The base Oculus Quest 2 could get a surprise upgrade

Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 comes in two flavours: a base 64GB version that retails for £299, or, for £100 more, you can get a model with 256GB. 

Getting a version with more on-board storage can feel like an important futureproofing option as VR content installation sizes balloon. And it seems that Facebook may feel the same, as the company is reportedly retiring the 64GB model, and replacing it with a version with a more generous 128GB.

Word comes from French site GamerGen, which spotted a listing for a 128GB model on the retailers LDLC and subsidiary Top Achat. Intriguingly, when asked for confirmation by GamerGen via Twitter, Top Achat initially claimed this was not a mistake. The translated tweet reads: “So I checked, it’s not a mistake, nor a leak. It was put online on July 6 at 12:01 AM following the end of the NDA. The 64 GB model is now out of stock, the 128 GB model replaces it.”

The listings for the new SKU have since been removed from the internet, but the Way Back Machine has the evidence. A price of €350 lines up with the current 64GB model’s RRP, suggesting this is a straight replacement, rather than a new middle tier.

There are certainly good reasons for more storage space, although personally I’ve yet to run into any real difficulty with my Oculus Quest 2. Most VR games remain under 3GB, though there are notable exceptions. The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners takes up a massive 8.39GB of space, and you would imagine game sizes are only going to move upwards and developers become more ambitious with the hardware.

Anything that means Oculus Quest 2 owners have to spend less time juggling content is certainly welcome, though we certainly remain hopeful that Facebook will just bite the bullet and include microSD card support in the Oculus Quest 3

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