The iPhone 13 could get finally get that 1TB model

For most people, 128GB is more than enough capacity for their smartphone needs – and even less if they have an Android handset with expandable storage. 

But, according to a new report from the analysts at Wedbush, the upcoming iPhone 13 lineup will feature a model with more storage space than ever before: 1TB. 

“From a spec perspective, we have increased confidence that iPhone 13 will have a 1 terabyte storage option which is double from the highest Pro storage capacity today (512GB) and will also include a number of enhancements with Lidar across all iPhone 13 models,” the analysts said, in a report seen by 9to5Mac.

Treat this with a pinch of salt for now, as just last month TrendForce said that Apple would be sticking with 512GB as the maximum capacity for its iPhone 13 handsets. 

Still, if true, this would add the iPhone 13 to a small, select group of phones that come with 1TB options including the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Asus ROG Phone 2

A cynic might point out that the reason for the shortage of 1TB handsets is because people don’t need or particularly want them. Indeed, it’s pretty telling that none of Samsung’s more recent phones – not even the Galaxy S21 Ultra – offers anything more than 512GB. If you use your phone casually, maybe save a few Spotify playlists and Netflix shows for offline playback, or keep a few games on your handset, 128GB will likely be plenty.

If, however, you’re a keen photographer or videographer, then 1TB is certainly welcome. This is especially true for iPhone loyalists, given Apple’s phones have never allowed you to add a microSD card to boost capacity –  something that’s unlikely to change that anytime soon.  

The iPhone 13 is expected in September, probably alongside the Apple Watch 7 and maybe AirPods 3. For those that prefer a less expensive iOS smartphone, the iPhone SE 3 is tipped for the first half of next year.  

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