PS5 DualSense + Charging Station bundle heavily reduced for Prime Day

DualSense vs DualShock 4

If you’ve been one of the lucky people to grab yourself a shiny PS5 console over the past few months then this is the deal for you.

We weren’t expecting any notable PS5 discounts for Prime Day 2021 so this bundle comes as something of a surprise. You’ll get a DualSense controller in white along with the Sony Charging Station for £64.99.

If you were to buy these two PS5 add-ons separately then you’d be spending £85.13 so this deal saves you over £20.

What makes this deal even more tempting is that the Charging Station, like the PS5 itself, is still very hard to find. Outside of this bundle, Amazon doesn’t even show it as being in stock.

With the controller itself retailing for around £60 (currently £56.99) you’re essentially saving big on that Charging Station if you plump for this deal.

As with all these Prime Day deals, you’ll need to be a Prime subscriber to benefit. It’s also valid for today only (22 June) or until stock runs out so it’s best to act fast.

The DualSense itself is fairly self-explanatory, however the Charging Station is a nifty addition that’ll juice up a duo of controllers wirelessly together. It’s a neat touch and an easy way to make sure both controllers are always fully charged.

The PS5 launched towards the end of 2020 and it has been hard to grab ever since. Currently, it’s out of stock in the majority of places. When we reviewed the console, we said “The PS5 is a meaningful evolution of Sony’s achievements with its predecessor. It’s a gorgeously accessible machine with a forward-thinking plan for the coming generation, whether that’s through its nuanced SSD technology or growing library of worthwhile exclusives.”

Our reviewer Jade added, “Combine this with a compelling user interface, a strong slate of launch experiences and a general ecosystem that embraces what came before it, and the PS5 is one of the best openers to a new generation we’ve had in some time. Once developers begin to truly test this new hardware, we’re all in for a treat.”

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