Microsoft unveils Windows 365 – here's what you need to know

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Microsoft has launched its new cloud-based Windows 365 in a bid to help business stay connected throughout the pandemic.

Microsoft confirmed the new service will run on Windows 10 and its newly unveiled Windows 11 operating systems in a log post late last week.

Windows 365 takes its main desktop operating system to the Microsoft cloud, allowing users to stream apps, data and settings to personal or corporate devices easily.

Windows 365 also stores your information securely on the cloud, not on singular devices, providing a safe and productive experience for workers, and opening up the opportunity to collaborate.

Microsoft created a new hybrid personal computing category called Cloud PC, which uses the capabilities of your device and the power of the cloud to provide a personalised experience.

Microsoft claims the service was made to help deal with the challenges facing PC users during the pandemic. Specifically, it claims it is bespoke made to accommodate a new way of working that combines remote collaboration and in-person meetings, meaning that it’s more important than ever that employees have access to cooperate resources in and out of the office.

Other benefits of Windows 365 include allowing businesses to scale for busy periods more efficiently and allowing seasonal workers to come and go without the logistical challenges of issuing new hardware or securing personal devices.

Windows 365 is expected to be widely available to businesses of all sizes starting on 2nd August 2021.

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