What Total Beginners Think about Stock Trading? Real Interviews

It's going on five people welcome to the total beginner interviews we played Street fire at the moment not really what you want to do but we play anyway because you gotta relax you know I got the noob in the house there we go he stream it away on the Yeti you've got the equipment going design yourself a YouTube shoot yo I'm gonna set this up later on you're gonna see

you've got the infamous milky right there so I'm nothing so yeah this is the launch of the mtech channel we're going to be covering investing we're going to be covering business entrepreneurial stuff and then more investing mostly in stocks are like stocks are like stocks like Facebook like Tesla like uber like big stocks tech stocks any stocks good stocks we're going to be covering financial trading information we're going to be covering lots of cool things to make us more money so we start here with the gaming noob who's stream on at the moment on Twitch to seven six looks playing Street fire and Sonic obviously the classic and after my bonfire lobby you just want to sit down quickly just like talk through a few general questions like from someone like my friend who hasn't had experience of the stock market default hasn't maybe made an investment like many of you may not have done and just see what generally he thinks about stock trading and so it's not you what do you know about stopped reading like in what do you think it is

so you think like now nowadays this whereas before like it was a higher barrier to entry and like now it's exactly now you've got on your form class of people it's accessible that kind of thing and that's one of the apps are going to one to which they'll be a link to in the videos where you can just invest from your formerly your bank account to your phone is easy as that but like what what like so you've heard there's a lot of money in there how do you think that how do you think from your perspective the big money do you think it's like get rich quick type of thing or do you think it nah well that's a possibility that some good knowledge about that actually like truly how the mark actually works like you do get some investments that that are like really volatile especially in forex and ETFs and each of our last off and then you've got longest longer-term players as well like the bigger the company is usually their stock will be volatile but you've got to see our number to see the gross margin coming so yeah it's not a get rich quick type of thing but there are some investors out there who do invest on a day trading basis and that is like they're just looking at to make that amount of money in that day so like they'll have a target the Contra quit today they'll usually have an idea of what stocks bounce up and down in their trading where they could like quickly make some placements investing how much ever been an investor in back but usually to make that 100 hundred below the day you need to be pulling down like between a parameter 5-gram kind of things you play with big money but it's not like is yeah yeah that's the thing it's not one of them things that you have lying around you've got to be serious about it you gotta be like quite skilled in what you doing I probably touch on day trading - later on not straight off the bat so like if you were ever thinking of Stein stop trading what would you do first

they believe

yeah Warren Buffet Warren Buffett strategy Warren Buffett actually changed my thinking on he's Ostman he didn't use a computerized pen on paper and he actually changed the way I think because I used to think divergence is the best strategy divergence is spreading your investments as thin as possible six feels like I'm not biased to it I'm sure it works in some depending on how much obviously you do investing hundreds of millions then yeah it's probably a good strategy but Warren Buffett got up to billions by investing in just a few he stops so like you should really go for if you would if you want to model him anyway like just pick your key key winners like three to seven stocks would be your key winners and that's a you wouldn't need to diverge more than that in my opinion but I did used to think the opposite before I used to take invest in as many stocks as you can and just spread your money out but that's more chances to move

you've got smaller investment amounts of each one whereas if you do your research instead in key stocks that you know well and you learn how they move up and down over the course of a month or a year or however you're investing or even ten years then you know your money is much safer on the long term what do you think what do you think like if you were watching my channel for example what would you want to see actually if you wanted to learn about stocks what would you want to see me covering on my channel just like before because I've never been I mean if you steal them if you're heavily into Forex foreign exchange currency trading on stuff then leverage will be like background card but I've never personally been a fan of leveraged trading and that's leverage trading is like where you put in a thousand pounds of your own money but you're leveraging ten thousand or even a hundred thousand in some cases of like an asset fund so isn't your money so if you lose any of that money that you've leveraged against that builds on you the debt collectors are coming after you there's some serious higher obviously there's a barrier to entry to us all but the some serious high risk stuff out there that you've got to be very well educated and very experienced to like deal with so yeah knowing stuff like that I think would be good like where what to evolve kind of short yeah to shortcut the process to success because that in in the and then you get variety of all the different types like futures you got commodities which is obviously the one on when you're covering the most of our like it for this life I like investing in solid companies that are real and have real asset backing and like stuff like that I can actually gauge your business model for them and try and forecast how they're gonna perform over over the course of of time and how they have performed and I can look at their management team and things like that to see what they're like and what decision decision-makers are doing in in the corporate world whereas all the stuff like foreign exchange and futures and ETFs and things like that are all good if you good at them but you know it's all a big barackman of information it's like a lot to take in so I why I've learned from my experiences that it's best to focus on one area and get really really good I like exactly like Warren Buffett did I mean he started off just in commodities just in like real world things and real-world businesses he hadn't used to visit the businesses before he invested his and his investors money and he used to learn about the money just used to sometimes even invest when he was at the business like talking to me all of the stuff you later I remember a furniture business I can remember I recall my visit today I think two or three times and I say just like looked at their financials and it was like their that paid him off the yields you stopped to coca-cola all his life he still backs coca-cola I love them and obviously coke with all of the welfare but yeah just sticking to stuff like that I think so like what would you in terms of tactical I mean like actually doing things myself to prove my talking about

