Passive Income in 2021 is Hard Work Upfront UK, US

I want to talk about why passive income is a lot of up from hard work. Okay so let's roll in so look i'll be making a list right of passive income sources i'm going to be working on passive income big time this year. Because 2021 a lot of stuff happened in the world and i feel like working on multiple streams of income income that comes in no matter what you're doing um that you've worked on previously they're the rules right the income has to come in for work that i don't have to do now.

So say for example a video that i made a year ago is still getting me thousands of views this month right that will be classed as passive income okay my name is call me I've made a list of a few passive income sources i'm gonna go with you which i think are the easiest ones to reach especially through 2021. Number one and i'm developing the course on this one right is a blog step start a blog start blogging right how you get passive income from that is as soon as your blog has started to get let's say you can do it before this but 10 000 visitors a month right not too difficult to do.

I tell you step by step how to achieve that in one of my courses right you get your blog up to 10 000 visitors a month then you can start earning ad revenue these visitors by the way my blog's been getting thousands of visitors every month for the past year and i haven't touched it i haven't literally i've done anything.

I've not written any major content like for the site i just wrote the first how many other dozens of posts it was probably over 50 i would say but after that not done anything and i'm getting thousands of visitors coming in. Then there's my email list is getting built up every month and you know that's all happening automatic with work that i did over a year ago. That's what i'm talking about passive income right the next one is obviously setting up a youtube channel now there's different methods within this as well called affiliate marketing. 

But i'm going to merge that actually i put affiliate marketing at number three, right a youtube channel okay youtube channel you need a thousand subscribers i've already got my thousand subscribers i'm gonna take you through with me on this journey as well i've got two around two and a half thousand subscribers at the moment um so i've got over the 1 000 mark these these are the requirements right to make passive income from youtube or to begin earning ad revenue.

I need to get my 4 000 watch out this year so how i'm going to do that is by posting regular content making videos like this teaching and helping people and the more i help you guys grow the better this channel does the more you can follow along with how i've grown this channel. You know that four thousand hour mark there's certain things you can do in this the certain things i can teach you to help you do that i might even make a after i've achieved a youtube course showing you how to get your first thousand subscribers and get your first thousand four thousand watch hours and start earning ad revenue from youtube.

But right now let me tell you they're the two best avenues why because they're very low cost but they are i'm not going to confuse you or mislead you here yeah because i know a lot of people out there they make videos saying you know this is how you make money in like five minutes this is how you make a thousand pounds in like two minutes. I'm gonna tell you none of that right these videos that i've made on this channel that i've got now to get me to like the thousands thousands of subscribers that i've got that is hours and hours of work that i've done in the past right so although i've done it in the past i'm not doing it right now it's still work that i put in up front right so let's say i've made 100 hours worth of videos right on this channel to get me past the 1000 subscriber mark and maybe i need to do another 100 200 hours to get me past the 4 000 watch hours mark.

Right for example don't take this to the team and maybe i've worked 100 hours on the blog right to get it to a few thousand visitors per month you know that's all up front work that i've done that is going to pay off in the future or that is paying off right now because right now what i have is at least a small community for when i upload a video on youtube or when i upload a post on my on my blog there's people seeing it. 

They like even if it's ten a hundred five hundred a thousand you know people view my content and then that could puts me on to big passive income stream number three right i've left it all aspects that are kind of the best right because you don't have to hit many thresholds to earn from this income stream it's called affiliate marketing.

Right so say for example i buy stocks through trading 212 yeah i use that app now the link's in the description already anyway but when you go through and download that trading 212 app and you buy a stock as well i'll buy a share in fact as soon as you download it and like i think you deposit a pound you get a free share worth up to 100 pounds anyway right i get a share as well worth up to 100 pounds usually they come in like they can be anywhere from like 10 pounds 20 pounds 50 100 pounds. But you get a free it's like getting a referral commission that's what affiliate marketing is so now if you go download the app from my link in the description i get paid and you get paid right in that scenario but you could be promoting anything in a different scenario for example if i'm for example maybe with web hosting for my blog.

