Amazon has made the Echo Dot (4th Gen) half price for Prime Day

It’s day two of Prime Day 2021, meaning Amazon has released loads of new deals worth a look if you’re looking to upgrade your tech this summer – and Amazon’s own devices are no exception. The retailer has just slashed its Echo Dot (4th Generation) by 50% in the Prime Day sale. 

The smart speaker would usually cost you £49.99, but today you can get it for just £24.99. That’s £25 off the original price, meaning you’ll be saving half on the Alexa-enabled device. If you’re less bothered about pocketing the £25, you could even take advantage of this deal to get two Echo Dot’s for the price of one today and gift the second speaker to a friend or use it to equip another room in your home with Alexa. 

However you decide to take advantage of this deal, you’ll have to do it fast. The offer expires at midnight tonight. 

The Echo Dot is a small smart speaker that can play music and podcasts from streaming services, make calls and control your smart home devices, from your smart lights to thermostats and doors. 

You can also use the speaker to summon Alexa. The voice assistant can tell jokes, answer questions, offer news updates, check the weather and traffic, set timers and alarms and more all completely hands-free.

Home Technology Editor David Ludlow gave the Echo Dot four and a half out of five stars in our review: 

“With its new spherical design, the Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation) is a far more interesting-looking product than the old model, better able to slip into your home without standing out for the wrong reasons. While there’s nothing new about what Alexa can do on this model, Amazon has boosted the audio quality so the occasional bit of music is pretty good and voice replies are really easy to understand. If you’ve got the previous model there’s little reason to upgrade, but for those looking for a new small smart speaker, this is the model to buy”. 

If you’re looking for a new smart speaker, today is the perfect day to pick up an Echo. Head over to Amazon now to save £25 on the 4th Gen Echo Dot and get it for just £24.99.

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