is gonna be there's only a tiny you can do 2020

yeah a lot of investors of the money you guys need to know now to be covering a lot of orange oh that kind of thing in a second and bring my mates on we're gonna talk about the stock market and you guys can see the probably designers taking it right so as promised here's question time this is not make you anyway so guys I just want to talk about like what your guys thoughts are on you stock market what are you like what comes to your mind when when I say the stock market

difficulty finding stock exchange

trading financial time stock exchange financial time I said I did say financial time I think you did I did say time share index our hundred companies listed on the stock exchange with the highest market capitalization says the biggest company yeah it's the big 100 companies and they got the 40 to 50 so basically is the list of companies that like what's the difference between a big order I'm 50 the 250 expanding

yeah you can but like foxy was saying you can manage that risk by doing research like Miami doing your research if something's gonna go wrong say for example Thomas Cook you go to Thomas Cook even you bankrupt all of a sudden right and they needed like a buyout quickly but the news came out before they actually went bankrupt

so they still have time they still have enough time to say we're going bankrupt and they approached the UK government for funding

but their shops director face things seems to think that it's a good investment for them there's still they still he believes that install high street stores will still be valuable in the future in my state probably others I think they probably made the selection decisions but then sometimes complete just by our stores even our loss just to keep their branding but if you think about it they I don't know how we're gonna do it but if they somehow managed to keep the Thomas coke logo on with DES almost 150 years worth of Romney so more if people still always be wrong well then it's a good branding move okay like for example if I had the money personally I would be buying their site straight around their site would be I fired the cash to buy that site Thomas Cox website just because of first of all I'm the customers they heard you just say it basically you just like to take her in it like you put it on the new management and I say the tech way starts running again if you run it right do the same thing with them we've already got the branding the customers the customers to say this yeah Thomas Cook is is like I think risk what if something goes really badly wrong right Thomas come here you still have that time because that it was a company that started you still got a certain amount of time to pull your investments another losing too much I still think I have a look to the stock I still to me this is not a bit but how much did they gain before that I wanna invest


[ __ ] save any questions folks is those questions

oh you're actually good question is more of a business ethical

know bit somebody neighbor obviously if you wanted to the Russian to both of you you were wanting to learn stocks from obviously not having done it before like you not what would you need to first of all actually a good question is how much do you think you need to learn say like I've already helped you pick a type of stock yeah because there's a lot of different times you can do like like trading tools Exchange futures which is like trading on futures contracts or commodities and stuff like that let's say I picked you to trade commodities in real world stocks real real companies yeah after that point what would you feel you need to learn about well I wouldn't really need to know is or to learn and researches when to buy the shares how much to invest what's a good amount to invest how much return I would get all three went to sell if needed just in case you was to lose your money of those kind of things and it's in the whole trading side of it it's a trade isn't it yeah it's a trade it's a trade that's why it's called the stock Mathew trading so it's like you buying something for example to someone to make a profit yeah this colleague of ours this will definitely leave our hedge fund manager that was lucky yeah it's milky by the

investor yes so those kind of things you may have you know from the staff so if I was for example you know buying something to sell what would I buy how much money would I get in return to sell a in all that kind of stuff in the choice which has to buy how much to invest time to return I would get how good they were getting was it yeah and then obviously move on to the next one in it so avoid the risk yeah well you know from like doing your research also here's an interesting question that I asked does the noob which was how many say like your upper running now yeah you start investing in May the first referral system stops let's say you bought some stocks in a boiler or some

[Music] Primark right not ever right you've got your bunch of fortified to make more profit from there that's the starting point kind of thing you're in now you've got five ten twenty fifty shares do you think you need to buy more shares in more different companies or more shares of the same companies

for example if Tesco like you said if that's doing really well you probably invest

okay yeah but what he's saying is valid point so my question to you my answer to you is it gonna be with the question yeah where do I fight where do I do all the research in the first place do the research but first of all and you can even Google this right but it should be in the abyssal I betrayed you to mentor and show you charts performances that should be your number one thing look out the trading  connects to say like universe shares in Tesco you bring up the child Tesla you see how it's been for the last month tell you how much it is per share and how much is it when you sell the share which it has been in the past your past is your research in any company so you're looking at how the compounding performing in the past and how it's been growing and how it performs different times of the year for example when it's cold or people do not decide to buy more food which is if it's a grocery type confident the next kind of thing the shares are likely to get doing anyway then you look at like like what's been going on in new stories and stuff and you look at that

