OLED Price Drop: Save £100 on the new 2021 range LG A1 TV

A £100 discount on the new LG A1 OLED TV

For the next two weeks, you can snag up to 10% off LG’s 2021 range of OLED TVs – just the thing if you’ve been wanting to upgrade your home entertainment set-up without decimating your savings.

While there’s a huge range of OLED offers to choose from, we’ve decided to kick things off by highlighting the most affordable of the bunch, the LG A1. This more affordable set has an RRP of £1099, but whilst this sale is on, it can be yours for just £999.

To see any OLED TV under the £1000 is still a cause for celebration, particularly so for a set that is only a few months old. As a futureproof investment on the cheap, this is one of the best OLED deals you can go for right now.

If you’re upgrading from a standard 4K set then the difference between that and OLED will feel like night and day. Unlike cheaper TVs, OLEDs use individual self-lighting pixels, which allows for perfect blacks, vibrant colours and an image that more greatly reflects the colour accuracy intended by content creators.

The only reason why you might plump for a more expensive kit is for gaming centric features that can’t be found on the A1. If all you want to use your TV for is watching shows and films, then the LG A1 can fit the bill just fine.

In addition to the bump in picture quality you get with OLED, the A1 also boasts LG’s renowned webOS, which features one of the most intuitive user interfaces you can find on a modern TV. To save you time scrolling through menus aimlessly, webOS brings together all your subscription services into one central hub, letting you see the full breadth of what’s available at any time.

The LG A1 also includes the LG Smart Remote, which uses a motion sensor to allow you to navigate webOS by moving a cursor around the screen. Of course, if you fancy a more modern approach then the TV also has Alexa and Google Assistant built-in, so you can simply ask the TV to play what you want to watch.

As one of many LG OLED deals available right now, the discounted LG A1 is a great shout if you want to jump on the OLED bandwagon without breaking your budget.

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