Amazon slashes the price of the blue (or purple) Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite in blue

Amazon has slashed the price of the latest edition of the Nintendo Switch Lite for Prime Day.

If your eyes lit up when Nintendo launched the Blue version of the Nintendo Switch Lite a few months ago but you were put off by the price then this is a deal for you.

Usually £199 (or more likely around the £195 mark on Amazon), the Blue version of the Switch Lite has had £20 chopped off its price for Prime Day.

As with any of the best Prime Day deals, you need to be a Prime Day subscriber to get this price.

Now, this still makes it a little more expensive than the other colours (coral, grey, turquoise, yellow) – but it is the most recent one and in our eyes the best looking.

While the official colour is blue, this Switch Lite looks to us more like purple and it does bring back memories of the iconic GameCube.

Aside from the colour, this is identical to other Switch Lite models. That means it’s built solely for portable play, rather than plugging into your TV. It’s dinkier than the usual Switch and doesn’t have Joy-Cons that pop off.

However, it plays all the same games as the bigger Switch, either from a cartridge or a download from the eShop. There are already a load of classic Switch titles, including Breath of the Wild, Animal Crossing and Luigi’s Mansion 3.

I have a Switch Lite and it’s one of my favourite purchases. It’s just such a well-built console with such an exceptional library of games that is only going to grow this year. While you can’t plug it into your television, this is such a strong console for chucking in your bag and playing on the go.

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