to see what their plans are quite enlightening sure do you think you feel a bit more like I'm still sin honey you're still silikal

would you actually think that would like actually this is a good question what would like make you feel confident yeah what would i do my on my channel that would make you feel confident in making your first trip and he has a person an example of like how I do the research or example of whoa now you've done it you've tested it and look and this is the results on these are results that a lot of people do it now sometimes they don't show you the detail they took to get that obvious just mostly show you the results in the means all the detail Auerbach this is research I think this is our PG also making this trading would you reckon Fox a what would you what would you will require if you to invest right now Sarah if you were to invest invest just based on my channel so basically just like [Music]

it would be like actual examples so five drums say for example your mind you'd rather just in the business long term investors so really so you'd be looking for like a doubling of money on your money kind of thing but would you be prepared to be a bit more active in the stocks watch another long one you still want to be like walk-in and double it but doubles by itself would you be able to look at the share that we need that's a question so there is a bad trade-off with stocks over like to make the doubling kind of money but what difference can it make if you check everything don't check it that's the thing you doctor money just shares a bit more are you trying to like double triple we've already invested five grand well my best today but you be you need to buy and sell more so you need to make active trends you get it so what that means is rather than just buying five rounds worth of stock and leaving it for a year yeah so obviously you've been after me anything that happen easily go up or down it might double but the chances based on history only increases by 10 percent year-on-year so if you look long term morning you know you actually need to do more trades take if I from doing Jordan I sell it off a higher point will be over two weeks or a month sell it off a higher point pull the money out say five thousand three the next month for a bucking or the next or the same day even the bucking and then there are ways to just notice very high rate sheep but the very high risk in terms of the brand new businesses so it's not an established business excuse me you interrupting said what you have to say about you new ass in here what would you have to say about the stock market and input but what do you think about the stock market come on

if you like this guy right if you like this guy don't subscribe to my channel right that's the least if you like that one don't subscribe make sure you do not click the dislike board as well so yeah you are thank you I think cuz if I was a viewer watching I would want someone like me who knows you in the West which I'm happy to do give me a girl and then we can work as a channel and then see how it goes so make sense so I was like Johnny you were investment kind of thing no you wouldn't be money to new viewers would ya you can put the information you give it to the viewers no I'm the viewer now yeah so I'm gonna take all as much as information yeah all the help that you've given me yeah then you can give me as example also case because I usually do this you know I could say that yeah I made yesterday I made a million-pound well I'll show you wild again something I did on suppose she making it all but you want to see like a real case study from zero so people yeah no worries it's all it's all good somebody's mellowed out we're real here like that's gonna be the new thing on YouTube you know I got a theory that people are gonna walk less acting than fake stop trading me I look over like business I'll recover like entrepreneurial type stuff better frugality but mostly stop trading and investing stuff because I had a Content problem like I was looking at like business topics and stuff to cover you know like businesses that I can start up and you know like just document on my video so people can see what I'm doing I can't shoot enough content interesting yeah but stocks you've got news every minute man you've got news every second schools been over the stock or network news the livestock uses that Facebook still doing crazy trying different stuff uber is buying weird tech services businesses for some reason because they're still not profitable which is kind of strange to me because I'm sure that about five six is quite a viernes like I would have expected them to make a profit by now they're still but then the other slightly strange thing I find is that they're still doing company acquisitions in stuff that isn't directly like relate to because they think those company is gonna make a profit but anyway why don't maybe maybe that's why they're going to I suppose they are a business or the con kind of but why not try and make your main thing profitable because it's worldwide is massive yeah but maybe they are not concerned right now with it being profitable because it's so big I think

they are going through hurdles quite new five years for a big companies grow really quick yeah really fast that's why I think they don't worry because they are worldwide like they are like they're everywhere in it but like grew really really fast but they like they've become a big part of everyone's daily life so I don't think they their investors would be worried either so what's going on in some of the stocks so any any tips on

