xScreen turns Xbox Series S into a laptop and it just got mega funded on Kickstarter

xScreen Xbox Series S Laptop screen

The Xbox Series S is about to get kinda portable. A Kickstarter project hawking a clip-on display for the next-gen machine has been funded in no time at all.

The xScreen for Xbox Series S, which promises an integrated folding screen, attaches to the console and turns it into a laptop, provided you’re able to plug into the mains.

We’ve seen console modders create ‘Xbox laptops’ before now, but this clip-on display looks like it could be a winner. It doesn’t require any console mods, doesn’t need an additional HDMI cable, or any extra power to play the best Xbox Series S games on the move.

The xScreen promises 1080p gaming with a 60Hz frame rate, so it doesn’t max out the Series S’ full capabilities, but at 11.6-inches the makers say there won’t be a noticeable difference in visual fidelity.

The Kickstarter price is $259 Australian dollars, which is a mere £139 (plus £19 shipping) and at the time of writing it has surpassed its £7,000 funding goal many times over with more than three weeks to go.

Once it arrives in the real world, xScreen owners won’t have to compete for the TV, will be able to game on the go and set up multiplayer sessions in the same room. The company expects to ship the xScreen by the end of 2021, but certain locations will get it in in early 2022.

“The power and performance of the Xbox Series S can now be taken anywhere,” the descriptions says. “xScreen perfectly complements the stunning aesthetic of the Xbox Series S to create a single cohesive unit. xScreen transforms your Xbox Series S into a laptop form factor that can be easily transported and used anywhere there is a power outlet.”

If you want to get one board, there’s still three weeks left to run and, with more than £50,000 already in the bank, there’s certainly less risk in backing this project.

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