Free Share Worth Up to £100 Trading 212 Review

Hey guys I want to shoot this really quick video and just tell you about a new after I download and I'm gonna link it in the description below so make sure you go through with it is basically as a part of this channel I wanted to start. With the simplest forms of stock trading and get and you you know introduced to investing for those who when you maybe you've been thinking about researching it for a long time but you've never actually got into making an account an. Actually setting up trade or doing a trade or anything like that so I'm gonna make it super easy for you and I think you will get addicted like I have right because obviously now I'm thinking about which shares doing what I buy whic.

Which Companies Do !

Which companies do wanna buy shares in obviously I've got my favorites so you know I want to stick to my four or five shares but the thing that I've got for you is a free share worth up to one hundred pounds or dollars with an app c. Called trading - one - now if you use my link below which I've got with because I've got my account with them I think you only have to deposit like a pound in the UK I may be a dollar euro in Europe and elsewhere but as soon as you. Deposit that one dollar one pound they give you a free share worth up to the value of one hundred dollars or a hundred pounds so like if you get a fish you should get a free sure I got my free share in a company called my first free.

Or anywhere in a company called bed and bath I think is a US company this is their very cheaply priced at the moment it'll be interesting to see where how they're going I have a looked into the financial stuff but you could end up g. Getting a share in Tesla you could be a BMW in GM Barclays you know it could be any company Walmart Tesco could be anything right you just got a free share worth up to the value of 100 pounds all you need to do is download the app I. I am very Pro app trading because I want to do everything including recording and editing these videos that I make for you guys about investing in business and entrepreneurship and stuff on my video um a video of my phone I want to.

The editing on my phone I want to do all that I'm like even my stock shredding I want to be able to open map I love how my share is doing I don't want to be tied to a computer I want to be out on about and flexible that's just the w. Way I like to be if you like to be that way to that's you like now look I'm just waiting for I'm signed into because I feel like going out or working today for a bit I'm gonna be working on other stuff or the projects with my friend. Later on so work colleagues as well and you know it's just it's just about being productive as productive as possible today I'll be learning stuff about or re-energizing my mind about stuff about Facebook Ads stuff like that how to.

Deposit £1 to get a free share stock if up to £100 


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