right now do you know what there is a recession coming so everyone's saying like everyone is saying there's a recession coming in 2020 and I've been hearing it for about a year now do you mean pull hundreds still no Briggs is not gonna cause it not only is to do I think with how America is doing is trade deal or China's doing these trade deals brands it's like 20 percent of it or 15 percent of a kind of thing but there's some other bigger stuff going on that everyone's talking about 20 20 is like the day kind of thing so what are they investing now a firm recession gonna happen from the last recession because it was so recent is your food type companies so any company that does like food based off it could be super market style company so like you testicles you Walmart's yeah my dozen Alma coca-cola companies like that food beverages you know stuff like that people buy all the time because people tend to buy more food when there's a greater because this type is all like companies that deal with like savings accounts all I've helped you like say more financial advice companies you know stuff like that they'd be good companies to invest in what other recession stuff company is that like promote you know like cheaper things yeah like for example I reckoned that you know like that seems like the cheapest kind come by brown you for like six thousand pounds I reckon a company like that well you know section I'll on top of that any strong electrical company like but is making like electric cars because electric vehicles are just I will say my five five years ago saving five years is gonna be here I think know how many years ago did I say about two or three years ago I was saying electric cars in the next five years there's like Seymour Elise come out like Sooners are not least laughing da say that was what I owned I fully electric saw like loads of different lengths so any electric car company I think could do well stock wise there we got a new visit to people hold it down something is always a gamble stock is phenomenal and you can ask any scholar it's something everybody seems to think brought that they know me but nobody [ __ ] knows dogs unless you're at that power house where you can manipulate this good stuff for the channel man Madrid do you think so you think like stocks are like no good basically know they are good there are people who do that basic woman yeah it's like anything any job anything they do that basic overt about which home is good like gold where is gonna go and what supreme in the news there are people who their homework any business Gansu not any business they'll do their homework but only homework you can make a living are know people of Burma made from Ghana he studied stocks when censing fourteenth [ __ ] something about revise your say I'm not seen it it's you know saying people are saying I know it's confirmed exactly that's what I'm saying well I don't agree without mine let me see explain yourself you also insurance what about Sharon exactly yeah it's not is it for example whose fall will call business Sharon Sharon Haram man when the money is called the business center is it does a different definition of you businesses you buy a share the company when you buy in a shed there's a different sense we need to share there's different sense of share the same concept however good you all do in your buying shares on a stock exchange yeah that's completely different you're you're relying on that particular company to do good on that particular day or Monica Mountains same as I was I figure Bitcoin bitcoin is a different bitcoin is a different thing also everything in stock size is different than in it bitcoin is not a business noisy no it's the same concept bro there's no lot of a lot of shares sometimes are not businesses not every share that you buys a business ok just if he's gold a business asset it's a real asset yes bitcoins not a real asset bitcoins as virtual I say innately living even existed if right now it's become another gold is a real asset it's become a code another gold I agree is like no no no no it's not the come one because it's not turned into gold all of a sudden easy job is not an obsession this was more like you already went so big why not no I'm invested if you knew about stock exchange because what you got to realize is look at all everything around you everything is virtual reality right now what we're doing right now - what everything is going to be in 10 years time and once you have a goals Knox gold will it a virtual is a Bitcoin is another sense of basically gold in virtual sense right can either be virtually those Robert a virtual is it those will be going you know love you are going hang on you got gold ring you're you're trying to basically dip into big one like love what you call poor teachers are doing however you've gotta realize when making a live over to me everything and pick one there has to be something tangible but what is it though within the system so why is it gonna be it's not going to be an accent there is enough topic but Bitcoin just finish I've shown my shares finish off Bitcoin what do you want me I'm gonna be then what do you want to get Starsky if I forget comfortable actually yeah now at the end then it's a very morning I would invest let it fall or Ruby investment watching bitcoin is a virtual war it's literally watching Gordon's and currency you know it's like currency I know why because not a currency sub asset we used to be real it's a real physical asset map used to be a currency by is statically a currency because everything that country holds in terms of Fox pointers over the Queen was enhance or impact against me turn you into a different conversation so no this is not different conceptions this is why really is deepening in England's everybody come as far as Moran probing people return it on England's actual economy is based upon how much reserves they have in terms of gold yeah yeah economies room through tangible stuff as well is where to next this is where companies like in countries like England will borrow more like America will borrow more but they still enough there as a reserve so what does that tell you do God tangible asset which is can and will be probably in the future users currently and it is a currency right now is used in countries I'm sure is using cata equate as a currency that Deena's are made are going on all right you what about the note stuff anyway so anyway so listen listen right I ain't I ain't doing that bro you ain't doing it you've already do right now you already damn I'm already disrupted oh [ __ ] it's not mom this is real asset classes mannequins you know what your customer saying you and I go to Alan's life well I'm sorry they come up with news right and I invested that day on vs fire via PlayStation Sony not spending money we are suppose to ask you all right however apparently up knees are coming up with new holla stock extreme trying to come up with a lot more because I don't know how the [ __ ] alarm of this work if he's no interest free sneaking around so you think structurally is wrong where you going - I'm sure your people are not happening it doesn't mine just like this conversation bro my discussion was based upon us so if you invest in Puma right now that's wrong do you know they're gonna using money do you know a business organization that's usually reference wet into it you're you're busy offense you're to be moving into something that you are not gonna have control over that's you invest in the business it's likely what if you invest in the business

yeah right yeah

so you agree with me so listen I it was gonna cost you how its impacted by your [ __ ] okay talk about investing here

I think is enough so yeah


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