The web host or the domain registrar that i use for my blog i can put that link in the description if you go through you need a blog anyway because you're watching this video for passive income for passive income you need a blog you need a youtube channel right so you go go get yourself a domain name a web address and buy yourself web hosting to host your blog on you use my link from the description i get commission for that that's what affiliate marketing is so and there's no threshold right you could get a video out on youtube for free.  Without even having a blog or a website reviewing i don't know a hosting company like hostgator for example a bluehost and if someone if your video gets like let's say a hundred few hundred views of one person goes through your link and signs up to one of those hosting companies you're going to get a payout right so that's an example that is tough to do is it is better i know that sounds i don't want it to sound like quick and easy inside your head although it's although it's sounds simple and easy it may not work that way. 

But and it's short term don't think short term what you've got to think is long term right you want this to for it to be passive income it doesn't just come in once for example last year i got a referral or two coming from uber uber eats for drivers that i referred you know it was it was 150 300 pounds that came out of nowhere right but it was only two referrals for the whole year that's not what i want what i want is like a regular stream maybe like two or three referrals per month and that you need to build on you need an audience. For that you need people you need people that you can refer to things you need people that you can teach things to so they're learning from you you're giving them content you're giving them updates you're giving them videos blog posts emails you know you're constantly in contact with them giving the audience what they want basically and then some of them might you know one want to sign up with or by what you're talking about so yeah that's number three and leave it on those three. 

Because i feel that they're the most important ones because they build you your base and i'm gonna finish off with say passive income is hard work is not easy it's upfront hard work even if you go out there and buy a property to invest in to rent out unless you're buying like a crisp finished one. Usually what investors do is they get a property that needs a bit of work again that's two or three weeks full time maybe a month of work like painting the walls doing the doing the floors doing the ceilings doing the plaster you know whatever you need to do so that's how you got to think about passive income but after that initial grind and you get into the maintenance stages for example with your blog. You might just be writing like two or three blog posts per week after you've written your first hundred right after you've written your first hundred you might be writing two three blog posts a week just just to keep things you know growing on your youtube channel after you've done your first hundred videos you know and this is over time right don't think of it like this this should be over like six months to a year right after you've done your first hundred videos you should be looking to maintain that with like maybe just two or three videos a week just to keep your audience growing just to keep everything fresh you know and it's still passive because your blog posts from the past and your videos from the past are still getting you i've got videos i did where i've got this backed up with data right i did a test on one of my other channels and i made videos that i thought would be evergreen kind of content so people would be searching for it in the future and on this channel i did new style stock trading content and what i noticed is that the new style stock trading content although i got some views those videos because they're timely they get no views anymore on this channel right. 

Whereas the other channels i did some you know evergreen like kind of reviewing some mobile phone networks and stuff and i've transferred those videos over to this channel anyway now those videos are still getting hundreds of views even though i put them up like over a year ago so like you know there is there's major differences in the style of content that you can make on youtube and i would rather have well performing videos that get views over time mixed with well performing videos that get large amounts of views in a short space of time. So for example i would rather mix the two like i was thinking part of me was thinking just go with the long term you know videos that get views you know regularly but then the other half of me was thinking you know why not mix both because some of our videos can get thousands of views whereas others continue to get hundreds of views every single month and that's the mixture that you want go for both if you can recognize what both is what i'm going to do now on this channel because i need to get this channel to 4 000 watch out this year is continue with um producing that mixture of content continue taking you guys through passive income challenges and the first passive income challenge is to get this site passed 4000 watch hours and to finish the blogging course and help you guys set up your own blogs. 

So I still got to finish off setting that up i'm gonna put that in the description or do an update video when that's ready um to to launch and you'll love it because it's a fast track course and then i'll have a blogger pro course as an upgrade to take you through. Because blogging again like with passive income right it's not a short term game, it is you know you gotta be and i'm gonna be straight up with you i'm not gonna make it sound sweet right i'm gonna be honest right it's a two-year play okay you need to put 24 months of consistent effort into this and i'm not talking about full time i'm talking maybe about a few hours a week right consistent effort into this for 24 months and then you will see like trust me you're gonna love it so am i i'll catch you soon.
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