that around is definitely because that stuff is cheap when demand picks up for electric cars t.

Then i'll hide when is it when is that that's a good question when is it gonna pick up for electric cars the demand for electric cars is gonna pick up when there's more electric cars available so companies like neo need other compan. Like the bigger ones petrol diesel cars at the moment to the mass market to bring out more electric cars which will inevitably bring out more demand for their vehicles because they are not tesla the first to marketpenetration the bi. Big plans so it needs to rise their way will that happen in 2020 slowly our turnaround is orders and fulfillment I just want to watch well stock is very cheap at the moment I would be safe to say is it's safe enough to put a small i.

In Looking And I Might ?

In looking and I might actually do it and just watch it because what's just news to compare to Tesla so yeah watch this space I'm gonna buy it a small handful of stocks not amazing just to watch it because it is trending against it. It is a good one I think for everyone to watch against the comparison of how it's gonna do against Tesla so watch this space if you're not on the trading tuned to our links in the video subscribe click the belt show about the bye by. Bye noise but yeah sort of sign.


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