How to watch the Windows 11 launch event live online today

Microsoft has confirmed that it’s hosting a Windows livestream event today, which is widely expected to be our first official look at the upcoming Windows 11 operating system.

If you’re excited to watch the event live, then we’ve created this guide so you know where and when to tune in. And if you’re too busy, then keep an eye on our Windows 11 hub instead to keep up to date with the latest news.

You can watch the Windows 11 event on Microsoft’s official website. There’s currently no YouTube video available, but if one does appear we’ll make sure to embed it into this article.

The event will officially begin at 11am Eastern Time, which is 4pm UK time.

It’s widely expected that Windows 11 will be unveiled during the event. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed this, but it’s provided a lot of teases in the lead up to the livestream.

Microsoft has also written, “Join us to see what’s next for Windows” on its event page to add fuel to the flames.

Even more telling, there have been numerous Windows 11 leaks in the past couple of weeks, with the upcoming operating system seemingly adopting the macOS layout with a centralised navigation bar.

Windows 11 is also expected to embrace some Windows 10X features. The latter was initially planned to roll out for dual-screen devices such as the upcoming Surface Neo, but was then cancelled as Microsoft wanted to integrate its features into Windows 11 instead.

This could mean that the Surface Neo could well turn up during today’s event, which is another big incentive to tune in.

We’re also hoping to hear details such as a concrete release date and pricing. Windows 11 could launch sooner rather than later, although that’s just us speculating. There have been reports that suggest Windows 10 users will need to pay for the Windows 11 upgrade once it arrives.

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