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So guys this is a video about a new app that I'm using coal trading to want to go made a video by before bar just wanted to like run you guys through the actual app itself and as I mentioned in my other video you can actually get a free. Share worth up to a hundred pounds or $100 over a hundred euros my very country to country but it's 100 to 200 lb and as you can see here all I did was deposit one pound or one dollar or one euro it'll be and I got a free share for. Bed and bath so I'll show you my share first of all that I got for free this is absolutely free this sure was for Burdon Bath and Beyond and my share has actually increased in revenue so like is I've actually made like 17 percent back.

Deposit £1 Do you want to get a free stock share worth up to £⁠100? Create a Trading 212 Invest account using this link and we both get a free share!

On The Share Which !

On the share which is like quite good but and it's the US share so you could get the share from anyway I if you stick to my channel I actually just invest in actual stocks rather than ETS now I want to run you through that's just no. Normal my full bra does ignore that I like to do but also making videos it's just like keeps me busy and I just make these videos in between orders I don't need to take all to come anyhow so let's go back to the app itself so we've. Got Barclays here for example and just look at how simple and easy it is to you you can just click it you got the chart there you've got your standard trying time frames all the way up to one year you know unless you look in long ti.

You don't really need to see more than more than the last year unless there's something massive going on in the economy like everyone's talking about in in the investment world at the 2020 recession [Music]so there's got different l. Like watch tools that you can use in the app here and like for example there's there's popular stocks and this seems to like almost a very under priced stock right here which must be popular for a reason as it dropped quite a lot ye. I knew it you see look at this massive this is this is sometimes when you see a stock like this you want to try and understand or configure a why this stock is being watched so much at the moment why it would have a popularity so so.

Is thinking that this stock is hugely under priced which makes me want to look ok I do some research on this now if you go into history you know that you're going to intro instrument detail this is we look at the endit's quite inter. Interesting that neo ink stock okay you could also actually this this message is just come on some others speak about this so that you can trade it within this app you can trade stocks Forex cryptocurrencies and more for zero Commis. We've got like CFDs and stuff like that as well but you can also practice with the virtual account of 50,000 now if you if you're totally new to stock trading in the investment world I would try with a virtual account and it is just.

Worth It Would Be ?

Worth it would be like what happens look at the end of the day you've got no control over the market but you could use this app to learn even for free yeah look we've got Tesla stockbut also by watching my channel you'll hopefully p. Pick up a loss tips okay Tesla is performing insatiably well this quarter looks like think that will be because they're pressing along and model through stuffoverall I think tells lies on the up so yeah you've got your popular stock. In here here's what it shows your investments so like it'll show you a pie chart basically and what your investments are made of how much value in return you've got and it's you know like this technology now is excellent because you.

Just saw they went up from nine pounds thirty three pence no nine pounds fifty three pegs all the way up to nine pounds fifty five not only increase to pee but you saw it happen right in front of you you can sit here and watch your. Stock basically live and I think that's quite amazing it shows you how many instruments you have you've got you've got everything there from the Nasdaq the London Stock Exchange the Netherlands boys de Madrid Nasdaq NY I see six Swi. So you've got all themajor trading tools in there as well for those of you that I'm stumble eyes and here's how you get your free share so you get you free share by clicking on this link here that you will have underneath this video.

And you then just go through open your account deposit like one dollar euro pound and that's it you get a future I get a free sure we both share it then share this with other people that you know to get them a free shirt and I belie. The the limit cap on this at the moment is like up to 20 people so you can share this with 20 people and basically you giving them free money like you're giving them a free free investment kind of thing so yeah why not do it they've. Got training videos how to draw trend lines this is like when you spotting trends of where which way a stock might go market trends explained you know these are excellent videos for you to try and understand what and how the stock m.

Markets Work For The !

Markets work for the forex market is there similar patterns that you can register and understand with experience in the different types of markets and then you've got like reversal patterns where a stock is is about to go back up or. Or about to go back now parallel channels again just looking looking for outbursts that can potentially happen support on resistance I personally suggest that you try your best to understand support and resistance andexcuse that noi. Support and resistance and okay we don't throw the video and trend lines are the two main ones our banks impact Forrester that's a background knowledge video tune or wall moves Forex prices this if you want to go into forex again my.

My Channel Guys Is ?

My channel guys is not going to be forex related I'm not a forex guy I do I have known Forex in the past I didn't particularly like it I like sticking to real-world stocks at all that currency exchange for the meantime and this is a. Major one if you do decide to go with forex trading now that I'm saying you can't make it work I'm just saying I personally like stocks and only a handful of stocks right that's why I want to talk about so costs of forex trading tha. A major big risk factor that you need to consider win-win forex trading the anatomy of forex quote I'm just going through these videos for you though so yeah mainly the mainly the support and resistance one and the trend lines you understand


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